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Musical Parodies by Paul Silhan - I recommend the Running On Empty CD.

The Clinton Connection - Lots of funny and/or pathetic Clinton stuff.

Skewpoint on the News - by Bob Hirshfeld, Cyber-satirist. Funny satire!

Local News Parodies Breaking Local News Beyond Any Recognition - Parodies on local/state news stories.

Hillary 2000 website

Favorite New Band Names Joke database, weird news, comics, funny stuff Some good stuff by category. -links to lots of funny/weird stuff, a "Comedy Megasite" - jokes, humor and cartoons

Moshe's Joke of the Day

CJ Burke's Clinton Joke of the Day

Humorous Images Page - These people are nuts! Warning: some images may be offensive; some are GROSS.

Bartender's Joke of the Day

The Onion - Satire. Warning: Some may find this offensive; nothing is sacred to these people.

 Clinton's Testimony as transcribed by Dr. Seuss

Star Trek humor

Dave Barry archive - I'm not making this up.

B.Elwin Sherman - Humorist. Check out the list of United Net Wits links! Funny columnists.

Mad Magazine

Political Humor

SLICK TIMES - Political Lampoon

The Dilbert Zone

Lawyer Jokes (Randy's Favorites collection)

You might be a Redneck if...

You might be a Redneck Jedi if...

Sniglets - words that aren't in the dictionary but should be.

Stupid Questions - This site claims to have the most complete list of those questions that illustrate the wonder of the English language, such as "Why do they call it quicksand when it sucks you down slowly?"

Richard Lederer's Verbivore Page - The web site woven for wordaholics, logolepts, and verbivores where we are reminded that "ours is the only language in which you drive in a parkway and park in a driveway and night falls but never breaks and day breaks but never falls."

 Fun with word replacement - go here to enter text or stories you want converted or corrupted using replacement words. It's a hoot!

Dialect Translation site - go here to translate this site or any other to the following dialects: Redneck, Jive, Cockney, Elmer Fudd, Swedish Chef, Moron, or Pig Latin. You supply the URL and dialect desired.


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Macon/Central Georgia

The Macon Telegraph - Daily Newspaper online

Exchange Club Of Macon - Community Service club

Cherry Blossom Festival - Annual event in March

Macon Convention & Visitors' Bureau - finally finished and well-done!

Georgia State Fair - Annual event 3rd week of October in Central City Park

Golf Tournament for Child Abuse Prevention - annual event in August

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Macon Area - Community page

St. Joseph's Catholic Church

St. Joseph's School - Catholic elementary school

St. Joseph's School Site #2

Mt. DeSales Academy - Catholic secondary school

Bibb County Schools

Area Churches

About Macon Links

Macon's Best Restaurants - ranked by fine chow connoisseurs

Robins Air Logistics Center - Largest single employer in the state

Warner Robins, Georgia

Byron, Georgia

The Museum of Arts & Sciences

Georgia Music Hall of Fame - The place to learn about Georgia music-makers

Macon Whoopee Hockey


AM940 WMAC - Talk Radio - Check out the morning show with Kenny B & Jami G!

Glossary of terms for the morning show on AM940 WMAC.

Scroggins Crosswired Local news - local/state news parodies. Updated daily.




Q-106 Rock-N-Roll

Macon Weather

Nu-Way Weiners - fine dining establishments in Macon and Warner Robins

Ryan Rosenberry's Home Page - a developing new home page

Sherri Rosenberry's Home Page - another development

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Frank's Case Book contains a collection of my essays along with those of Frank Monaldo and his various guest essayists.

Suite 101 - Something for everyone...many, many links and discussion areas.

Townhall Links - Lots of cool stuff; you'll want to bookmark this one.

The Reagan Information Interchange - Links to current news and commentary and other great stuff like selected Ronald Reagan speeches.

Institute For Justice - Defends individual rights but does so more consistently and logically than the ACLU.

Reason Magazine - Libertarian opinion and commentary.

The Heritage Foundation - Conservative think-tank. Good stuff.

The Cato Institute - More conservative/libertarian info. Well done.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute - public policy think-tank.

Thomas Legislative - The US Congress and legislation reference.

FlipFlop-The Clinton Consistency Page - 'Nuf said.

Georgia Republicans - Reference info on Georgia Republicans

Libertarian Party - info on libertarian principles. Quiz measures you as libertarian/moderate/socialist/fascist - Debunks the most common myths...

World Net Daily - A digest of news and commentary

NewsMax - another digest of news and commentary

Judicial Watch - Watchdog group focused on the corruption of the Clinton Administration.

Free Republic - Watchdog organization dedicated to the First Amendment concept of a free press observing government activity and reporting it to the People.

Skeleton Closets - these people share the DIRT on ALL the candidates. They claim to endorse no one, they only want to share the truth the media ignores.

Electronic Privacy Information Center - watchdog group monitoring Big Brother

Without ACLU - Wacky lawyers without a clue.

Washington Times - best newspaper in DC.

Intellectual Capital - good stuff --this kind of capital is hard to find.

Senator Paul Coverdell - Georgia's senior senator

Senator Max Cleland - Georgia's Democratic senator

The Truth - is in the eye of the beholder. Interesting stuff.

Project Vote Smart - scorecards for your representatives

The Economist

National Review

 The Right Side of the Web

 American Tort Reform Association - a favorite site for lawyers

US Term Limits - National group dedicated to the idea of government by the people.

U.S. Constitution || Amendments

National Rifle Association

Guns America

Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Second Amendment Foundation

Gun Owners of America

Geoff's Firearms & Freedom page || || Confederate Home Page || History Curriculum Project || Heritage Preservation Assoc. | GA Flag Facts | Confederate State Flag Facts


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Authorlink - Info for Writers & Authors

The Silent Plea of Every Heart - a collection of poetry by Marion Jones Scroggins

Quotes - lots of them.

Translations - from English to Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Hebrew, more

Internet Hoaxes - government site listing dozens of Internet hoaxes (viruses, taxes, schemes, etc.)

Mapquest - Interactive maps online.

Search for Sexual Offenders in Georgia - and other states

Zip2 - More maps

INVESTMENTS - Go to the TMICONM page for investment links

US Postal Service Zip+4 Code Lookup

Merriam-Websters dictionary & Word of The Day

Links on Writing Style -

Virtual Reference Desk

Microsoft's Car Buyer's Site Lots of places to search for stuff

Federalist Papers Search || U.S. Constitution || Amendments || Second Amendment database Search || Government Educational Links

Official Georgia Code Search

Bible Search

Catholic Links Page (St. Joseph's site)

Internet chain letters -

Internet hoaxes -

  Rhyming Dictionary - Enter a word in the space provided and hit "Submit." The computer will provide a list of rhyming words, each of which is linked to its definition and thesaurus entry.

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Weird Knowledge

 Japanese Name Translator - get your name translated into Japanese...then if you're really bold, sign your mortgage check with the Japanese version.

Maggot Therapy Project - don't miss the FAQ on Maggots

How to see Mir in Space - find out how to locate and see it.

Scroggins, Texas - my favorite little town in Texas


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Quotes - quotes & lyrics with a search engine.

Spanoudis' Quotations Home Page (almost 20,000 entries and growing!)

Quote of the Day - a good variety

Aphorisms Galore

Word Play - An impressive (OK, awesome) collection of Links to Word-oriented sites. Acronyms, dictionaries, games, quotes, cliches, lingo, jargon, oxymorons, puns, rhymes, rhetoric, and much more....a word-person's paradise.

Thomas Sowell Quotes - indexed by subject.

Extremist Quote Collection - various environmental wackos and other assorted alarmists

Marion Barry Quotes - this guy could only be elected in DC (I hope). See the Plagiarism Page for more goofy quotes.

Ronald Reagan speeches - selected speeches from

Ronald Reagan quotes - from

 Voltaire: "It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong."



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Kevin Graham's Hunting Page - check it out if you like hunting.

Georgia Outdoor News magazine - get updates, articles and more

Georgia Fish & Game Finder - reports on Georgia lakes & hunting

Georgia Power Lakes Info

Georgia Department of Natural Resources - Wildlife Division

Georgia Wildlife Federation


PETA - People Eating Tasty Animals - this is a GREAT site.

Yahoo! Hunting Page

Milo Hanson's Official World Record Whitetail Deer

World Wide Wilderness Directory

Geoff's Firearms page

E-Scape - Science fiction page.

Pete's Twilight Zone Page

Brain Candy - stuff to think about.

The Silent Plea of Every Heart - a collection of poetry by Marion Jones Scroggins

Stereograms - find the 3D images hidden in the 2D mosaics

Dan Johnston's Stereograms

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Web Stuff

Internet chain letters -

Internet hoaxes -

Free Web Art  4YEO

Tucows Software index - software ratings, prices, download info & more

Looney Tunes Home Page

Screen Savers - download

Humerous Images Page - brought to you by real nuts. Warning: this site has some GROSS stuff.

Matt's Script Archive - see below

3D Images - this site really bugs me.

Most all the graphics and animations on these pages comes from the above sites.

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{Lyrics & Music}

This is not necessarily a reflection of my favorite music (my tastes are varied), it's stuff I found while looking for something else. I'm a word person so I started collecting lyrics. Lot's of stuff for those who like lyrics, poetry and romantic stuff.

George Strait

Mariah Carey


Lynyrd Skynyrd


Lionel Richie

The Beatles

The Beatles

The Internet Beatles Album

Beatles Memorbilia

Various Artists Lyrics

Lyrics World

Celine Dion

The Marvelettes


John Cougar Mellencamp

Rod Stewart



Ultimate Band List

Marshall Tucker Band

The Carpenters

MIDI/Lyrics A-Z

Christmas carol lyrics


Bad Company

Bob Seger

Charlie Daniels

Molly Hatchet

Stevie Wonder

Wet Willie


Allman Brothers

Huey Lewis & The News

Gloria Estefan

Atlanta Rhythm Section

Paul McCartney

Paul Davis

Savage Garden

John Lennon

Little River Band

Southern Rock

Dan Seals

The Doobie Brothers


Manfred Mann

Manfred Mann

The Doors

The Doors/Rock and Roll Hall Page

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones

The Cars

The Supremes

Carole King

Billy Joel


Grand Funk Railroad

Jethro Tull


More Skynyrd

Tom Petty & Heartbreakers

David Bowie

B J Thomas

Jay & The Americans

Ozark Mountain Daredevils

Lyrics Search Engine

The Lyrics Library

 Musical parodies by Silhan

New Band Names

The Monkees

The Tams

Four Tops

Lovin' Spoonful

Otis Redding

The Swingin' Medallions

Beach Boys



Gary Lewis

Rod Stewart

Aretha Franklin

Little Richard

Sam The Sham



James Brown




Four Seasons


Gladys Knight & the Pips

Sly & The Family Stone

Martha & The Vandellas


Misheard Lyrics

More coming...

50s-60s-70s Jukebox

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