Haralson Descendants

First Generation

ALEXANDER HARALSON (JOHN, PETER, PAUL) born 1752 in Halifax Co., VA, and died 12-Nov-1813 in Edgefield Co., S.C. He married MARY ANN MALONE January 25, 1783 in Halifax Co., VA, daughter of DRURY MALONE. She was born 1762 in Maryland/VA, and died March 1867 in Tallapoosa Co., AL. [Some descendants spelled it Harrelson.] [See family migration story provided by Barbara Taylor.]


i. NATHANIEL5 HARALSON, b. 1784; d. WFT Est. 1785-1874.

ii. SARAH ANN REBECCA HARALSON, b. 1785, Halifax Co., VA; d. 1865, Tallapoosa Co., AL; m. JEREMIAH BURNETT, JR., 1803; b. 1785, SC; d. 31-Oct-1864, Tallapoosa Co., AL.

iii. HARDIN HARALSON, b. 1786; d. WFT Est. 1787-1876.

iv. LUCINDA HARALSON, b. 1796, Edgefield Co., South Carolina; d. WFT Est. 1810-1890, Randolph, Georgia; m. JOHN FRAZIER, WFT Est. 1810-1843; b. WFT Est. 1779-1799; d. WFT Est. 1813-1885.

v. LULA HARALSON, b. 1798, Edgefield Co., South Carolina; d. WFT Est. 1812-1892, Tallapoosa CO AL; m. NATHAN B. HENDERSON, WFT Est. 1810-1841; b. 1789, SC; d. WFT Est. 1814-1880, Tallapoosa CO AL.

vi. JANE HARALSON, b. 1800, Edgefield Dist. S.C.; d. WFT Est. 1835-1895, Tallapoosa Cty, Alabama; m. JESSE HENDERSON, 1817, Abbeville, Co. S.C.; b. 1790, S.C.; d. WFT Est. 1834-1882, Tallapoosa Cty, Alabama.

vii. MARY ANNE HARALSON, b. 1802, Edgefield Co., South Carolina; d. December 1848, Tallapoosa CO AL bu Lebanon Cemetery Tallapoosa CO AL; m. (1) WILLIAM PURSELL; m. (2) ROLAND A. H. DUCK, WFT Est. 1819-1842; b. 1805, South Carolina; d. June 13, 1889, Tallapoosa CO AL bu Lebanon Cemetery Tallapoosa CO AL.

viii. TAPHENESE HARALSON, b. October 20, 1805, Edgefield Co., South Carolina; d. May 26, 1896, Tallapoosa Co., Alabama; m. JOHN MANNING LANGLEY, 1825; b. May 05, 1805; d. June 26, 1864.

ix. WILLIAM ALEXANDER HARALSON, b. December 29, 1811, Edgefield Co., South Carolina; d. May 10, 1865, Tallapoosa Co., Alabama; m. (1) MARY VINES BERRY, WFT Est. 1828-1855, South Carolina; b. WFT Est. 1807-1826; d. WFT Est. 1828-1911; m. (2) SARAH RUSH, 1835; b. September 08, 1809, South Carolina; d. March 16, 1851, Tallapoosa Co., Alabama.

 Source: Paula Girouard


Second Generation

1. Roland A H Duck b. 1805, d. 13-Jun-1889, and Mary Anne Haralson Pursell had the following children:

[See Duck page for more detailed info on Duck children]

i. ROBIN A WHITFIELD2 DUCK, b. 1830; d. TX; m. ELIZABETH "BETH" EDWARDS, December 10, 1848, Tallapoosa Co., AL; b. February 05, 1832, Heard Co., GA; d. January 04, 1926, Tallapoosa Co., AL. Served in Co.G, 34th AL

ii. MANNING L. DUCK, d. TX; m. MARY E. INGRAM, June 23, 1853, Tallapoosa Co., AL; d. AL. Served in Co.G, 34th AL

iii. WILLIAM MALICIAH DUCK, b. September 27, 1832, Edgefield District, SC; d. January 05, 1923; m. (1) SARAH CARTHLAGE, 1855, Tallapoosa Co., AL; m. (2) MARY JANE FULLER, September 29, 1869, Tallapoosa Co., AL. Listed on Co.A 1st AL muster roll.

iv. MARY ANN DUCK, b. 1843. [see speculation below - married ? Foster, married Alvin Henderson on 21-Dec-1893???]

v. SAVANAH MORGANA DUCK, b. 1847; d. Tallapoosa Co., AL in Lebanon Cemetery; m. SAMUEL LINDSEY; b. 1840.

vi. LUCINDA JANE DUCK, b. 1828, SC; d. Bef. 1862; m. ALVIN J. HENDERSON, November 16, 1848, Tallapoosa Co., AL; b. 1826, SC; d. March 07, 1914, Tallapoosa Co., AL. Source: Gale Fuller

[Alvin Henderson had four wives - speculation is that Mary Ann Foster who married AJ Henderson in 1893 was Mary Ann Duck, sister of Lucinda Jane Duck. Evidence for/against speculation: 1) Alvin J. Henderson married Mary Ann Foster, December 21, 1893,in Tallapoosa CO GA. Two members of the Duck family swore affidavits in her behalf for her Civil War Widow's Pension. A recent post {Tallapoosa board} reports that the marriage record clearly says that she was a Miss Foster. 2) Oral history from the Duck family says that Mary Ann Duck married Alvin J. Henderson. 3) Regarding Nancy Hamby, Alvin's third wife, a R.A.Duck was one of the bondsmen.] Roland AH Duck lived to 1889, or it could be his son Roland A Whitfield Duck.

[Mary Anne Haralson Pursell was a widow with several Pursell children when she married Roland Duck.]

MARY ANNE HARALSON, who married Roland Duck, was a sister to William Alexander Harrelson (1811-1865), who was the father of James Manning Harrelson, father of Lou Ella Harrelson who was the wife of Marion Jefferson Scroggins. William Alexander Harrelson also had a daughter Mary Ann, but she married William McCree.

Dot Scroggins Saunders is the daughter of the son of Lou Ella Harrelson and Marion Jefferson Scroggins. Information about Mary Anne Haralson is on page 130 of Danny Harrelson's book, Haralson-Harrelson: Family History and Lineage. Mary Ann Harrelson McCree was sister to James Manning Harrelson, who is buried at Rose Hill Cemetery in Tallassee. [Dot Saunders]


Third Generation

Alvin J. Henderson and Lucinda Jane Duck had the following children (four of five that I know of):

  1. Mary Ann Henderson - born 9-Aug-1849, married George T. Scroggins 21-Oct-1868, died 16-Jan-1913 Burial: Concord Cemetery (also listed as Mary Jane Henderson) Children listed on Scroggins page. According to the 1900 Tallapoosa CO AL Federal Census, enumerated 8 Jan 1900, George and Mary Jane Scroggins lived in the Eagle Creek area and had 12 children 7 living. The following children were enumerated with their parents, Mary E. b Aug 1882, Albert T. b Jun 1886 and Katie H. b Aug 1893. Sources: 1900 Census, Paula Girouard, Tap Roots Vol.24 #4, April 1987, Concord Cemetery. Daughter of Henry Lon Scroggins, grand-d of George T., cites Memorial Gardens, Jackson Gap, AL as the burial site for George T. and Mary J Scroggins. Speculation: perhaps the subjects were first buried at Concord and later moved to Memorial Gardens, Jackson Gap, leaving headstones in two locations.
  2. Leroy Whitfield Henderson - born ?, married Amy Elizabeth PLESS, daughter of James Monroe PLESS and Lucinda Jane BOON, died ?
    1. Their daughter, Maggie HENDERSON, married William Rufus "Jug" CAMPBELL (1883-1975) and had a son named Joe Stanley Campbell (whose daughter is Paula Campbell Girouard.).
    2. Joe W. Campbell (1887-1943), son of John Cabell Brecknridge CAMPBELL and Mary L. "Mollie" KNIGHT and brother of WR "Jug" CAMPBELL (above), married Freda TEMPLES (1900-1985) after his brief marriage to Moda SCROGGINS , daughter of Henry Lon SCROGGINS and Martha Eugenia "Jennie" Grisham (Gresham?).

iii. Martha Henderson

iv. Roland (Rowland) Jackson (Jack) Henderson - Married Essie Ann Pless, the daughter of James Monroe Pless and Lucinda Boon. [Henderson brothers married the Pless sisters] James Monroe PLESS Served in Co.G, 34th AL

Alvin had four wives, outliving them all.(Emmett Henderson) * Conflicts with data from Paula Girouard stating that Alvin's widow applied for a pension for his service in Co. G, 34th AL Regiment.

Source: Emmett Henderson

Haralson-Henderson Migration

Parks Langley, who started genealogy research in 1936 (so he told me) wrote about the immigration of Alexander Haralson and Richard Henderson families. He wrote that they were neighbors and close friends in Virginia. The two families left Virginia by wagon train. Nathaniel Henderson family moved to Greenville, NC. His brother John Henderson had moved to Orange Co, NC. In 1757, Nathaniel and wife sold 400 acres of land, moved to 96th District, SC. John Henderson had sons, Samuel, James and Richard. Samuel died in NC. James and Richard moved to 96th Dist, SC.

Alexander Haralson family moved to 96th Dist, SC. Richard Henderson moved near Alexander's home. Their children began to marry. Nathan married Lula, the dau of Alexander and Mary Anne (Malone) Haralson. Jesse married Jane Harslson and John Manning Langley married Tahpenese Haralson.

Jesse Henderson and John Manning Langley rode horseback to Tallapoosa County Alabama in 1837 and bought 160 acres of land each. In the spring of 1838 they moved to Alabama by wagon train. Alexander Haralson died in SC. His widow, Mary Anne (Malone) and other families moved to Alabama. Her 5 daughters and her son William Alexander Haralson lived within 10 miles of each other.

James and Richard Henderson moved to Wilkes County, Ga. Later Richard moved to Tallapoosa County. Mary Anne Malone Haralson died in 1867 at the age of 105 and is buried in the old Langley Family Cemetery in Tallapoosa County. My note: This is shortened just a little. The cemetery is about 10 miles from where I live. The families lived near this cemetery. [Barbara Taylor] <>

Alvin Henderson's four wives are as follows:

He married (1) LUCINDA JANE DUCK November 16, 1848 in Tallapoosa CO AL, daughter of ROLAND DUCK and MARY HARALSON. She was born 1828, and died Bef. 1862.

He married (2) TILETHA E. HAMBY April 06, 1862 in Tallapoosa CO AL, daughter of DAVID/DANIEL HAMBY and SERENA BELCHER. She was born 1840 in Georgia, and died WFT Est. 1852-1934.

He married (3) NANCY HAMBY September 18, 1878 in Tallapoosa CO AL.

He married (4) MARY ANN Foster December 21, 1893 in Tallapoosa CO AL.

In the 1900 Federal Census, he was living in Chambers CO AL with Mary Ann Foster Henderson. Mary Ann later applied for her Civil War Widows Pension as Alvin's widow. Speculation: Mary Ann Foster was Mary Ann Duck, Lucinda Jane's sister. I have no proof.

Source: Paula Girouard Board URL:


Henderson data courtesy of Paula Girouard and Emmett Henderson. Haralson data per P Girouard.

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