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 Read the other pages here (commentary, parodies) to learn how I think and what I think is funny. Life is too short to take everything too seriously--in fact, doing so will make your life shorter. Loving God, family and country, pursuing happiness, guarding one's freedoms and helping others are things I do and believe in...but, I know that God has a sense of humor and He doesn't mind if we enjoy ours.

For those who might be afraid they know me, I include the following biographical info. If you're confident that you don't know me, you might want to skip this boring stuff.

 I grew up in Warner Robins, Georgia (USA), attended Northside High School (see photo below), Macon Junior College (now Macon State College), Mercer University (BBA majored in Accounting), then I began my real Later, I completed my MBA degree from Georgia College (now Georgia College & State University ).

Learning is a lifelong process, so all the above only started me on the journey. Failing to keep up is moving backwards, especially in the technology business. That's one reason I steered my career away from management and into web development. For practice and community service, I'm the webmaster for several local non-profit organizations such as the Georgia State Fair , Exchange Club of Macon and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

I'm married to the former Wanda Phillips, another Northside grad from Warner Robins. I'm an NRA member, a Catholic and member of St. Joseph's Catholic Church, generally conservative (slightly right of Atilla the Hun) and somewhat libertarian (note the small "L", I'm not an anarchist). I strongly support a return to constitutional government, i.e., limited government.

The act of writing clarifies my thinking and I enjoy expressing my opinions. I occasionally write an opinion column for The Macon Telegraph (Macon, GA). Check out some of my columns on the Commentary page.

Reading, of course, is the fountain of knowledge and a favorite pastime. I like political commentary as well as fiction (Clancy, Koontz, Grisham, King, Crichton are a few favorites). I have several (unpublished) fiction projects of my own in progress. When not reading or writing, I enjoy outdoor activities and coach little league baseball. Read the other pages here to find out what else interests me.

Formerly an accountant, I'm now employed in the Information Technology (IT) field deploying web technology for a healthcare organization. Stephen King's "IT" was about a scary, evil entity who looked like a clown. Is there a connection?

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NHS77-Seniors.jpg (24809 bytes)

Above are the Northside High School football seniors (1976). Kneeling (l-r) are Tim Vartenesian, Jimmy Lindsey, Coach Conrad Nix, Randy Shuttlesworth, Keenan Parrish, Leslie Belknap, Steve Scroggins (#43). Standing (l-r) are Dale Petroski, David Causey, Herman Montford, Edward Maddox, Jay Fox, Roy Martin. 1976 was a bad year (7-3) following 10-0 in 1975. See See 1974-1976 Time Machine.

Below is the older, grayer me, the younger me and the much younger me without a shirt.

Steve Scroggins - December 1999Steve Scroggins - May 1987Steve and lovely wife, Wanda (Phillips), in 1978Steve Scroggins (obviously a budding 'deep thinker'!) - September 1959

Above is me in December 1999, me in May 1987, me with lovely wife (we weren't married then), Wanda, in 1978, and me contemplating quantum physics in September 1959.