Love Heart (2)
After adjusting the levels, you have this:
Now click on the RGB channels and go back to the background layer.
Create a new layer, go to Select>Load Selection. Select the Alpha 1 channel.
Then click OK.
Use the paintbucket tool and use Red color to fill the selection with red.
Then Select>Deselect.
Now go to Layer>Effects>Inner Shadow. Follow the options:
What we need to do now is to add the glossiness.
Create a new channel, called "Alpha 2".

Select>Load Selection, select the Alpha 1 for channels.
Now move the selection 5 pixels to right and 5 pixels to bottom.
Fill the selection with white now.

Now hold down
CTRL and click on the Alpha 2 channel.
Move the selection to the right 5 pixels and bottom 5 pixels again.
Then press the Delete key.
Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur.
enter 6.0 for Radius. [!!! if the image is too blur, enter 4 or 5 !!!!]

Then go to
Input Levels: 89        1.00             115
if you can see anything, try to move the three small arrows down there.
do not move the middle arrow, just the left and right.

Click OK after finished.

Now click on RGB channels and go back to the "Layer 1"
Select>Load Selection
choose '"Alpha 2" for channels, click
Create a new layer and Use White Foreground:
Then Edit>Fill, follow the options:

Foreground color

Then click OK
change the opacity to 50%