3D Text (2)
Go to Select>Load Selection select the 3d copy transparency and click ok.
D key 3 times on your keyboard to change the foreground color to black and background to white.

Edit>Fill:      (use the following options)

Use: Foreground Color
Opacity: 100%
Normal        (Then click OK)

You will find that your image will be darker.
Go to Edit>Free Transform (or press CTRL+T),
Now click and hold the top middle small square and drag it to the middle of the word:
Right click on the top middle small square and select Skew, then drag the top tight square to the right a little bit.
Select>Deselect, then go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur, enter Radius: 6 pixels.

Finally drag the "3D copy" layer (shadows) to the middle of all layers.
Another Example