Volunteers of 1916

Following news of the Easter Rising in Dublin many of the Cork Volunteers prepared for the expected call-up notice. The order never arrived and on April 30th came the news that the rising had been quelled. Members of the Volunteers were in danger of immediate arrest and imprisonment. Perhaps the most significant event in Cork unfolded at Bawnard House, Castlelyons. Here the R.I.C. attempted to arrest the Kent brothers. They refused to surrender and offered a strong defence. This resulted in the death of Constable W.C. Rowe. Following the arrival of the military they were forced to surrender. David and Richard, both wounded, were removed to Fermoy military hospital where Richard died. Thomas and William were charged with murder. William was acquitted but Thomas was sentenced to death and was executed on May 9th. His last request was that no Irishman would be asked to shoot him, so the firing squad was made up of members of the Scottish Borderers. Having recovered from his wounds David was court-martialled in Richmond Barracks, Dublin and sentenced to death. The sentence was commuted to penal servitude for life. 

Below is a list of members of the Irish Volunteers who were on active service in Cork city during Easter week 1916. 

Surname Firstname Company Rank
MacCurtain Tomas Officers Brigade O/C
MacSwiney Terence Officers Brigade Vice O/C
O'Sullivan Seán Officers City Battalion O/C
Murphy Seán Officers Vice Battalion O/C and Quarter-Master
De Barra Daithi Officers Battalion Adjutant
Scanlan Seán A Captain
Corkery Paddy A 1st Lieutenant
Hurley Seán A 2nd Lieutenant
Varian Harry A Quater Master
Ahearn Andy A Volunteer
Barry Patrick A Volunteer
Creed Jerry A Volunteer
Crowley Paddy A Volunteer
Dorgan Leo A Volunteer
Gall George A Volunteer
Hinchion John A Volunteer
Irwin William A Volunteer
Murphy Neilus A Volunteer
McMahon Frank A Volunteer
O'Riordan Thomas A Volunteer
Sheehy D A Volunteer
Varian Patrick A Volunteer
Barrett Joesph A Volunteer
Canton Patrick A Volunteer
Cronin Donal A Volunteer
Deady Peter A Volunteer
Driscoll Jerry Volunteer
Guess James A Volunteer
Horan William A Volunteer
Long Jack A Volunteer
Murphy Dick A Volunteer
McSweeney Patrick A Volunteer
Richardson Joe A Volunteer
Sullivan Dave A Volunteer
Barry Michael A Volunteer
Coughlan Denis A Volunteer
Crowley Michael A Volunteer
Donavan Diarmud A Volunteer
Ellard Seán A Volunteer
Hanlon Daniel A Volunteer
Hurley Jerome A Volunteer
Murphy Con A Volunteer
McGillicuddy Tom  A Volunteer
Nolan Seán Volunteer
Russell Liam A Volunteer
Sullivan Tadhg A Volunteer
Barrett Donal B Captain
Trahey Patrick B 1st Lieutenant
O Callaghan Donal óg B 2nd Lieutenant
Harris Patrick B Adjutant
Murphy Con B Quarter-Master
Ahearn James B Volunteer
Canny Leo Volunteer
Donovan Jeremiah B Volunteer
Harris Thomas B Volunteer
Lyons Denis  B Volunteer
Murphy Michael B Volunteer
Murphy Tadhg B Volunteer
Neville Denis B Volunteer
O Donoghue Edward B Volunteer
Phillips William B Volunteer
Swanton John B Volunteer
Brown John B Volunteer
Coveney D B Volunteer
Fitzgibbon William B Volunteer
Hastings James B Volunteer
Murphy Christopher B Volunteer
Ban Murphy Seán B Volunteer 
McCarthy Francis B Volunteer
Noonan Michael B Volunteer
O Donoghue Patrick B Volunteer
Power William B Volunteer
Walsh James Volunteer
Canty Cornelius B Volunteer
Creagh Thomas B Volunteer
Flaherty James B Volunteer
Keyes Richard B Volunteer
Murphy Denis B Volunteer
Murphy Seamus B Volunteer
McSweeney Daniel B Volunteer
O Cuill Micheal B Volunteer
O Sullivan Toddy B Volunteer
Reynolds Joseph B Volunteer
Cotter Patrick C Captain
Barry William C 1st Lieutenant
Langford Riobard C 2nd Lieutenant
Wickham Mark C Adjutant
Healy Paddy C Quarter-Master
Barry Edmond C Volunteer
Cronin P.J. C Volunteer
Crowley Dan C Volunteer
Curran Seán C Volunteer
Gaggin Thomas C Volunteer
McGrath Jack C Volunteer
O Mahoney James C Volunteer
Prendergast Seán C Volunteer
O Shea Gus C Volunteer
Wakefield Matt C Volunteer
Wickham Michael C Volunteer
Barry James C Volunteer
Cross Seán C Volunteer
Crowley Seán C Volunteer
Donovan Dan C Volunteer
Ivers Seán C Volunteer
Manning Mick C Volunteer
O Neill Denis C Volunteer
O Reilly  Liam C Volunteer
Sullivan Joe C Volunteer
Walsh Tom C Volunteer
Barry Tom C Volunteer
Crowley Michael C Volunteer
Crofts Tom C Volunteer
Duggan Dan C Volunteer
McCarthy John C Volunteer
Mooney Harry C Volunteer
O Neill James C Volunteer
Ryan Edward C Volunteer
Twomey Edward C Volunteer
White Arthur C Volunteer
O Gorman Christopher D Captain
Collins Cornelius D 1st Lieutenant
Murray Fred D 2nd Lieutenant
Rabbett Liam D Adjutant
Baldwin Tom D Volunteer
Cotter Daithi D Volunteer
de Roiste Liam D Volunteer
Furlong Walter D Volunteer
Hegarty Tadhg D Volunteer
Kenny Seán D Volunteer
McNeilus Donnnacha D Volunteer
Mulcahy Daniel D Volunteer
Murphy Jack D Volunteer
O Callaghan Con D Volunteer
O Donoghue Thomas D Volunteer
O Shea Jack D Volunteer
O Sullivan Paddy D Volunteer
Twohig Tom D Volunteer
Barry Tadhg D Volunteer
Coughlan Tom D Volunteer
Donovan Martin D Volunteer
Hartnett Jeremiah D Volunteer
Higgins Pat D Volunteer
Keyes Jack D Volunteer
McSweeney Christopher D Volunteer
Mullane Jerome D Volunteer
Murphy Thomas D Volunteer
O Callaghan Eugene D Volunteer
O Leary Tadhg D Volunteer
O Sullivan Daithi D Volunteer
Sheehan John D Volunteer
Twomey Con D Volunteer
Carroll Richard D Volunteer
Cronin Michael D Volunteer
Foley Daniel D Volunteer
Healy Dan D Volunteer
Hogan Peter D Volunteer
Lorton Harry D Volunteer
McSweeney Stephen D Volunteer
Murphy Andy D Volunteer
Murray Pa D Volunteer
O Connell Con D Volunteer
O Riordan Sean D Volunteer
O Sullivan Dominick D Volunteer
Sullivan Daniel D Volunteer
Busby Allen Fianna Eireann Volunteer
Courtney Seamus Fianna Eireann Volunteer
Galvin Daniel Fianna Eireann Volunteer
Herlihy Patrick Fianna Eireann Volunteer
Mulroy Daniel Fianna Eireann Volunteer
Walsh Christopher Fianna Eireann Volunteer
Murphy Patrick Fianna Eireann Volunteer
Vaughan Eugene Fianna Eireann Volunteer
Busby Jerome Fianna Eireann Volunteer
Delea Michael Fianna Eireann Volunteer
Galvin Edward Fianna Eireann Volunteer
Hennessy Liam Fianna Eireann Volunteer
Murray William Fianna Eireann Volunteer
McSweeney Daniel Fianna Eireann Volunteer
O Callaghan Jerry Fianna Eireann Volunteer
Walsh Augustine Fianna Eireann Volunteer
Cotter Patrick Fianna Eireann Volunteer
Gaggin Patrick Fianna Eireann Volunteer
Healy Seán Fianna Eireann Volunteer
Horan Patrick Fianna Eireann Volunteer
Reardon Daniel Fianna Eireann Volunteer
Moynihan Sidney Fianna Eireann Volunteer
O Callaghan Liam Fianna Eireann Volunteer
Wickham James Fianna Eireann Volunteer


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