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Programming Links

Here's a list of some other sites which have content for computer programmers.

  • Tom's Information Exchange Tom's Information Exchange
  • Visual Basic Island - A necessity for all VB programmers. Snippets, help, and tricks.
  • BASIC Languages forum (CompuServe members only) - Get help on all the BASIC languages (even GWBASIC!!).
    This forum is available only to members of the online service CompuServe. If you do not have WinCIM 2.6 and above or CSI 3.0, you can access this forum by GO:MSBASIC
  • TDirectDrawForm for BCB - A great application that will enable you to use Microsoft's DirectDraw(tm) using standard Borland C++ Builder graphics code!
  • The Programmer's Vault - The place where a programmer's dreams come true.
More links coming up....

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