Descendants of Edward Harris Gresham/Grisham

Note: Discussion is underway to determine if there could be confusion about the parents and family name of Martha Eugenia Grisham, AKA, Jennie Scroggins and Jennie E. Gresham. See correspondence below. Census record of 1880 supports Martha Eugenia Gresham.

Correspondents have both spellings for Grisham/Gresham for Jennie. It's unlikely that there are two Jennie's who married a Henry Lon Scroggins and (aka HL Scroggins and Henry Alonzo) with parents named William C. and Emily E Farley. The info below places Jennie's death in Chambers Co. AL (Alexander City?) , however, other sources place her burial at Concord (Old Union?) Barpist Church near Dadeville in Tallapoosa Co AL and other sources place her at Memorial Gardens, Jackson Gap, AL., all with the same husband HL Scroggins, and his parents, George T. Scroggins, CSA, and Mary J. Henderson Scroggins. Note: There's a good deal of circumstantial evidence but it's not yet proven that the William C. Gresham below is the son of Littleberry or that Jennie E Gresham is the same person as Martha Eugenia "Jennie" Grisham Scroggins. --steve scroggins

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First Generation

1. Edward Harris Gresham was born Abt. ??, and died Abt. ??. He married Mary Unknown.
Child of Edward Harris Gresham and Mary Unknown is:

Littleberry Gresham, Esq., born July 04, 1762 in Orange Co., NC ; died February 20, 1834 in West Point, Troup Co., GA

Source: Early Settlers of Tallapoosa County, by Frane Thomas, Gene & MaryBeth Vessell , Carol Mintz , [Milton Gresham page]

Second Generation

2. Littleberry Gresham, Esq., (Edward1) was born July 04, 1762 in Orange Co., NC {birth date & location from microfilmed Rev War Pension application}; died February 20, 1834 in West Point, Troup Co., GA. He married Elizabeth Rhodes , born ?? in ??, daughter of ?? and ??, she died 1835 in Chambers Co., AL

Children of Littleberry Gresham and Elizabeth Rhodes are:




William C. (Cooper?) Gresham, born September 05, 1811 in GA; died January 14, 1875 in Tallapoosa Co., AL, married Emily E. (Elizabeth? Eugenia?) Farley, daughter of James Farley and Martha Walls.





In estate records in Chambers Co., AL, Littleberry's estate settlement lists his children as Lemuel, Felix, William, Greenberry, Pascal, Leroy, Young Quincy, Cinthia, Nancy and Elizabeth. This information came from the GA Geneology Magazine #40, Spring 1971 p. 235. I have never seen a copy of the original record. Notice that it only says "William" --not William C. Wm. C's birth date does fit, however, when you look at the children listed on the 1820 Monroe Co., GA census showing Littleberry and family.

Cynthia Gresham 1789 - b: 1789 in GA m. John B. Whatley October 23, 1818 in Morgan Co., GA

Elizabeth Gresham b: September 28, 1793 in GA d: BEF 1860 m. Anthony Cozart (1793 - 1866) b: March 11, 1793 in Monroe Co., GA m: in Chambers Co., AL d: 1866 in Terrell Co., GA

Lemuel Gresham b: 1795 in GA m. Martha McCoy (b: ABT 1810 in GA) m: March 08, 1827 in Abner Co., GA

Felix Gresham b: 1797 in GA m. Henrietta Keith(b: 1810 in GA) m: ABT 1830 in GA

Nancy Gresham b: 1804 in GA m. Simon Parkerin GA

Greenberry Gresham b: 1806 m. Ann Unknown

Pascal Gresham b: 1808

William C. (Grisham) Gresham b: September 05, 1811 in GA d: January 14, 1875 in Tallapoosa Co., AL m. Emily (Elizabeth? Eugenia?) Farley (b: August 28, 1839 in AL m: 1864 in Tallapoosa Co., AL d: April 14, 1890 in Tallapoosa Co.)

Leroy Gresham b: 1812 in GA d: January 1861 in Dadeville, Talapoosa Co., AL m. Elizabeth J. Whatley (b: 1825 in GA m: February 17, 1843 in Dadeville, Tallapoosa Co., AL)

Young Quincy Gresham b: 1813 in GA m. Amanda (b: 1819) m: ABT 1839 in Chambers Co., AL

Third Generation

6. William C. Gresham was born September 05, 1811 in GA; died January 14, 1875 in Tallapoosa Co., AL He married Emily E. (Elizabeth? Eugenia?) Farley, daughter of James Farley and Martha Walls of Chambers Co., AL.
Children of William C. Gresham and Emily E. Farley are:




(Martha Eugenia )Jennie E (Elizabeth? Eugenia?) Gresham, born 26Feb1872 and died 15Jan1961 in Chambers Co., AL. She married H Lon Scroggins. Henry Lon4 Scroggins, born November 17, 1869 in Tallapoosa Co. Alabama; died March 4, 1918 in Alexander City, Tallapoosa Co. Alabama.

John W. Greshamb: January 04, 1865 in Tallapoosa Co., AL; d: March 18, 1866 in Tallapoosa Co., AL

Adolphus F. Gresham b: June 08, 1866 in Tallapoosa Co., AL d: April 10, 1900 in Tallapoosa Co., AL, married Lillie Belle Jones 1870-1951

Mary C. Greshamb: 1867 in Tallapoosa Co., AL; d: 1929 in AL; married George W. Freeman 1862 - 1919

James Clanton Gresham b: August 16, 1869 in Dadeville, Tallapoosa Co., AL d: July 01, 1952 in LaFayette, Chambers Co., AL; married Carrie Lou Stanfield (b: June 23, 1873 in Lovejoy, Henry Co., GA--- d: December 10, 1941 in LaFayette, Chambers Co., AL) on September 28, 1889 in Troup Co., GA

Jephtha Gresham1871 - 1872 b: January 12, 1871 in Tallapoosa Co., AL d: November 28, 1872 in Tallapoosa Co., AL

Fannie E. Gresham 1873 - 1891 b: March 20, 1873 in Tallapoosa Co., AL d: March 31, 1891 in Tallapoosa Co., AL

Willie E. (Emma) Gresham1874 - 1956 b: March 19, 1874 in Tallapoosa Co., AL; d: May 21, 1956 in AL; married D. B. (Daniel Babcock "Cop") Lake 1867 - 1888 b: March 19, 1867 m: in Troup Co., GA d: September 08, 1888 in AL

 Carol Mintz notes from 1880 Tallapoosa Co. census record. Wm. C. died in 1875, he isn't on that census. 1880 census shows Emily living alone with 6 children:

Gresham, E.E. - white female 43 years old - born AL; children:

A.F. - white male 13 yrs born AL; [Adolfus]
M.C. - white female 12 yrs born AL; [Mary]
J.C. - white male 10 yrs. born AL; [my grandfather, James Clanton Gresham]
M.E. - white female 7 yrs born AL; [LOOK!! Martha Eugenia??!!]
W.E. - white female 6 yrs born AL; [WillieEmma]
C - white female 3 yrs born AL

Fourth Generation

9. Henry Lon4 Scroggins (George T.3, Richard M.2, James1) was born November 17, 1869 in Tallapoosa Co. Alabama, and died March 4, 1918 in Alexander City, Tallapoosa Co. Alabama. He married Martha Eugenia Grisham, daughter of William Grisham and Emily Farley, on January 8, 1893 in Tallapoosa Co., Alabama by George L. Bell, M.G.

More About Henry Lon Scroggins:
Burial: Memorial Gardens -- Jackson Gap, Alabama per letters of daughter Alma. Per Tap Roots Vol.24 #4, April 1987, Concord Cemetery, Tallapoosa Co. AL, near Dadeville and Eagle Creek. Speculation: perhaps the subjects were first buried at Concord and later moved to Memorial Gardens, Jackson Gap, leaving headstones in two locations.

Cause of Death: Measles

More About Martha Eugenia "Jennie" Grisham: Born about 1872, died 1961.
Burial: Memorial Gardens -- Jackson Gap, Alabama (Photo album) per daughter Alma and son Paul. Per Tap Roots Vol.24 #4, April 1987, buried at Concord Cemetery, Tallapoosa Co. AL, near Dadeville and Eagle Creek.

Children of Henry Lon Scroggins and Martha Eugenia "Jennie" Grisham are:




Alma5 Scroggins. (see Photo album ) married Paul Hyde





Paul V. Scroggins, born Abt. 1901; died Abt. 1998.





Geraldine Scroggins. married James Harrison





Emily Scroggins. Married Fonza Hancock





Mary Scroggins. married Carlton Tucker





Vance Scroggins. married Ruth ??





(Thomas Heflin) Buck Scroggins. married Ruby Eason (link)





Lon Jack Scroggins, born October 1, 1903; died August 1, 1981 in SYLACAUGA, ALABAMA. (Photo album) married 1st Thelma Walden, d/o Unknown Walden & Ida Sizemore, 2nd Romie Culver





Moda Scroggins, born 1Nov-1894, died 9-Oct-1915. Married Joe W. Campbell (June 13, 1887-Apr 20, 1943), buried Corcord Cemetery. Cause of death: peritonitis or tubal pregnancy.


Scroggins Genealogy - Fifth Generation

Scroggins Photo Album

Sources: Paula Girouard, Carol Mintz, Lester Schrader, Lynn Thomas, All rights reserved.

Genealogy Correspondence on Jennie E. Scroggins

Steve and Lynn,

We went back and checked Mother's early notes about Jennie. We show her as Jennie E. Grisham/Gresham mainly based on a Tallapoosa Co. deed record, Book 1, Pg. 436. Land deeded to James C. Grisham (my grandfather) on March 1, 1892. Signed A.F. Grisham (brother), Lilly B. Grisham (A.F.'s wife), Jennie E. Grisham, and Mary C. Grisham (sister). The land is Sec. 30, Sec. 29 and Sec. 20, parts, all in Township 22, Range 23. (By the way, I tried to match this deed description with the descriptions in the original land grants to Wm. C. and Littleberry Gresham, but it doesn't seem to fit.)

On Mother's original notes (taken in the 1940s - 1950s) "Elizabeth" is penciled in next to the E, probably intended to question whether she might have been named after her grandmother, who we believe is Elizabeth Rhodes. Our later notes incorporated the Elizabeth. I am so glad to receive your information that Jennie's real name is Martha Eugenia. Did you know that Emily's mother was named Martha? In the mid to late 1950s, at a family reunion in Alexander City, AL, my Mother talked to Jennie. She told Mother that Emily Farley's mother was Martha Walls. We didn't have any information about where Jennie died and was buried.

Here's what we know about Emily's parents: James Farley m. Martha Walls and they lived in Chambers Co., AL. We found three federal land grants dated 1837 and 1841 that are probably his. (According to information taken from an Alabama Wills book) James left a Will that was executed in 1840. He mentions that his wife's name is Martha, and he names seven children:

John, Jr., Samuel C., James M. Wm. E., Emily E., Lemuel and Sarah A. We found a marriage record showing that Martha remarried in 1841, to William Henry Kimble (in Chambers Co., AL). Our records show they had five more children: Felicia (m. John Henry Stanfield), Alonzo, Frank, Thomas W.,and Pete. Emily E. was only 2 when her mother married Mr. Kimble, so he was the only father she knew. Wonder of wonders!! My Mother has a yellowed and brittle letter dated 1871 that Wm. Kimble wrote to Emily complaining that he hadn't heard from her in a while. He also mentions some of the other children. If you want, I will make a transcript of the letter and/or send you a scanned copy.

The Greshams really did like to recycle their given names -- my father, Roy's, middle name was Kimble! And his brother was named Cooper. In going back over our notes, we also can't confirm that Emily E.'s middle name is Elizabeth. Could be that its Eugenia. Hope we can find a record somewhere that will tell us.

Thanks for the information about the Scroggins, Steve. With your data we can fill in a lot of blanks about Jennie's line.


At 09:14 AM 5/10/00 -0400, you wrote:


>The dates and other data line up well enough to be convincing. Wow! We do have some name discrepancies. Most of my info comes from my father's half-sister's husband (my uncle), Lester Schrader. His email is on my website.

> Lester's wife, my aunt, Bonnie Scroggins Schrader, is the daughter of Lon Jack Scroggins, granddaughter of Jennie Grisham Scroggins.

I have Jennie listed as Martha Eugenia Grisham (with an I) born about 1872 and died 1961----you have Jennie Elizabeth Gresham, born 1868 died 1961. Having Emily (Elizabeth) Farley as a mother and William as a father AND being from the same county AND marrying a Henry Scroggins seems TOO MUCH to be a coincidence. If you or Carol have her burial as Memorial Gardens in Jackson Gap, AL, then that would seal the deal that these are the same Jennie.

>I have her husband as H. Lon Scroggins, but I have correspondents (on the Tallapoosa forum) who list his name as Henry L. and "Len". Since my grandfather and my father share the name of "Lon", I imagine Alonzo is just a transcription error or someone's assumption that Lon was an abbreviated nickname. Jennie was the name she went by...I'm speculating here...perhaps she was listed on a census list as Jennie E. and someone assumed that E was for Elizabeth? Elizabeth was her mother's middle name. ???

>Check the Tallapoosa forrum (going back to March1999) to see postings from Paula Girouard <> <> and Dorcas Scroggins Saunders <> ><> Both have information about the Scroggins family.

>Thanks for the info. I'm not sure how we can reconcile the name differences. Perhaps the others I've copied on this mail can offer some insight.

>Do you have info on the Farley family or the ancestors of William C. Gresham/Grisham?

>Regards, Steve [ ]

Lynn, Steve,

I am sending some information regarding Jennie (Eugenia) Grisham,(Gresham) from a letter to Bonnie from her aunt in Sept 7, 1994. Bonnie had asked the same question of Grisham or Gresham and since Aunt Alma did not answer directly, she wrote Grisham. Following is from that letter:

I'm enclosing a separate sheet about Mamma's (Jennie) Mother and Father. (William and Emily Grisham) I went to the Cemetery in Dadeville, Ala, really it is a few miles out from Dadeville. The name of it is "Old Union Cemetery, There are very few people;we buried there, and then, my son, Paul Jr. and I went to the Court House in Dadeville to check the records to see that my memory was right.

(signed ) Aunt Alma (Alma Scroggins Hyde, Daughter of Jennie and H.L Scroggins)

separate page to Bonnie:

Your Grandmother's Mamma Maiden Name was Farley. She was Emily Eugenia Farley, she married William C. Grisham. She was born in 1839-died in 1890. William C. Grisham was born on Sept ?. It was not plain enough on the tombstone to tell the year. look like 1819. They did not have records at the courthouse that far back. Mamma was named Martha Eugenia. She didn't like the name Martha, and insisted on being called Jennie. She was known as Jennie all her adult life. Mamma died in 1961. She was 89. She and Papa were buried in Jackson's Gap. The name of the Cemetery is "Memorial Gardens". I get to visit their graves quite often as my sister and other relatives are buried there.

(end of page)

From Bonnie's cousin, Paul V. Scroggins Jr's Heritage Chart that he sent us, he has H. Lon Scroggins, 1869-1918 married Matha Eugenia (Jennie) Grisham 1872-1961.Per chart, her father was William Cooper Grisham, 1811-1875, married Emily Eugenia Farley, 1839-1880 (note: He has Emily Farley dying in 1880 and Aunt Alma has her listed as 1890)(Looks like a trip to Old Union Cemetery at Dadeville, Ala is in order to read her tombstone.)

I hope this will help answer some of the questions surrounding this area of Jennies Life.


Lester Schrader

Dear Steve,

I know this is late and may not be of much help, but the only info we have on Moda Scroggins is this:

Emily, Mary, Alma, Geraldine, Vance, Heflin, Moda, Jack, and Paul were all children of Henry Alonzo Scroggins and Jennie Elizabeth Gresham ( we have it spelled Gresham). Jennie was born feb 26 1872 died Jan 15, 1961 in Chambers Co, Al. She is the child of William C Gresham and Emily Elizabeth Farley. William is the child of Littleberry Gresham, Esq and Elizabeth Rhodes. Littleberry is the child of Edward Harris Gresham and Mary Unknown. Most of this came from Frane Thomas' book "Some Early Settlers of Tallapoosa County". We are cousins through the Greshams. Check our website to see if it might be of any help to you and get in touch with us if we can be of any help.

Becky Vessell, Crispin Vessell (

Family Historian

HGS Committee Member


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