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He'll Deliver Me
(Job's Song)

When I'm down and feeling low
If I put my trust in God He'll deliver me
I know He's on the thrown and I know He's true and just
And I know that to question Him I'm not worthy

Well if my house falls and if my family's gone
If I loose all that I own I'll still trust in Him
For who am I to question God's sovereign plan
For the Lord will be praised until the end

Well friends can leave me; they can slander my name
They can point, scoff, accuse and question my faith
But in the end God will prevail, He'll heal and reward
And with Him who needs any other name

Lord I'll praise You when I'm lacking; I'll praise You with disease.
I'll praise You in my loneliness, and I'll praise You on my knees
I will praise the God of heaven for I know He'll do what's right
No matter what this life may bring I'll praise Him with all of my might

by Dana Lumley
2002 Dana Lumley. All rights reserved

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2003 Dana Lumley