Boddie Descendants

Jane Boddie Hobbs with her husband Joseph Hobbs came into Macon County about 1835 from Edgefield, SC. Her grandfather Allen Hobbs was a Revolutionary soldier and another relative Nathan Boddie signed the Meklenburg Convention prior to the Revolution. "Rose Hill" is the Boddie home in Edgefield.

Early in the Civil War they moved to a farm on the road near Little Bethel; Joseph was conscripted into the Confederate Army before he could dig a well and three of their six children died of typhoid while he was at Andersonville as a guard. He got leave to dig a well and later succumbed to typhoid. Jane and their son Alsa traveled two days and nights on an ox cart to bring him home from Andersonville. Alsa Hobbs went to Texas after the war and worked for a time as a cowboy; he returned home to Macon County and lived until 1934 or 35. Other surviving children were Joesph [Hobbs, Jr.], who resettled to the west after the war (Nebraska)and Louisa Karen [Hobbs](1861-1954)--called "Dump" because of her very small stature--who married Booker Barfield.

Booker Barfield, with another major stock holder Mr. Park, endeared himself to the depositors of the Ideal bank in the crash of '29. When the bank failed, they combined their personal resources to pay depositors a percentage of their accounts. "Uncle Book" was noted for the excellent hams he cured and people came from miles around to buy them. The buttercups which still bloom by the mailbox at that place are descended from bulbs Jane brought with her from SC in 1835.
Louisa and Booker lived to a great old age on the Hobbs homeplace. Joseph Hobbs was from the Guilford, NC, area noted for its Quaker residents. Possibly those origins explain the very strict religious practices of the household until well into the 20th century: no cooking on Sunday, no popular music on Sunday; either lamp light or fire at night, never both; scrupulous cleanliness.
Though childless, Louisa and Booker took in, educated and provided for their orphaned nieces Essie Lou (for Louisa)Jones(Mrs. Preston Bussey Childs of Butler) and Jessie B. Jones (Mrs. Mack Thompson Turner of Butler and Columbus).

A complete genealogy of Jane can be found in an appendix to Essie Lou Jones Childs's book "They Tarried in Taylor."

Source: Maxine Thompson Turner


Second Generation

Ezekial Jones, born about 1840, married Martha Jane Boddie , widow of Joseph Hobbs, daughter of Allen Boddie on ? at ?. Martha Jane was the 2nd wife to Ezekial. They had one son. Ezekial had previously married Frances ?, and married Cassa Barnes after Martha's death.

Source: Guelda Hay

Ezekial Jones and Martha Jane Boddie had the following child:

+1. John J. Jones, M.G., b.12-Sep-1863, died 17-February-1930, married first Savannah Rodgers - 3 children, married 2nd Nettie Poole - two children. R.N. McInvale was admin. of his estate. Buried Little Bethel Baptist Church.



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Sources: Guelda Hay, Maxine Thompson Turner ,Davine V. Campbell, Citizens & Georgia - Montezuma, GA, All rights reserved.

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