Jimmy's Trip to The Park

One day Jimmy and his brothers and sister were just setting there as usual waiting for their mother to get back with some lunch. Jimmy said "slide over Lisa, it's too crowded in here. Just then a brother yelled, "Quit moving around…you're shaking me". Jimmy said, "I don't care what my mother said, I'm old enough to get out of this nest and fly". So he jumped up on the side of the nest, flapped his wings a few times and said "that nest is for the birds, I'm going to fly"…and with that he flapped, jumped, flapped, fell, flapped, and made a very hard landing in the grass.

Jimmy had never seen that yellow brick house, those little yellow daffodills, that tall Magnolia tree or even that big old oak tree from this level. Everything seemed so huge from here. Then, across the street and walking this way was the neighborhood cat. Jimmy chirped and chirped for his mother, but she was out hunting lunch. That cat knew the little Blue Bird couldn't fly and started toward him. Jimmy knew he couldn't get away and was very frightened. Then the door to the yellow brick house opened and out came a human. She ran toward Jimmy. Jimmy panicked and thought "not only is the cat after me, but the human is too". The human came trampling toward him, and just before the human got to him he heard "get out of here cat". The cat turned and took off running home. The human turned around, and then came back with a box. A human had never touched Jimmy, but he was gently picked up and placed in the box. The human talked very sweetly to him, rubbed his head, and assured him that he was going to be okay.

Jimmy had never even been out of his oak tree before, but now he was riding down the road looking at more trees than he'd ever seen before. He even got to go to a state park. This would have been a perfect place to fly around after he learned how, but for now Jimmy was already missing his mother. The human told the park ranger that she found the bird at home and wanted to do what was best for it. The ranger said that they often leave the nest before they can fly, and if she'd take the bird back to where she got him, the mother would see that he was protected. So off Jimmy went for another ride past forests, houses, parks, and plenty of other birds. The caring human gently took Jimmy from his box and placed him behind some bushes. He recognized the yellow brick house, the yellow daffodills, the tall Magnolia tree and his old oak tree. Just as the human went inside the house he heard his mother saying, "Jimmy, although you disobeyed me, I'll be here to protect you and help you learn to fly". With his mother's help, Jimmy gained strength and confidence and was flying the next day. Even until this day Jimmy knows that his mother is there for him no matter what.

by Dana Lumley

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© 2003 Dana Lumley