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Welcome to David Atwell's alternative history page;
the home of the Human Time Line saga.

To define this website as simply alternative history
would no longer serve the work done herein full justice.
Although originally this website was exactly that, like all
things living, it has changed & evolved over time.

This website, today, has become a realm of future history &
science fiction. Nonetheless, you'll still find some of those
what ifs that could have happened & some what ifs
that are just fun to play with!

Tomorrow, however, this website will once again evolve
into a different place - a future history of our planet, life,
our solar system & the ramifications for our Galaxy.

(26 August 2002) In a change of direction, for a little while, we're going back to basics - back to some good old fashioned alternative history, where there are no space ships, no aliens & no UFP! In Alternative Histories of the First Age you will find two histories: The Crises of 1914 and The Beginnings of World War 1. (18 August 2002) The Short Ascension of Europa just keeps on keeping on! Chapter 3: Transformation is now online for you reading pleasure.

(12 August 2002) Now that The Short Ascension of Europa is moving ahead at full steam, Chapter 2: Life Under An Ice Sky is now online. Thanks to those who have signed the guestbook lately (but haven't left their email address). I hope you all enjoy the new series...

(7 August 2002) I'm a fibber! I know I said that the next series was some time off, but unlike previously, it is more or less writing itself. The result is that Chapter 1: The Dawn of The Short Ascension of Europa is now online. Enjoy!

(29 July 2002) As a teaser to the next series, which I'll stress is some time off, three prologues have been put online for each of the respective forthcoming "histories" - The Short Ascension of Europa, Last Stand At Titan & Genesis Revisited. I hope they give you a basic idea of the next installments ...

News Archive

Links to timelines

Alternative Histories of the First Age

The Crises of 1914
The Beginnings of World War 1

The Human Series Time Lines

Second Age

Dawn of the Second Age of Mankind (1945-2000)
End of History: The Future Begins (2001-2050)
The Golden Age (2051-2100)
The Shinning Aberration(2101-2150)
The Light Upon the Hill (2201-2250)
The Twilight Years (2251-2300)

Human Time Line Glossary (1945-2300)
Presidential, General-Secretaries & Secretary-Generals List
The Space Pirates - The History CESA(1945-1983)
UFP Ship Class Designs

Map of the United Federation of Planets (2152)
Selected Works of Bock B'laree 2083
Selected Works of Dishen V'ah'Pack 2093

Australian Time Lines

Missiles, Spys, and Plutonium Piles(Australia & the Bomb 1945-1992)
The Australian War of Independence (1975-76)
Northern Australia Regiment (Indonesian-Aust War 1980-81)

Fourth Age

Birthpains (2950-3000)
Lords Of Time & Space (3001-3050)
Ancients & Children (3051-3100)
Trials & Tribulations (3101-3150)
End Of Certainty (3151-3200)
Epilouge (1 000 000AD)

Map of the United Federation of Planets (3006)
Fourth Age Glossary (2950-3200)
Fourth Age Ship Designs
The United Defence Forces of the UFP
The Governmental Structure of the UFP

The Cathartic Age

The Rapture (999,808-999,850)
The Darkness Approaches (999,851-999,900)
The War To End All Wars (999,901-999,950)
War & Peace (999,951-1,000,000)
A New Heaven & A New Earth (1,000,001-1,000,045)


Map of the Federal Galactic Commonwealth of Planets (not to scale)

Histories of Other Human Species

The Renascent Epoch of Mankind

Chapter 1 Godhood & other miscellaneous things
Chapter 2 Operation Archangel
Chapter 3 And then there was light
Chapter 4 Angels & Devils
Chapter 5 Here Be Dragons
Chapter 6 The Ascent of Man
Chapter 7 Judgement

The Rise & Rise of Homo Luminous

Chapter 1 In The Beginning
Chapter 2 From Sailing Ships To Space Ships
Chapter 3 A Child Among Adults
Chapter 4 Equality For All
Chapter 5 Custodians Of Light

Human Evolutionary Table 1

A History of the Homo Intelligens People

Chapter 1 Genesis
Chapter 2 Kindergarten Earth
Chapter 3 Out of the Cradle
Chapter 4 The Younger Sibling
Chapter 5 Coming of Age
Chapter 6 First Among Equals

Human Evolutionary Table 2
List of Sentient Beings of Earth Origin from the year zero until 5 billion AD
Three Species of Humans

The Post-Glorious Era

The Short Ascension of Europa

Chapter 1: The Dawn
Chapter 2: Life Under An Ice Sky
Chapter 3: Transformation
Chapter 4: To The Stars
Chapter 5: Nomads

Last Stand At Titan

Chatper 1: Life in Uncertain Places
Chapter 2: Peaking Through a Methane Haze
Chapter 3: I Love The Smell of Methane in the Morning
Chapter 4: Day of the Titans
Chapter 5: Forever Red Sunset

Genesis Revisited

Chatper 1: Resurrection
Chapter 2: Welcome to the New World
Chapter 3: Here Be Humans
Chapter 4: Hope Eternal
Chapter 5: Bringing Light Unto Darkness
Chapter 6: What Is Old Is New Again

HTL Theme Music

HTL Theme - Jupiter by Holst (MP3 1.48mb)

HTL Alternate Theme - Mars by Holst (MP3 3.46mb)


Defenders of the Universe

Links to other sites on the Web

Australian Studies Homepage (non-fiction)
Stephen's Alternative History Site
Doug's Alternate History Site
The Soul Giver
B5 Spoiler Junkies Page by Becky Murphy
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