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  • William ALBURTIS (1806-1847) Born in Martinsburg, West Virginia, 1806. Commissioned Second Lieutenant in the Regular Army of the United States, March 8, 1927. Was engaged against the Seminole Indians in the Seminole War in Florida, at Fort Brooks on Orange Creek of that State, March 2, 1841. Was made a Captain in 1842 and was killed in action on March 11, 1847, at the storming of Vera Cruz
  • Frank Vernon ALER (1868-?) born Martinsburg, Virginia; attorney, author; Coomes, Elkins, Faulkner, Lucas, Richardson, Wisner.
  • H.L. ALEXANDER, West Virginia State House from Berkeley County, 1927
  • George W. ANDERSON (1839-?) born Berkeley County, West Virginia; farmer; married, 1862, Isabell HAWN; Martin, Troxel.
  • George W. ANDERSON A family group sheet on the Internet shows George W. ANDERSON married to Margaret CUSTER (born 1823), a daughter of Samuel CUSTER (1797-bef. 1870) and Mary CRIM (1802-1885), married June 9, 1823, in Berkeley County, Virginia.
  • James W. ARMBRESTER His family first settled in Back Creek Valley near Shanghai in Berkeley County. He was elected school commissioner of Hedgesville District and, together with A. Hunter Walker and James W. Dillon, planned and executed construction of the new high school building at Hedgesville. In 1924, he was appointed by Assessor H.E. Johnston to be Deputy Assessor for the Hedgesville district.


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  • John Griffith BAIR (1858-?) born Gerrardstown, Berkeley County, Virginia; educator, attorney; married, 1886, Miss Mary RAMSEY; Griffith.
  • John BAKER (1769-1823) U.S. Representative from Virginia, 1811-1813; admitted to the bar and began practice in Berkeley County, Virginia. Died Shepherdstown, Virginia (now Jefferson County). See Congressional Biography of John Baker
  • Dr. Newton Diehl BAKER (1841-1909) born in Martinsburg, Berkeley County, West Virginia; physician; married Mary BILLMYER
  • Newton Diehl BAKER (1871-1937) born Martinsburg, West Virginia, one of four sons of Newton Diehl Baker I and Mary (Dukehart) Baker; died December 25, 1937, Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio; buried in Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio; Mayor, Cleveland, 1912-1916; U.S. Secretary of War 1916-21; Delegate to Democratic National Convention, 1924; Candidate for Democratic nomination for President, 1932; Episcopalian; member, Amrican Judiciary Society. An early leader in Adult Education, he was instrumental in the founding of the American Expeditionary Force University, Cleveland College, and the American Association of Adult Education [AAAE]. Married, 1902, Elizabeth LEOPOLD of Pottstown, Pennsylvania; three children, Elizabeth, Newton D., and Margaret. Baker High School at Columbus, Georgia, was named for Newton D. Baker. See an interesting biography at the school's website.
  • George T. BARNES (1829-?) born in Berkeley County, West Virginia; farmer; married, 1852, Margaret Pitzer; Crown, French
  • Thomas E. BARRETT, son of Benjamin And Eloner Barrett of Frederick County, Virginia; December 4, 1783, in Hopewell, Virginia, married Elizabeth Thornbrough, daughter of Benjamin and Mary Thornbrough of Berkeley County, Virginia.
  • Thomas E. BARRETT (1854-?) born in Frederick County, Virginia; farmer; married, 1877, Rachel FRIES; Taylor
  • Edward S. BARTON (1845-?) born in Rockingham County, Virginia; B&O Railroad car inspector; married, Levina M. YOST
  • Dr. George W. BAYLIS, born in Fauquier County, Virginia, and educated in the rural schools of that county and Union University, Richmond, Virginia. African-American doctor practiced for 15 years in Berkeley County, West Virginia. During the flu epidemic, he worked day and night, but did not contract the disease. Member of the Knights of Pythias and Masonic Lodge, master of finance for Knights of Pythias, and treasurer for Blue Ridge Lodge No. 31.
  • Alfred BEALL, born in Baltimore County, Maryland; employed by B∓O Railroad; married, Mary A. HELFESTAY
  • Charles R. BEALL (1879-?) born Berkeley County, West Virginia, on November 30, 1879; Republican member West Virginia State House of Delegates, 1915-16, 25-30, 35-36, 39-40, 43-48; United Brethren Church minister
  • Charles Ralph BEARD (1895-?) born at Hedgesville, Berkeley County, West Virginia, April 23, 1895, son of Edward and Laura (Marsh) Beall; graduate of Washington and Lee University in 1915, LL.B; admitted to Martinsburg Bar, 1917; May 8, 1923, married Virginia EMMART, daughter of Frank S. Emmart, businessman of F.S. Emmart & Son; associated with the law firm of Martin & Seibert. Entered World War I as First Lieutenant at Fort Benjamin Harrison Camp and Perry's Camp Custer, 45th Division, in 1917.
  • William Shuart BEARD (1819-?) born Berkeley County, West Virginia; married, 1848, Isabella Cline HORN; Cline, Shuart
  • Aaron BECHTOL born Berkeley Springs (now Morgan County); West Virginia State Senate, 1863-1865; married Sarah ROACH; Coughlin, Hines, Tritapoe, Wheat.
  • Daniel BEDINGER, born near Shepherdstown, Berkeley County (now Jefferson County). At 16, he ran away from home and joined a company of volunteers in the Revolutionary War, where he was captured September 11, 1777, at the Battle of Brandywine. The next year he was exchanged and rejoined the army at the same rank of Ensign. He was appointed Navy Agent at Gasport, Virginia, by President Jefferson. When the old frigate "Constitution" was dismantled he purchased the masts and used them as pillars in the portico of his house which he built at Shepherdstown. His home was burned on the order of General Hunter during the Civil war in retaliation of the burning of the Governor Bradford home in Maryland by the Confederate forces.
  • Major Henry BEDINGER (1753-1843) born in Little York, Pennsylvania; clerk of the Berkeley County Court; member of the State House of Delegates
  • Joseph V. BELL (1844-?) born Berkeley County, Virginia, April 10, 1844; in 1866 entered the drug store business in Piedmont and 1869 opened a dry goods store. In 1870 went into the employ of the West Virginia Central and Pittsburgh Railroad Company; in 1867-1869 was Assistant Assessor of Internal Revenue; West Virginia Legislature, 1878 and 1880; 1884 appointed Clerk of the Circuit and County Courts of Mineral County, West Virginia; and then reelected City Council and Mayor, Piedmont; married, 1867, Virginia WOLFF; Babb, Beverstock, Jordan, Rhodes, Roberts, Ward
  • George W. BENDER (1827-?) born in Washington County, Maryland; farmer; married Rebecca PITZER and Mary Ann SMITH (in 1863); Seidestic
  • Harold H. BENDER (1882-?) born Martinsburg, Berkeley County, West Virginia; philologist; married, 1924, Amelia Oshcom HETZEL
  • I. Lewis BENDER (1850-1908) born at Bendersville, Pennsylvania; businessman, orchardist; married Margaret Eleanore (Kline) Bender
  • Lee M. BENDER (1854-?) born in Bendersville, Pennsylvania; builder
  • William Stanton BERT (1862-?) born Greencastle, Franklin County, Pennsylvania; tailor, businessman and president of the Board of Education, and member of city council, City of Martinsburg; president of a Sunday School class at First Methodist Episcopal Church, Martinsburg; Married, 1899, Miss Minnie M. DIFFENDERFER; Brendle, Burt, Cantner, Good, Houser, Poisal, Rearick.
  • David F. BILLMYER, Shepherdstown (now Jefferson County); West Virginia State House from Berkeley County, 1879
  • Charles M. BISHOP (1840-?) born in Berkeley County, West Virginia; farmer; married, 1867, Ann Rebecca FRAVEL; Coffelt, Stuckey
  • Josephus BISHOP settled on Back Creek at the old Bishop homestead at Shanghai and was the father of Charles and Thomas Bishop. Thomas J. Bishop was a soldier in the Confederate Army and was a farmer living in the upper regions of Back Creek Valley in Berkeley County. Charles Bishop was the owner of the old Bishop house which stood 1 mile north of Shanghai and was said to be the oldest house still standing at the beginning of the twentieth century in that valley.
  • George BLAIR, born about 1789 in Berkeley County, Virginia, was the fifth of six sons and one daughter of John BLAIR and Susannah EWING. John was a Revolutionary soldier from Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, and lived in Berkeley County, Virginia, after his marriage where his first son was born in 1778. The family moved to Bourbon County, Kentucky, in 1790 and then to Franklin County, Ohio by 1800. John Blair died in Madison County, Ohio July 1810.
  • J.A. BLONDEL (1847-?) hardware merchant; married, 1873, Clara E. HUBER; Helfersta
  • Jacob S. BOAK was born in Berkeley County, Virginia, in 1839, and was a Lieutenant of the Jackson Horse Artillery. He entered the Confederate service in 1861 as a Corporal, promoted to Orderly Sergeant and later to Third Lieutenant, and served until the end of the war. He was in the engagement of Two-Mile Creek near Charleston Cross Lanes, Big Sewell Mountain, Carnifax Ferry, and Fayetteville and was captured at Fort Donaldson. He was held at Camp Douglas, Illinois, for eight months; later exchanged. Jacob Boak was at the battles of Gettysburg and Atlea's Station near Richmond. At Fisher's Hill, his horse was shot out from under him and eight bullet holes were found in his clothing, several inflicting minor wounds. Dr. Boak also had three brothers in the Confederate Army. After the war he studied dentistry and followed that profession in Martinsburg. He married Kate A. DAVIS in Maryland in 1873 and they had eight children.
  • The BOGGS Family; Hutchinson
  • Hugh BOGGS, son of Hugh Boggs, was born in Londonderry, Ireland; married Elizabeth HUTCHINSON; settled Back Creek, Berkeley County, about 1750.
  • Lydia BOGGS, born Back Creek Valley, Berkeley County, Virginia; married first, Moses Shepherd, and second, General David Cruger
  • John H. BOLTZ (1820-?) born Berkeley County, West Virginia; farmer; married, 1852, Rebecca GRUBER; Anderson, Baughman, Lloyd, Puls
  • Clyde C. BORUM was born at Strausburg, Virginia, and moved to Berkeley County, West Virginia, in 1872. He purchased the Borum farm at Arden and was a successful farmer there until his death. He was a soldier in the Civil War, CSA (Confederate States of America). His father was Richard Borum and his son, C.C. Borum, succeeded his father on the farm, becoming one of the largest growers of apples in the county.
  • Joseph BOSLER (1838-?) married, 1868, Sarah E., daughter of Thomas Newton and Margaret (Billmeyer) Lemen, of Berkeley County, West Virginia.
  • Norborne Berkeley Baron BOTETOURT (ca. 1717-Oct. 15, 1770) born England; Colonial governor of Virginia, 1768.
  • M. Tucker BOWEN (1852-?) born Frederick County, Virginia; teacher, commissioner of revenue, JP; married, 1875, Nanie M. BODEN; Barley
  • George Meade BOWERS (1863-1925) born Gerrardstown, West Virginia; died December 8, 1925 and buried Presbyterian Cemetery, Gerrardstown; West Virginia State House, 1883-1887; U.S. Representative, West Virginia; member and treasurer, World's Fair at Chicago, 1893; married, 1884, Miss Bessie C. GRAY; Blaine, Brown, Daugherty, Gilbert, Grove, Harrison, Lamon, Maddox, McComas, McKinley, Stump, Ward.
    See Congressional Biography of George M. BOWERS
  • Andrew H.H. BOYD (1814-1865) born Martinsburg, Berkeley County, West Virginia; preacher
  • Belle BOYD (1835-1900) born Martinsburg, Virginia; author, actress, Confederate spy, donning maile attire and scouting for the Confederate Army; Mr. Hardinge; she was a relative of Colonel John E. Boyd Jr. and attorney Robert H. Boyd. More about Belle Boyd, including a photo in West Virginia Archives and Biography.
  • General Elisha BOYD ((1769-1841) born in Berkeley County, Virginia; attorney, member of Virginia State House; married first Mary WAGGONER, second Ann HOLMES, third Elizabeth BYRD; Faulkner, Pendleton.
  • John E. BOYD, born in England; landholder
  • Colonel John E. BOYD, Jr. (1840-?) born in Berkeley County, West Virginia; agriculturist, merchant; married, 1868, Mary V. STUART; Mayburry, Maslin
  • Robert H. BOYD, attorney; educated in Martinsburg city schools and graduated from Martinsburg High School, Class of 1868; graduate of West Virginia University, Class of 1902, A.B. degree and Class of 1903, LL.B.; Martinsburg city attorney under Mayor P.W. Leiter.
  • Benjamin F. BRADY, Martinsburg, West Virginia; Berkeley County Commission, West Virginia State House, 1881, 1882
  • Major Samuel BRADY (abt. 1753-?) born in Berkeley County, Virginia, near Harper's Ferry (now Jefferson County); frontiersman, scout
  • Benjamin F. BRISCOE was the leader of a colony of African-American people who first settled at Mount Pleasant, 2 miles south of Gerrardstown, Berkeley County, West virginia. This colony consisted of about 50 folks gathered from the western section of Virginia in 1866. He was the founder of the Mt. Pleasant school in that community, where the schoolhouse was also used as the Colored Methodist Episcopal Church.
  • J. Frank BRISCOE was educated at the Mount Pleasant School and was a "Four Minute Man" in the World War. He was assistant Food Administrator and was a member of the State Auxiliary Council. He served in the U.S. Fish Commission under Commissioner George M. Bowers at Woodshole, Massachusetts. Organized a colored Elks Club, Martinsburg, was a member of the Mount Pisda Lodge (Masons), and the Knights of Pythias. He was the secretary and treasurer of the Mount Zion Colored Church and was the supervisor of employees at Hotel Berkeley for 37 years.
  • Jacob H. BRISTOR (also spelled BRISTER) (1830-?) born in Pennsylvania; teacher, principal of Grafton Institute, special agent of the B &O Railroad; married, 1868, Jane B. MOORE
  • Ed. C. BROWN was a rural mail carrier for Route No. 6, out of Martinsburg, for 25 years. His twin brother, John H. BROWN of the Arden district, was a school commissioner of that district and a candidate for the office of County Commissioner in the August primary of 1926, but was defeated by a small majority. Ed. Brown began his working life on a farm for $1 a month and his board.
  • G.S. BRUMBAUGH was born in Dunmore, Shenandoah County, Virginia, in 1843. He served the Confederacy in the Civil war, enlisting in Company K, 7th Virginia Cavalry in Aster's Brigade; he was captured at Pikeside, Berkeley County, and confined at Fort McHenry and Point Lookout, Maryland, He was on the last board that went up the James River prior to the surrender of General Robert E. Lee in 1865. He returned to live in Berkeley County, being among the few remaining Confederate veterans in 1928.
  • Henry Payne BRYARLY born near Darkesville, West Virginia; landowner, farmer; married Mary EVANS; Nelson, Payne, Scollay, Scullay.
  • Samuel Clive BRYARLY born on farm between Darkesville and Tablers Station, West Virginia; machinist, landowner; married, 1901, Sabina Lee GRAHAM; Breneizen, Bust, Glass, Lancaster, Meade, Schendel, Wilson.
  • Thomas C. BRYARLY (1815-?) born in Berkeley County, West Virginia; farmer; married, 1841, Susan GLASS; Rust
  • Daniel BURKHART, Sheriff of Berkeley County, West Virginia; married Ruth FLAGG
  • Robert Christopher BURKHART (1839-?) born Darkesville, Berkeley County, Virginia; West Virginia State Senate, 1899; married, 1866, Susan W. MOORE; Berlin, Early, Emmert, Flagg, Johnston, Lee, Magraw, Rosenberger, Rummel, Sheridan, Stewart. A second biography.
  • John BURNS (1844-?) born Berkeley County, West Virginia; Confederate soldier, Army, farmer; married 1886, Mary STUMP; Arden District, Berkeley County; Bates, Butts, Collis
  • B.P.S. BUSEY, minister of the United Brethren Church; son of Mrs. Benjamin F. BUSEY, a descendant of Martin PITZER
  • Samuel BUSEY (1824-1902) born in Ohio; died Berkeley County; bank president, farmer; married, 1849, Evelina McKOWN; Henshaw, Walper see Lori (Grantham) Bush homepage
  • Michael Seibert BUTLER, M.D.; born in Hedgesville, West Virginia; physician; married Catherine MYERS; Anderson, Bodarf, Fairfax, Henshaw, Johnson, Kaufman, Kohpisch, McConnell, Patterson, Seibert, Smith, Snodgrass, Stephen, Stephenson.
  • M.K. BUTTS, West Virginia State House from Berkeley County, 1921
  • George W. BUXTON owned and operated the first brick plant at Martinsburg, Berkeley County; was a member of the West Virginia State House, 1889, and was involved with various enterprises of Martinsburg, mainly the development of "Greater Martinsburg" by the addition of the Boom Land; was a Civil war veteran, fighting for the Union Army and volunteering for a Pennsylvania Regiment at the beginning of that war; saw service in and around Martinsburg and moved there after the war.
  • Harry Flood BYRD (1887-1966) born in Martinsburg, West Virginia, June 10, 1887; son of Richard Evelyn Byrd and Eleanor Bolling Flood; nephew of Henry De La Warr Flood and Joel West Flood; father of Harry Flood Byrd, Jr.; moved to Virginia with family; Virginia State Senate; Governor of Virginia, 1926-1930; newspaper publisher, fruit farmer, U.S. Senator, Virginia; Democratic candidate for President of the United States, 1932; States Rights candidate for President of the United States, 1956; Episcopalian; member Grange, Freemasons, Elks, Moose, United Commercial Travelers; died in Berryville, Clark County, Virginia, October 20, 1966 with burial in Mt. Hebron Cemetery, Winchester, Virginia. See Congressional Biography of Harry F. Byrd. Additional Information
  • Harry Hopkins BYRER (1877-?) born Philippi, Barbour County, West Virginia; attorney; Delegate to Democratic National Convention from West Virginia, 1928; Assistant U.S. District Attorney for the Northern District of West Virginia, 1914-22; Prosecuting Attorney for Barbour County, 1909-1913; Kilmer, Walker, Woods.

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  • Nelson Clifford CALDWELL, born in Berkeley County, West Virginia; known as "Cliff" Caldwell; B&O railroad detective, resigning to become jailer and Deputy Sheriff of Berkeley County under Sheriff Charles L. Stuckey, 1901-05, and Sheriff J.C. McKown, 1905 to at least 1928.
  • Henry CAMPBELL (1820-?) born in Berkeley County, West Virginia; farmer; Whitnah
  • James CAMPBELL V, orchardist
  • Dr. James Pendleton CARTER (1830-?) physician, married, 1853, Mary S. STIER; Baldwin, Burgess, Gatewood, Gold, Leith, Muir, Shephard, Wood
  • The CASKEY Family; Casque, Matthaei, Palmer, Schoffstall, Seckman
  • Jonas Barrett CHAMBERLIN, The Rev.; clergyman, businessman; married Miss Maude C. EARMON; Bane, Barrett, Liller, Martin, Morgan, Sheets, Shirley.
  • J.A. CHAPMAN (1832-?) teacher, farmer; married, 1856, Ella H. PICKING; Cunningham, Williams
  • John CHESNUT (1826-?) born Bedford County, Pennsylvania; lumberman; married, 1848, Elizabeth FLORA; Edwards, Simpson
  • George A. CHRISMAN (1831-?) born in Berkeley County, West Virginia; county sheriff; married first, Rebecca CRISWELL; second, Mary E. LINGAMFELTER; third, Sallie J. OWNES; Porterfield A family group sheet on the Internet shows George A. CHRISMAN was married to Mary Eliza LINGAMFELTER (b. 1832), daughter of John LINGAMFELTER and Mary E. HEDGES (1797-1868), Berkeley, Virginia. Mary E. HEDGES is shown to be the daughter of Solman HEDGES and Sarah VINSONHALER, also of Berkeley. The HEDGES are well-known early settlers of Berkeley County.
  • E.E. CHURCH (1897-?) born at Rutan, Green County, Pennsylvania; married Mary NOBLE; Riley
  • Albert J. CLENDENING ancestors came from Scotland and settled in Loudon County, Virginia, and moved west of the Blue Ridge Mountains about 1800. His grandfather, Andrew Clendening, was a soldier in the Mexican War. An uncle, Abram Clendening, who seved in the Union Army, was klled inthe storming of Chattanooga, Tennessee. His father, William Clendening, in addition to serving in the Union Army during the Civil War under General Sheridan in the Valley of Virginia, was a school commissiner of Mill Creek District for a number of years.
  • John R. CLIFFORD (1849-?) born in Williamsport, Grant County, West Virginia; attorney, school principal; married, 1876, Mary FRANKLIN
  • S.S. CLINE, West Virginia State House from Berkeley County, 1915
  • Alexander CLOHAN (1846-?) born at Hollytown, Scotland; puddler, businessman, agriculturist, deputy sheriff, postmaster; married, 1872, Celia CROUCH; Anderson, Cline, Dunn
  • George H. COACHMAN; contractor, builder; married Sarah M. GWILLIAMS; Small, Staley
  • William CODY was the grandfather of the famous Indian fighter and scout, William F. Cody (Buffalo Bill). Tradition has it that he once lived in Back Creek Valley and hunted and trapped over the mountains and along the streams of Back Creek, Sleepy Creek and Meadow Branch and along the banks of the Potomac, the section of Berkeley County, West Virginia, now included in Morgan County.
  • Wilson P. COE (1829-?) born in Berkeley County, West Virginia; farmer, stock-raiser; married, 1851, Fannie V. TRENT; Dean, Wilson
  • William COLE (1813-before 1884) born in Berkeley County, West Virginia; manufacturer, road surveyor, overseer of the poor; married, 1837, Catherine LEWIS; Miller
  • Edward COLSTON (1786-1852) born near Winchester, Virginia; son of Travers Colston of Richmond County, Virginia, and a descendant of William Colston, of Bristol, England, a merchant and cavalier in the time of Charles I. Married (first) Jane MARSHALL, daughter of Charles Marhsall, and (second) Sarah Jane Brockenbrough. He was brother-in-law of Willoughby Newton and Charles James Faulkner. Virginia State Legislature; U.S. Representative, Virginia; Died in Berkeley County, Virginia. See Congressional Biography of Edward Colston. NOTE: There are some disparities between sources see the next biography on Edward COLSTON
  • Edward COLSTON (1788-1851) attorney, state legislature; married first, Jane MARSHALL; second, Sarah Jane BROCKENRIDGE
  • Raleigh COLSTON, born in England; married Elizabeth MARSHALL
  • William COLSTON (1836-?) born in Berkeley County, West Virginia; attorney, farmer; married, 1866, Minnie SUMMERS
  • William N. CONFARR (1833-?) born near Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia (grandfather Michael CONFARR/CONFER and father John CONFARR were born in Berkeley County, Virginia); Civil War soldier, blacksmith, merchant, Justice of the Peace, member of the board of education; married Eliza BICKMORE; Bickmore, Confer, Long, Stimmel, Tildner.
  • John R. COOKE (ca. 1787-1854) born in the Bermuda Islands, son of Dr. Stephen and Catherine (Eston) Cooke; settled in Martinsburg, Berkeley County, in 1810 to practice his profession (law). Elected to represent Berkeley County in the Virginia House of Delegates, 1814. Moved to Winchester, Virginia, then Baltimore, Maryland, and then Richmond, Virginia. Elected a member of the Constitutional Convention of Virginia, 1830; writer of some note. Died Richmond, 1854, at 67.
  • Philip Pendleton COOKE (1816-1850) born Martinsburg, Virginia, son of John Rogers Cooke; author and poet in publications such as Knickerbocker Magazine, Southern Literary Messenger, and Winchester Virginian. Sketch and some additional information
  • Maria COOPER In the fall of 1854, when the cholera pestilence visited the Shenandoah Valley, Maria Cooper fell victim to its ravishes. She left a will bequeathing a large portion of her estate to charitable institutions, among them an amount for founding an academy at Martinsburg, Berkeley County, West Virginia, and an institution was incorporated under the name of Martinsburg Cooper Academy. But the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia declared the bequest invalid hence, the institution was lost to the city.
  • John W. CORSEY, born at Bunker Hill, Berkeley County, West Virginia, June 22, 1859; educated at Storer College, Harper's Ferry, graduating with the Class of 1887. Was a teacher in the colored schools of the county for many years; principal of Sumner School, Martinsburg, three terms. Douglas Grove, a school for colored children, located in the Arden District, east of Pikeside, was named by him. Through his activities, Sumner School, Martinsburg, was increased from a one room to a three-room building. Was a delegate to the Republican Congressional Convention at Parkersburg, West Virginia, 1888; and was chairman of the Colored Republican rally at Martinsburg in the second McKinley campaign.
  • Mattie E. CORSEY Teacher in the colored schools of Berkeley County for 33 years, including the Sumner School in Martinsburg; educated at Storer College.
  • John H. COX (1833-1902) born in Berkeley County, Virginia, November 10, 1833; served in Union Army during the Civil War; member of Missouri State Senate, 1864-66; died of stomach cancer, Trenton, Grundy County, Missouri, August 2, 1902; buried at Rose Hill Cemetery, Brookfield, Missouri
  • Charles M. CRABBE, Martinsburg, Berkeley County; Member of West Virginia Democratic State Executive Committee, 1949-1953
  • Col. William CRAWFORD (1732-1782) born Berkeley County, Virginia; surveyor A gedcom on the Internet shows William CRAWFORD was born 1722 in Orange, Virginia, son of William Valentine CRAWFORD and Honora GRIMES and was married in Berkeley, Virginia, 1742, to Hannah VANCE, Fayette, Pennsylvania.
  • William CREIGHTON, Jr. (1778-1851) born in Berkeley County, Virginia, October 28, 1788; graduated from Dickenson College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, where he studied law. Was admitted to the bar at the age of 20. In 1798, moved to Chillicothe, Ohio, continuing in his profession. Was the first Secretary of State of the State of Ohio, 1803-08; member of the Ohio State House, 1810; U.S. Representative, Ohio, 1813-17, 1827-28, and 1829-1833; died October 8, 1851 in Chillicothe, Ross County, Ohio. See Congressional Biography of William Creighton, Jr.
  • Kensey B. CREQUE, Sr., born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania; moved to Ohio for a year, then to Grand Rapids, Michigan, until the Civil War broke out when he was 17. He joined Company K, Michigan Volunteers and, in the fall of 1862, was transferred to the 1st New York Lincoln Cavalry as a Sergeant. Was detailed on Detach Service (Scout Service) in the 18th New York Regiment in the Valley of Virginia under General Milroy and General Philip Sheridan. After the war, he made his home there, serving on the Martinsburg police force as Chief Sergeant under Mayor William Logan and as Deputy Sheriff and Jailer under Berkeley County Sheriff George Chrisman. He was a director of the Old National Bank for years.
  • Robert L. CRISWELL, World War I soldier, volunteering in the 368th Aero Squad, Langley Field, Virginia; was Army Field Clerk, G.H.Q. Chamont, France; horticulturist; had gardens at Arden, Berkeley County. One of his ancestors, John Shober, born August 17, 1759, was made Clerk of the County Court or Gentlemen Justice Court of Berkeley County in June 1827.
  • David CROCKETT Born in Tennessee; died in Texas; lived in Berkeley County for a time; Gray
  • William CROSFIELD born Strathroy, County Lambton, Province of Ontario, Canada; educator, businessman; married Mrs. Belle DIEL and Anna HUNT.
  • Joseph Benjamin CROWL (1838-?) born in Jefferson County, West Virginia; married, 1868, Hannah E. LOWERY; Carver, Manor
  • James N. CUNNINGHAM, born in Berkeley County, West Virginia
  • Philip S. CUNNINGHAM (1847-?) born in Berkeley County, West Virginia; married, 1877, Mary McCALEB; Cisna, Walker
  • Robert H. CUNNINGHAM (1825-?) born in Berkeley County, West Virginia; married, 1877, Mary E. SWIMLEY; Hayslett
  • Philip C. CURTIS (1841-?) born in Berkeley County, West Virginia; miller; married, 1874, Susan L. SEIBERT; Chenowith, Cromwell
  • Daniel G. CUSHWA (1837-?) farmer, owner of flour mill and sawmill; married, 1870, Lewellyn BURKHART; Gibson, Gehr
  • Harry S. CUSHWA, carpenter, contractor, hardware business; West Virginia State House from Berkeley County, 1889, 1901

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  • Christopher H. DAILEY, Martinsburg City Council, Fifth Ward, 1925; Mayor of Martinsburg, West Virginia, 1937
  • J.H. DAILEY, druggist at Snodgrass Drug Store on Queen Street, Martinsburg, Berkeley County, West Virginia.
  • James H.C. DAILEY, born in Berkeley County, West Virginia, 1865; boiler maker for the B&O Railroad company at their shops in Martinsburg.; married Anna Gertrude BAKER
  • James S. DAILEY, sales department of Trammell Hollis, automobile business; Republican member of West Virginia State House from Berkeley County, 1923, 1931; candidate for West Virginia State Senate, 1936, 15th District; 1948, 16th District; alternate delegate to Republican National Convention, 1944; son of James H.C. Dailey
  • Raymond B. DAILEY, clerk in the Citizens National Bank, Martinsburg, Berkeley County, West Virginia
  • John W. DAILY (1821-?) born in Berkeley County, West Virginia; corn merchant, grain dealer and farmer; married, Isabella V. McQUILKIN; Curtis, Tabb
  • Betty DANDRIDGE, cousin of Colonel John E. Boyd and a daughter of President Zachary Taylor; lived at Dandrige's Ford, "The Bower," near the Berkeley and Jefferson county line.
  • G.W. DANIELS, Berkeley County; West Virginia State House, 1909
  • Albert D. DARBY (1868-?) born in Martinsburg, Berkeley County, West Virginia, January 22, 1868. His father, Ezra Darby, came from Devonshire, England, to the Virginia Colony of Jamestown in 1826, and raised tobacco. Moved to Berkeley County after the Civil War. Albert Darby, after leaving the public schools, took a position as clerk, the Old National Bank; then was assistant cashier of the Peoples Trust Company and, when the Bank of Martinsburg was organized in 1902 by the late John J. Hetzel, was elected cashier of that institution. He was active in organizing the Adamantine Clay Products Company works at North Mountain; attended Methodist Episcopal Church and Sunday School.
  • General William DARKE (1736-1801); born Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania; raised in Virginia; delegate to Virginia State Constitutional Convention, 1788; landowner Berkeley County, Virginia; died Jefferson County, Virginia
  • Amelia DAVIS, Martinsburg, Berkeley County; Member of West Virginia Democratic State Executive Committee, 1945
  • Thomas DAVIS, M.D., physician; born in Kentucky and moved to Berkeley County, West Virginia, in 1820. He practiced medicine for 10 years in Martinsburg, but gradually allowed his practice to lapse, devoting his time to literature and history. Went to Natchez, Tennessee, in 1845, but died there of yellow fever. Founded the Martinsburg Library and supported it for many years. Represented Berkeley County in the Virginia Legislature for one term, in 1831.
  • James William DEAN, born in Virginia; moved to Berkeley County in 1864 from Maryland where he was a farmer. Helped to build the stone bridge over Burke Street for the B&O railroad after the Civil War to replace the one destroyed by the Confederates. Later in life he worked in the B&O machine shops at Martinsburg as a boilermaker. In 1873 he married Emily SNIDEAL and had sons, John W. Dean, George R. Dean (in the automobile business in Brooklyn, New York), J.E.A. Dean (shoe merchant in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), and William Dean.
  • John W. DEAN, son of James William and Emily (Snideal) Dean. When he was a junior at Martinsburg High School, Berkeley County, West Virginia, his father died and John W. Dean had to quit school to help support the family. He was a clerk for 29 years and a traveling salesman for J.H. Miller & Son wholesale grocers for about 12 years. Started in business for himself on the Blondell Corner, corner of Queen and Martin Streets in Martinsburg, under the firm name of Dean-Whitmore-Drewry Company clothiers; eventually he acquired the entire business and purchased the building. He was Deputy Assessor under Otho Williams. On February 28, 1901, he married Daisy May SCHILL, daughter of George W. SCHILL, who came from Maryland and was a businessman in Martinsburg. Their son, John W. Dean, Jr., was a graduate of the Martinsburg High School Class of 1924 and attended Carnegie School of Technology at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • William DEAN born Martinsburg, West Virginia; Sheriff, Berkeley County; Malone, Minick, Snodeal, Sullivan.
  • Bennet M. DeHAVEN was in the mercantile business and was a contractor; married Miss Daisy BISHOP; five children: two of whom were teachers in the public schools: Sula DeHaven and Virginia (DeHaven) Stuckey; Elizabeth DeHaven attended Shepherd College; sons Leslie DeHaven was with the O.M. Ramsey Furniture Company and Levi with Ford Sales in Martinsburg. Ancestors Samuel DeHaven, Peter DeHaven, and William DeHaven came to American with General LaFayette in the Revolutionary War. They loaned the American government $400,000, according to General Washington's records. A distant ancestor was William DeHaven, who lived in Frederick County, Virginia. B.M. DeHaven's father was Jackson DeHaven and his uncle, Alex DeHaven, was a soldier in the Confederate Army.
  • Gene DIAMOND, Mayor of Martinsburg, West Virginia, 1973-1975
  • Charles E. DICK, county commissioner of Berkeley County, West Virginia; father Robert W. DICK (1853-1919)
  • Greenberry D.W.C. DITTO (1840-) born in Washington County, Maryland; farmer; married, 1842, Mary E. MILLER
  • David DODD, moved from Clearspring, Maryland, to Berkeley County, West Virginia, 1851; barn builder; Poince, Williamson
  • David Henry DODD, teacher, principal, county superintendent of schools
  • Colonel John W. DODD (?-1923) auctioneer, assessor, hotel proprietor; married Georgia JEFFERSON; Berkeley County Delegate to Democratic National Convention from West Virginia, 1912, 1920
  • S. Lowell DODD, agriculturist; son of Samuel L. DODD; grandson of David DODD
  • Samuel L. DODD, farmer, teacher, county superintendent of schools, deputy assessor, Berkeley County
  • Martin L. DORN (1830-?) born Albany, New York; tailor; married first, 1850, Rebecca KING; second, 1866, Miss ROBINSON; Mesner, White
  • Harry Allen DOWNS (1886-?) born Martinsburg, West Virginia; Virginia State House, 1921; attorney; married, 1920, Mrs. Ethel Boyer LEMEN; Albright, Cookus, Dayton, Evans, LeFevre, Orcutt, Orr, Sites, Seibert, Sperow, Swimley, Tonkin, Van Metre
  • Harry E. DUGAN, West Virginia State Senate from Berkeley County, 1995-1997
  • Frank Campbell DUNHAM born Darkesville, West Virginia; businessman; married Miss Elizabeth MILLARD; Crook, Crout, Pine.

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  • George Franklin EVANS, born in Berkeley County, Virginia, February 13, 1848, is descended from an old Virginia family, and was educated in the common schools; laborer, machinist, B&O railroad; tobacco farmer; Martinsburg postmaster, 1884; member of West Virginia State House, 1881-1885; Chairman of the Republican State Convention at Parkersburg, 1884
  • Henry Clay EVANS (1844-?) born in Berkeley County, West Virginia; farmer, merchandiser; married, 1874, Anna Bell BARNEY; Poisal, Stuckey, Walker
  • James W.B. EVANS (?-1918) son of Tillotson Evans and Mary Ann (Orr) Evans; teacher, deputy sheriff
  • John EVANS II, son of John Evans I; farmer, married Polly VanMETRE
  • Polly VanMetre EVANS, daughter of Abraham VanMetre; married John EVANS II
  • Willis F. EVANS, educator; married, 1902, Mable Claire TOWNSEND
  • John W. EVERHART (1823-?) born in Berkeley County, West Virginia; postmaster, farmer; married, 1845, Catherine KERNS; Keys, Siler, Smith, Wheeler

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  • Charles James FAULKNER Sr. (1806-1884) born Martinsburg, Virginia; U.S. Representative, Virginia and West Virginia; married, 1833, Mary Wagner BOYD; Boyd, Cameron, Cromwell, Chenowith, Ely, Hawkins, Hunter, Holmes, Mackey, Mason, McGraw, Morgan, Murray. See Congressional Biography or a second biography of Charles J. Faulkner, Sr.
  • Charles James FAULKNER, Jr. (1847-1929) born Martinsburg, Virginia; buried Old Norbourne Cemetery, Martinsburg; U.S. Senator, West Virginia; Married, 1869, Sallie WINN and 1894, Virginia Fairfax WHITING; Wise. See Congressional Biography or a second biography of Charles J. Faulkner, Jr.
  • Elisha Boyd FAULKNER (1841-1917) born near Martinsburg, Virginia; West Virginia State Legislature; married, 1868, Miss Susan Campbell; Buckner, Boyd. See second biography of E. Boyd FAULKNER.
  • James FAULKNER (1776-1817) Arnaugh, Ireland; businessman, soldier; married, 1803, Sarah MACKEY
  • Mary Boyd FAULKNER (?-1894) married, Charles James FAULKNER
  • Elvina V. FAWVER, Martinsburg, Berkeley County; West Virginia Republican State Executive Committee, 1949
  • George W. FEIDT, born in Washington County, Maryland; teacher, farmer, attorney
  • Samuel Showalter FELKER born near Greencastle, Pennsylvania; businessman, JP; married Alice Virginia Shipper; Kilmer, Manown, Robinson, Shaffer, Showalter, Stuckey, Zentmeyer.
  • B.H. FELLERS, born at Vanclevesville, Berkeley County, West Virginia; member of the 8th New York Cavalry in connection with General George B. Meade and saw service in the Battle of Gettysburg. He was present the night General Philip Sheridan stopped in Martinsburg at the Everett House, a famous hostelry in those days, and notified Sheridan that he was wanted at his army headquarters at Winchester since his army was in danger. Two Berkeley County soldiers serving in different armies and each in the scout service brought about the Battle of Cedar Creek Robert C. Burkhart being the one to advise General Early to make the attack and B.H. Fellers the one to inform General Sheridan of the danger of his army.
  • George FERRELL (?-1881) Hedgesville, Berkeley County; West Virginia State House, 1881; died while in office
  • Wallace L. FILES (1926-?) born at Martinsburg, Berkeley County, West Virginia, February 19, 1926; served U.S. Army, WWII, barber, Republican member West Virginia State House, 1st District, 1967-70, 1973-74; member American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Elks, Moose
  • Reuben FINE (1892-?) born at Martinsburg, Berkeley County, West Virginia, March 6, 1892, son of Louis and Julia (Wolf) Fine; attorney; graduate of West Virginia University, class of 1913, degree of LL.B.; admitted to the Bar in 1913; member of the American Bar Association and of the Berkeley Bar Association.
  • Harry M. FISHER born Martinsburg, West Virginia; jeweler; married Miss Kate May League; Barrick, Chamberlain, Smurr, Couchman, Wilen.
  • James B. FISHER, born in Fulton County, Pennsylvania; businessman, store owner, Martinsburg; Beck, Herring, Hoffman, Pitzer, Vanmetre
  • Michael FITZGERALD emigrated from Ireland to America (Indiana), took government land and became a farmer; volunteered for service in the Union Army in the spring of 1861, serving in the 11th Indiana Regiment and fighting under General Lew Wallace during the Civil War. He was a scout after the Civil War and did duty in the Black Hills and in the far west. He personally knew General George A. Custer and warned him of the close proximity of the Indians and their large number before the Little Big Horn massacre, but his warning wasn't heeded. His first visit to Berkeley County was during the war when his command encamped for several days on Berkeley Place. He liked the area so well that when the war was over he moved to the county and settled in Martinsburg. He knew Major McKinley (later President) at the battle of Anteitam. The night of President Lincoln's assassination he was detailed to guard duty at the White House. He had two sons, Maurice Fitzgerald, who was a foreman at Interwoven Mills in Martinsburg, and J.P. Fitzgerald, freight conductor for the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad and a member of the Holy Name Society of the Catholic Church.
  • Josiah FLAGG was sixth in descent from Thomas Flegg (original spelling), ancestor of the Flagg family, who emigrated from Norfolk County, England, under Richard Carver, governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony, in 1637. Josiah Flagg inherited the grant of land situated at "Flagg" Mill, at Flagg's Crossing, east of Martinsburg, from his wife, Margaret, who was the duaghter of John Shively, who obtained that land from Thomas, Lord Fairfax of Greenway Court, in 1755. Josiah Flagg operated a mill located on Tuscarora Creek 1 mile east of Martinsburg for many years. It was build in 1800 and at one time, a large distillery and barrel plant was also operated there. The Hon. Alexander Parks, of Martinsburg, operated this mill for several years under the name of Enterprise Mills. He bought the property from the Flagg estate in 1885. On October 13, 1926, he sold that site with 14 acres of land adjacent, to the B&O Railroad. The brick in the old Flagg family home, which was owned in 1928 by Mrs. Sally B. Harrison, Josiah Flagg's great-grandchild, was brought from England as ballast in ships.
  • Eli FLEMING, Little Georgetown, West Virginia State House from Berkeley County, 1872-1873
  • W.H.H. FLICK was born in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, February 24, 1841, and was educated in the country schools, one term at Garfield School at Hiram, Ohio; entered the Union Army of the Civil War, July 1861, 41st Ohio Regiment; wounded at Shiloh, April 7, 1862. Taught school; graduated from Cleveland Law School, 1865; moved to Moorfield, West Virginia, and practiced law there for two years; moved to Pendleton County, West Virginia, and served two terms in the Legislature from that county; appointed to fill the unexpired term of Prosecuting Attorney of Grant County, West Virginia; moved to Martinsburg, Berkeley County, 1874; was a candidate for Congress, Second Congressional District, West Virginia, in 1886, but lost by 90 votes. Practiced law in Martinsburg until his death.
  • Charles W. FOLTZ (1850-?) born Hampshire County, West Virginia; teacher, merchant; married, 1874, Agnes MORE; Myres, Whittington
  • Peter FOREMAN (1833-?) born Cumberland County, Pennsylvania; farmer; married 1859, Mary MEHAFIE; Sanderson, Sevres
  • Nat T. FRAME (1877-?) considered a modern leader of achievement in the field of agriculture in West Virginia; Martinsburg businessman of manufacturing and distributing horticultural supplies, in partnership with John W. Stewart. Boomer, Colhan, Hart, Little, Overton, Silver, Stewart
  • Jacob M. FRENCH (1828-?) born in Berkeley County, West Virginia; farmer; married, 1855, Mary C. ELLIS; Jacques, Myers, Rickard
  • Joseph D. FRY, West Virginia State House from Berkeley County, 1937
  • Aaron FULK (1826-?) born in Berkeley County, West Virginia; farmer; married, 1852, Ellen N. SMURR; Bretcher, Randall
  • George W. FULK (1854-?) born in Berkeley County, West Virginia; farmer; married, 1880, Martha BYERS; Smurr, Wilhelm.
  • Henry C. FULK (1830-?) born in Berkeley County, West Virginia; farmer; married, 1856, Anna E. MARTIN; Nicely, Quetzer
  • John H. FULK (1853-?) born in Berkeley County, West Virginia; farmer; married, 1875, Catherine TELLERS; Oliver, Smurr