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If You Will Worship

II Chronicles 20

If you will worship
W.L. If you'll lift up holy hands
If you will worship
W.L. Praise to the Great I Am
If you will worship
W.L. In His glorious light
Then the armies of heaven will FIGHT!

Verse 1
King Jehoshaphat gathered the families
And stood before the Lord
God said "do not be afraid of your enemies
For the battle is not yours"

While King Jehoshaphat prepared for battle
The Lord told him just what to do
He said "Go out to face them tomorrow
And the Lord will be with you"


Verse 2
The king bowed with his face to the ground
In worship before the Lord
He said have faith in God and you will be upheld
You'll be victorious in this war

Jehoshaphat appointed men to sing to the Lord
And praise Him for His holiness
As songs of praise were lifted up the enemies were killed
Then God gave the king's people rest

Worship the Lord in times of trouble
Worship in the mist of the storm
Worship the Lord in the battle
Then heavenly warriors can war!


by Dana Lumley
2002 Dana Lumley. All rights reserved

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2003 Dana Lumley