Irish Mercantile Marine Deaths 1940 - 1945

City of Limerick
City of Waterford
Irish Pine
Kerry Head
Naomh Garbhan
St. Fintan
Other Ships

Irish Pine (sunk 15 November 1942)
The Irish Pine was enroute to Tampa, Florida to load a cargo of phosphates bound for Dublin. She was scheduled to stop at Boston for dry-docking. She was sunk in just three minutes after being struck by a torpedo at 0:14am..
Surname Firstname (rank) Address
Bent P. (Carpenter) Swan View, Faythe, Wexford
Cashin K. Charles (O.S.) Hardwick Street, Dublin
Clery Patrick (Fourth engineer) St. John's Road, Wexford
Connolly W. (Third mate) Lower O'Connell Street, Kinsale
Conway J. (A.B.) Leyland Place, Dublin
Crichton Robert L. (Wireless officer) Leith, Scotland
Cowzer Fred. (A.B.) Boyne Street, Dublin
Cusack Michael (Third engineer) St. Ann's Glenview Avenue, Limerick (formerly of Cork)
Cusack Thomas (Chief steward) 105 Evergreen Road, Cork
Daly Thomas (W.T.O.) Niall Street, Dublin
Donagh Eamon (O.S.) Grattan Terrace, Galway
Dooly M. (Greaser) Windmill Street, Limerick
Duffy Joseph (Cook) Haroldville Avenue, Dublin
Fanning P. (A.B.) Barrack Cottages, Clogherhead, Co. Louth
Flynn M. (A.B.) Mount Kenneth Cottages, Limerick
Hartnett A. (Second mate) Lower Road, Cork (formerly of Youghal)
McCarthy John (Greaser) Bandon Road, Kinsale
Murphy Frank (Fireman) Carroll's Row, Limerick
Nolan John (Donkey-man) Marino Green, Dublin
O'Brien G. A. (Chief engineer) Westbeach, Cobh, Co. Cork
O'Callaghan Michael (Assistant steward) St. Patrick's Quay, Cork
O'Connell James (Second engineer) Parnell Place, Cork
O'Connor J. (First mate) Oxmanstown Road, Dublin
O'Donoghue Thomas (Cabin boy) Newbridge Drive, Sandymount, Dublin
O'Neill M. (Master) Maudlinstown, Wexford
Ryan Sean (Fireman) Charlotte Quay, Limerick
Sheehan P. (A.B.) James Street, Dublin
Smith S. (Bosun) Wellington Place, Wexford
Talbot R. (A.B.) 35 Lr. Block Penrose House, Dublin
Tobin A. (A.B.) Broad Lane, Limerick
Tracy Francis (Fireman) Mount Kenneth Cottages, Limerick
Ward H. (Greaser) Eblana Villas, Grand Canal Street, Dublin
Young H. (Assistant cook) Bowbrien Road, Limerick

Kerry Head (sunk 22 October 1940)
The Kerry Head was a collier based in Limerick. She was bombed and sunk near Cape Clear island.
Surname Firstname Address
Begley T. Limerick
Byrne D. Wicklow
Davidson W. Carrickfergus
Drummond C. Blackpool
McMahon M. Scattery Island
McMahon S. Co. Clare
Naughton George Windmill Street, Limerick
Naughton James Windmill Street, Limerick
Nicholl G. Carrickfergus
O'Neill P. Limerick
Tobin J. Limerick
Wilson J. Carrickfergus

Kyleclare (sunk 23 February 1943)
Kyleclare of the Limerick Steamship Company had carried coal from Wales to Lisbon. On her return journey she was sunk by a torpedo attack from U-456.
Surname Firstname (Rank) Address
Barry E. Wexford
Brannock P. Dublin
Brady T. Galway
DeBurca D. Dublin
Grimes R. Dublin
Hamilton Alan (Captain) Galway
Hopkins P. Dublin
Larkin J. Dublin
Lynch T. Clogherhead, Co. Louth
Morgan J. Dublin
Mooney D. Dublin
O'Brian L. Dublin
O'Brian R. Dublin
O'Brian D. Dublin
O'Neill P. Dublin
Ryan T. Rush, Co. Dublin
Simms W. Kildare
Todd U. New Ross

Leukos (sunk 9 March 1940)
Leukos was a steam trawler owned by the Dublin Trawling Company. She was sunk by gunfire from U-38 while fishing off Tory Island.
Surname Firstname Address
Cullen M. Ringsend, Dublin
Donnelly W. Fleetwood, England
Gill T. Dublin
Hawkins J. Ringsend, Dublin
McCarthy P. Dublin
McLeod T. Fleetwood, England
Mulligan T. Dublin
O'Scanlan P. Cleethorpes, England
Smith B. Dublin
Sumher R. Dublin
Thomasson J. Fleetwood, England

Naomh Garbhan (sunk 2 May 1945)
Naomh Garbhan was an inshore fishing vessel from Helvick Head. She sank when a mine became entangled in her nets near Dungarvan.
Surname Firstname Address
Cuddihy N. Helvick, Co. Waterford
Griffin J. (senior) Helvick, Co. Waterford
Griffin J. (Junior) Helvick, Co. Waterford

St. Fintan (sunk 22 March 1941)
The St. Fintan was attacked by two German bombers at 4pm when off the Pembrokeshire coast. She was enroute from Drogheda to Cardiff to take on a cargo of coal.
Surname Firstname (Rank) Address
Fritzen C. Dublin
Hendy Neil (Captain) Scotland
Howat James (Chief Engineer) Paisley, Scotland
Jones J. Dublin
Leonard M. Rush, Co. Dublin
O'Beirne D. Dublin
O'Brien W. Dublin
O'Donnell M. Ringsend, Dublin
Plunkett B. Dublin

Other Ships Lost
The ships listed below were also lost at sea, but without fatalities.
Ship Date Captain Description
Munster 2 February 1940 J. Paisley B+I passenger ferry mined and sunk in Liverpool Bay. All 200 passengers and 50 crew were rescued.
Meath 16 August 1940 Thomas MacFarlane B+I livestock carrier with 700 cattle on board  mined and sunk in the Irish Sea. 20 crew and 8 drovers rescued, all cattle lost.
Luimneach 4 September 1940 Eric Jones Cargo vessel carrying iron pyrite. Sunk by submarine gunfire, North Atlantic
City of Bremen 2 June 1942 George Bryan Bombed and sunk in North Atlantic
Irish Oak 15 May 1943 Eric Jones Struck by a torpedo and sunk in North Atlantic
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