Goshen Lane/Fletcher Fold

created 24 April 2007

Am currently researching the Goshen Lane/Fletcher Fold area of Bury, particularly the three Grade 2 listed buildings (The Manor, The Crest, and The Nook). If anyone has any knowledge concerning this area or the buildings would they please email me (link below). Thank You.

Visit and use the co-ordinate 380670,408678 (not forgetting to select 'co-ordinate' before clicking 'search') to see the location in Bury. On the map the area is shown as Fletcher Fold. The lane passing to the north of the Fold is Goshen Lane (now a tarmaced footpath).

Behind the building complex is what at first seems like a small wood but, on closer inspection, may well be either the grounds of a fourth house (now dissapperaed) or a large garden area belonging to one or more of the three buildings above. Within the area can be seen a number of stone blocks (some dressed, some not) and what would seem to be a stone base for a statue or sundial or something of a similar size - see photos stone base 1 & stone base 2. The whole area in spring is a riot of colour from blue, pink and white 'blue'bells.

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