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The intent of this page is to provide an extensive list of examples of propaganda and disparaging characterizations of southerners, both subtle and flagrant.  This propaganda takes many forms including newspapers, essays, history books, biographies, films, Internet websites and much more.  Research is not yet complete and the list of examples is massive.  Until readied for partial publication here, please review these columns by syndicated columnists Thomas Sowell, Joseph Sobran, Leonard Pitts and others.  The Leonard Pitts column (the "Ignorance" link below) is a perfect illustration of the "brainwashing" that has taken place since the failed war.  Pitts follows the formula that's been handed down over the decades.

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There are thousands of Internet sites presenting the cause for Southern Independence as honorable and there are thousands of website claiming that the war was merely to preserve slavery.  In every case that I've observed, those who assail the Confederate cause follow a formula.  They will invariably invoke Nazi symbolism or just flat out equate the Confederate Cause with the Nazi cause.  Invariably, they will use the words hatred, racism, or white supremacy.  Invariably, there will be mention of the KKK, the mixture of modern images with historical events.  Compare their sources.  Review the cited sources to determine the veracity of their "facts."  Observe their methods (emotion vs. logic), discipline of presentation and language.  Note the shrill tone, the self-righteous indignation.  I believe this comparison of websites alone will persuade the reader that something is "not right" with the "destroy the Confederate memory" movement.  In the near future, this website will present an unassailable list of flagrant and subtle propaganda examples.  Stay tuned...

"The sword is mighty, but principles laugh at swords.  Overwhelming force may crush truth to earth but, crushed or not the truth is still the truth."  --John S. Tilley,The Coming of the Glory

John Griffin, historian and Southern Patriot, summarized the war and its aftermath in this way...

There came a time in history for another band of brothers to stand tall against tyranny in what was mistakenly called the American Civil War. It was NOT a civil war, and its sole issue was not slavery. It was a War Between States.  It was a War for Southern Independence.  Economics, power, politics, greed and domination of the Northern interests over the Southern culture and heritage were the true driving forces behind this conflict.

The Confederate States formed its own nation and it was INVADED by the North.  The war, started by the Northern aggression was a call, as in the First War for Independence, for men to defend their rights and the Constitution.  Both the Southerners rights and the US Constitution were being violated by Northern Federal interests. After four long years of struggle, suffering and sacrifice the Confederate States of America fell. You may have read many accounts of this war in your history books written by victors. Truth is listed as the first casualty of war.  If you would like to learn some facts about the CSA, Southern Patriots, and other brave Southern people, I invite you to do some research and review the Southern perspective.

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What does all this mean?  A summary, conclusions and call to action follow in the next sections.

The links below will lead the reader to a reasonably comprehensive understanding of the Confederate Cause.

  1. Propaganda against southern heritage and symbols
  2. What does the Confederate flag represent?
  3. Conclusions

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