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(15 July 2005) The final installment of Last Stand on Titan has arrived! Chapter 5: Forever Red Sunset
finishes off our little story. Genesis Revisited will one day arrive (sooner or later)...

(17 June 2005) The second last chapter to Last Stand on Titan, Chapter 4: Day Of The Titans is now online!

(10 June 2005) Chapter 3: I Love The Smell of Methane in the Morning of Last Stand on Titan is here!

(3 June 2005) More good news as Chapter 2: Peering Through A Methane Haze of Last Stand on Titan is now online!

(30 May 2005) Well it's been a while since an update, so it better be good news! Indeed it is. The first chapter, to the long waited Last Stand At Titan, Chapter 1: Life in Uncertain Places is now online. Enjoy!

(2 December 2004) We have another Australian AH today. An Obituary for President Edward ďNedĒ Kelly sees a very different Ned Kelly.

(4 November 2004) There are two new Australian AHs online. The first is a sequel to Gallipoli - The Allies Strike Back 1916. The second sees dark times for the Australia-American Alliance in The TV Advertising War 1992.

(8 September 2004) There are two new alternative histories online. The first is Gallipoli 1915 which is about a successful ANZAC landing leading to the defeat of Turkey. The second is Hell On Earth &, as the name suggests, is about World War Three conducted in 1973.

(26 August 2004) The technical difficulties at Changing The Times has been fixed. All links should work now. Enjoy!

(25 August 2004) Changing The Times is currently having technical problems so several of my Alternative History of the First Age (in other words general AH) articles are offline. We'll fix this technical problem as soon as we can. Cheers!

(20 August 2004) The end has come. Find out the fate of Humanity in Four Horsemen .

(19 August 2004) In Part Three of Four Horsemen the Beast arrives on Earth to begin the Apocalypse.

(18 August 2004) Part Two of the Finale to Four Horsemen has arrived.

(17 August 2004) It's the beginning of the end in the Four Horsemen as Part One of the Finale is now online

(16 August 2004) Earth is soon under threat in Chapter Four of Four Horsemen

(15 August 2004) Chapter 3 of Four Horsemen has arrived.

(14 August 2004) More good news! Chapter Two of Four Horsemen has arrived!

(13 August 2004) Good news for Humans & Aliens alike! Finally, after a year in the making, the First Chapter to Four Horsemen is now online. Hopefully more soon. So stay tuned!

(5 August 2004) After a long break, there will be a number of updates taking place, the first of which starts today! Two new Alternative Histories are now online: Falklands War 1982 and Gettysburg: The Forth Day. I've also fixed several links that had changed & everything should work now. Enjoy!

(10 April 2004) Back to the serious. In A New Britannia we see Australia established as it did in 1788, but then events change which makes Australia a very different country by 1901. I hope you all have a safe & happy Easter.

(7 April 2004) Now we're back to the ridiculous! Dubya has his own TV show in Dubya Tv. Stay tuned until next time!

(10 March 2004) Back to some serious AH for a while. If you liked the OTL wartime yarn of 'Sink The Bismarck' then you should love High Tide of the Kriegsmarine.

(9 March 2004) Dubya has been busy. A whole new adventure awaits him in Day Of The Dubya. Enjoy!

(21 February 2004) He's back! So all you Dubya groupies can now enjoy the conclusion to Spaced Trek Part 2. Who knows what will happen next...

(20 February 2004) It's amazing what a little inspiration can do for you. After a 18 months hiatus I'm glad to announce that The Short Ascension of Europa is completed. The final chapter, Chapter 5 Nomads is finally online. What's next I wonder to myself...

(19 February 2004) In A Dark Down Under we revisit the Dismissal where a civil war between the states takes place.

(18 February 2004) Finally! Yes, finally! After 18 months the next chapter in Europa is finished & online. Chapter 4 To The Stars. Enjoy! Hopefully more Europa soon.

(14 December 2003) Added Reuters & AP News Headlines, which, needless to say, can be seen opposite here --->

(12 December 2003) Nothing much, just a bit of redesign. A Merry & Peaceful Christmas to all. Here's hoping the the New Year will be a good one & a significant improvement over 2003. Cheers!

(16 September 2003) Two new Alternative Histories are now online. The first is an Australian one called A Continent Divided; whilst the second is a general AH & a sequel - Royal House of Cromwell Part II.

(29 August 2003) What if the Australian Chifley Government got its way in the late 1940s? Read all about it in Pax Australiana

(12 August 2003) You know how I said there wouldn't be a sequel of Se7en Years? Well after a few sleepness nights I've changed my mind. The Four Horsemen are coming this way. The 1 000 years of peace has ended. War has begun!

(8 August 2003) It's over! Finished! Complete! The concluding part to Se7en Years has arrived. My thanks to those who have enjoyed reading this work. And just to let you all know, there won't be a sequel. Cheers!

(6 August 2003) The end is nigh for Se7en Years as Final Year Part Three - End Game is now online.

(5 August 2003) The end is getting closer in Se7en Years as Final Year Part Two - Gathering Of The Tribes as arrived.

(4 August 2003) The beginning of the end is here. Final Year Part One - Falling Towards Megiddo of Se7en Years is now online.

(3 August 2003) Dubya is once more let loose upon the world, in the first part of a two part adventure, Spaced Trek. Enjoy!

(31 July 2003) Things just go from bad to worse in Year Six of Se7en Years. Only one more chapter to go.

(30 July 2003) The horrors for planet Earth are far from over as we will see in Year Five of Se7en Years.

(29 July 2003) Now that I've had some time to do some writing the amazing is possible! Year Four of Se7en Years is now online. Stay tuned!

(28 July 2003) As promised, Year Three of Se7en Years is now online. Enjoy!

(24 July 2003) Wow! It's been a while! Sorry about that - life gets busy sometimes. Anyways Dubya is back from outer space with a new adventure. Read all about it in A July Christmas Carol. I'll try to get the next chapter in Se7en Years up soon.

(20 June 2003) Finally! After having disappeared, for whatever reason, about a year ago, I've managed to get part of my Australian Studies Homepage (non-fiction) back online. I'll keep searching around to see where my other files are so they too can be put back on the website.

(10 June 2003) What would have happened if Reagan had lost it in the 1980s? Find out in Saving Private Human!

(4 June 2003) Not much - just that I've changed my ISP & hence I have a new email address:

(2 June 2003) The next chapter of Se7en Years Year Two is now online. There's also a new Defender of the Universe. Enjoy!

(1 June 2003) Dubya has returned! That's right, our favourate hero makes a come-back in Dubya Dubya Dubya Dot Com. (23 May 2003) The next installment of Se7en Years Year One is now online. More to follow soon!

(20 May 2003) The first main chapter of Se7en Years Year Zero is now online. Some theme music should be next so stay tuned!

(19 May 2003) A Prelude for Se7en Years is now online just to give a hint of what is to come, whilst an Epilogue will tell us where it'll all end. Don't go too far away for the best is still to come!

(18 May 2003) Big News, well kind of. I'm about to start a whole new saga called Se7en Years . It's going to be so big it's got its own separate website. Stay tuned for details!

(14 May 2003) The first episode in the Dubya Series, Brothers Incorporated , has arrived! Read it at your peril... Furthermore, a new Australian Alternative History, Makarrata - The Legacy of Windradyne , is also oonline.

(10 May 2003) Beware! The Dubya Series is coming soon...

(30 April 2003) Once more we've gone back in time to tinker with the past. Two very different alternative histories are now online - Of Angels & Men is based in the Human Time Line universe, whilst consider The Apocalypse & the Phoenix an alternative history to Second Age!

(14 March 2003) Two more traditional alternative histories are now online thanks to Changing The Times . So happy reading! (1 March 2003) As promised, albeit a while ago, there are three new true alternative histories online. As these are written for Changing The Times these pages are "off site". Whilst at Changing The Times, by all means have a look at the articles other Alternative Historians have done. They're all good! I'll have more articles coming soon...

(13 January 2003) Greetings & welcome to 2003. This year I hope to finish off the final works in The Post-Glorious Era series. Needless to say that'll take some time. Over the next month, though, expect more traditional alternative histories to pop-up in the Alternative Histories of the First Age section. As these are being written for Changing The Times they get published there first. So surf over to Changing The Times, have a browse & then sign up. Cheers!

(12 November 2002) My humble appologies for the very, very long break in the writing of The Short Ascension of Europa. At this point I, unfortunately, still don't have any definite date for the completion of Chapter 4.

(26 August 2002) In a change of direction, for a little while, we're going back to basics - back to some good old fashioned alternative history, where there are no space ships, no aliens & no UFP! In Alternative Histories of the First Age you will find two such histories: The Crises of 1914 and The Beginnings of World War 1.

(18 August 2002) The Short Ascension of Europa just keeps on keeping on! Chapter 3: Transformation is now online for you reading pleasure.

(12 August 2002) Now that The Short Ascension of Europa is moving ahead at full steam, Chapter 2: Life Under An Ice Sky is now online. Thanks to those who have signed the guestbook lately (but haven't left their email address). I hope you all enjoy the new series...

(7 August 2002) I'm a fibber! I know I said that the next series was some time off, but unlike previously, it is more or less writing itself. The result is that Chapter 1: The Dawn of The Short Ascension of Europa is now online. Enjoy!

(29 July 2002) As a teaser to the next series, which I'll stress is some time off, three prologues have been put online for each of the respective forthcoming "histories" - The Short Ascension of Europa, Last Stand At Titan & Genesis Revisited. I hope they give you a basic idea of the next installments ...

(27 July 2002) Finally it is done! After those damned Buckhoo stole my computer I eventually got it back thanks to some Intelligens personnel of the UDF. All I can add is that some Buckhoo aren't around anymore. Anyway... the last chapter of A History of the Homo Intelligens People Chapter 6 First Among Equals is now online. I'm not sure when The Short Ascension of Europa will be started so drop past every now & then. Until next time, peace!

(7 July 2002) The war has started & Earth is once again in danger. Read all about it in Chapter 5 Coming of Age of A History of the Homo Intelligens People

(29 June 2002) Once again another chapter of A History of the Homo Intelligens People is finished. The Younger Sibling is now online. So look out fellow UFPists they're on the loose! lol

(23 June 2002) The 3rd Chapter to A History of the Homo Intelligens People has been completed & is ready for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

(17 June 2002) Chapter 2 Kindergarten Earth of A History of the Homo Intelligens People is now online, so keep your powder dry for the coming onslaught!

(12 June 2002) Good News! The first chapter of A History of the Homo Intelligens People is finally online! Thanks to those who have asked about the next adventure. I hope the new saga fittingly belongs with the rest. Enjoy!

(9 March 2002) The final chapter of The Rise & Rise of Homo Luminous is now online. So ends another adventure in the Human Time Line saga, while making way for another to begin. Hopefully the first chapter of A History of the Homo Intelligens People will be completed soon. Stay tuned!

(8 March 2002) I have completed a graphic titled Three Species of Humans, displaying the slight differences between the three human species. Although there is little difference in overall appearance, I hope the diagram nonetheless indicates the difference in attitudes. It is listed as an appendix to Homo Intelligens.

(3 March 2002) As many of you may know, Alta Vista is no longer hosting email accounts as of the end of March. As a result, I've changed my email address. In order to contact me for whatever reason, please use the following:

(28 February 2002) Once again another chapter is finished! Chapter 4 Equality For All of Rise & Rise is now online. Only one more to go...

(25 February 2002) Chapter 3 A Child Among Adults from The Rise & Rise of Homo Luminous has been written & is now online. Today the UFP, tomorrow the galaxy!

(18 February 2002) The second chapter From Sailing Ships to Space Ships from The Rise & Rise of Homo Luminous is now online for you reading pleasure. Enjoy!

(16 February 2002) It's taken some time to decide, but an epic saga needs some epic music. The Human Time Line now has theme music. The first is from Jupiter written by Holst. The second theme, taken from Mars, can be considered an alternative theme (pardon the pun) & was also written by Holst. They are in MP3 format. Download free today...

(15 February 2002) As you can see there have been some changes! The most important of these is the announcement of a new saga entitled The Post-Glorious Era. The Era is divided into three series that will explore the period at the ending of our solar system some 5 billion years from now. The Short Ascension of Europa & Last Stand at Titan will be about these two moons replacing Earth as the cradle for sentient life. Genesis Revisted will explore life after The Sun becomes a white dwarf &, in doing so, gives birth to a new solar system with the possibility of new life. But for now, it's back to Rise & Rise & then Homo Intelligens.

(13 February 2002) As an appendix to A History of the Homo Intelligens People I've brought online a List of Sentient Beings of Earth Origin from the year zero until 5 billion AD. This list covers everyone from Homo Sapiens until The Sun becomes a Red Giant & consumes the Earth in flame (as will one day take place). It also hints at who eventually becomes the Ancient ones...

(12 February 2002) Good news! The first chapter of The Rise & Rise of Homo Luminous is now online. So another adventure in the Human Time Line saga begins. In The Beginning sees the birth of Homo Luminous & their first steps on planet Earth. With any luck the next chapter will shortly follow...

(10 February 2002) There are two evolutionary tables now online - one for Homo Luminous & one for Homo Intelligens. Stay tuned for more stuff to follow...

(9 February 2002) Well I've already been asked about the new work, JMS, Babylon 5 & all that: Whatís this theme that youíve just mentioned & whatís JMS/B5 got to do with it? First of all thanks for the question & your interest in my work. Let me state one thing - I am not rubbishing JMS or Babylon 5. On the contrary, I love his work, especially Babylon 5 & Crusade (which was stuffed up due to cable TV network TNT. I'm hoping that some other TV group will bring Crusade back to life. There's also a potentially new series, Legend of the Rangers, that looks very promising. See the B5 Spoiler Junkies Page by Becky Murphy site for all things B5). Drop past the Human Time Line FAQ page & read my answer to the above question & all the other HTL Q & A.

(8 February 2002) Whilst doing the story line for The Rise & Rise of Homo Luminous I realised that a further series could follow. Like Homo Luminous humans, I thought why couldn't a third human specie come along. It would also fit perfectly into my overall theme, as against JMS's {B5 fame - no insult intended Joe} version, of Earth's fate - see The Deconstructiuon of Falling Stars. Anyway, the series to follow will be A History of the Homo Intelligens People. As a teaser I've already written a Prologue.

(25 January 2002) Is there a proof reader in the house? lol

(24 January 2002) As a teaser to the new series The Rise & Rise of Homo Luminous, I have posted a Prologue. Alas it'll be a very long time before I can get to write the new series, which is based some 600 000 years into our future. It'll be a 95% departure from all previous series. I say 95% because there's this little Monolith that the SSS left behind in Renascent Epoch...

(21 January 2002) As my last act here for a while, I've decided to add a FAQ page. Over the last year or so several good questions have been asked about the Human Time Line series. I gather others may have had the same or similar questions, so I thought I'd share the answers.

(20 January 2002) It is with much joy, & a little sadness, that the final chapter of Renascent Epoch has been completed. Chapter 7 Judgement concludes our time line adventure. But wait - there could be more! A 5th series could follow one day in the distant future called The Rise & Rise of Homo Luminous, but like I said, don't expect anything for a very, very long time. In the meantime, enjoy what already is...

(19 January 2002) Once again with time on my hands I've been able to type away. The result is Chapter 5 The Acsent of Man. Only one more chapter of Renascent Epoch to go!

(18 January 2002) So much for plans. Having a touch of the flu has kept me away from work, but made me bored as hell. So writing the next chapter of Renascent Epoch did away with my boredom. Chapter 5 Here Be Dragons is now online.

(14 January 2002) The week that I deliberately took off has allowed me to complete four chapters of Renascent Epoch. Alas it's come to an end so it'll be a few months before I can complete the remaining chapters. Nonetheless, Chapter 4 Angels & Devils is, dare I say, a good cliffhanger to leave the story on! Enjoy!

(12 January 2002) Once more into the breech I type away & the result is the 3rd Chapter of Renascent Epoch. And Then There Was Light is now online for your reading pleasure!

(10 January 2002) Again, with much apprehension, I can announce that the second chapter of Renascent Epoch , Operation Archangel, is now online. Enjoy!

(8 January 2002) It is with much apprehension, & with some relief, that the very long awaited first chapter of Renascent Epoch is now online. The timeline style has dramatically changed & reads more of a narrative (as was originally planned). Alas as spare time is short these days I feel that it is a bit rushed, but I'll let you be the judge. As always, enjoy!

(28 May 2001) In an act of irrelevancy to the Human Time Line saga, I've added a new page called The Defenders of the Universe. Meet those souls that defends yours truly against the bad guys!

(19 May 2001) The new series of the Human Time Line saga will be called The Renascent Epoch of Mankind. It will consist of seven chapters. As stated below, it won't be a "time line" as such for no time exists Beyond the Vale. Nonetheless the SSS exist & become involved in OUR time-space continuum! I won't give any more away... you'll just have to wait & see for yourselves - sorry... lol

(13 May 2001) OOOppssss!!!! I forgot to make one important announcement yesterday - there will be a fourth series in the Human Time Line saga. I have no title as yet, but it's about the SSS & what they get up to Beyond The Vale. It will have a different format & will read more like a narrative rather than a time line. Needless to say it will take some months to write so alas donít expect anything for a while. Iíve got to get my head around what existence is like Beyond the Vale, what the religious implications are for both the SSS & Homo Sapiens & if Iíll be excommunicated for blasphemy. There - that should give you a hint as to where the fourth series will be heading. As a teaser I've done an epilogue to The Cathartic Age which is now online. Until next time - peace!

(12 May 2001) It is with some sadness that I have to announce that the last chapter of the Human Time Line is now complete & online. A New Heaven & a New Earth concludes our series (or is it only the beginning?) Now no sneaking to the final year - you'll ruin the surprise! A big thank you to those who have emailed me over the months. I hope that this final chapter is as good as the first... farewell & enjoy - David. PS: if there are any publishers out there who are interested in my work please don't hesitate to call! lol

(15 April 2001) At long last I've been able to put a few days together where I've been able to write the second last chapter to the Human Timeline saga. War & Peace is now finally online. Alas I have no idea when the final chapter will be completed as life these days is extremely busy. In the meantime - enjoy!

(12 February 2001) Well after fun (not!) with my computer change over, and between work commitments, I've finally managed to complete the 3rd chapter of The Cathartic Age. The War to End All Wars is now online along with a map giving a basic idea, once again, where everyone is. The next installment may be a while off as life is getting real busy. Until then - keep your eyes on those Buckhoo or they'll steal your fries!

(6 January 2001) Thankfully I've managed to speed ahead with the next chapter The Darkness Approaches of the continuing saga of The Cathartic Age. I've got to transfer over to a new computer next week so it maybe a week or two before I can get the next chapter online. In the meantime - enjoy!

(3 January 2001) Happy New Year everyone! It feels rather freaky that 2001 has come around - especially considering this is the year that the events in Arthur C. Clarke's classic 2001: A Space Odyssey, could be happening right now. Oh well, pity they aren't. Anyway, as part of the new year celebrations I'm pleased to announce that my first chapter, The Rapture, of The Cathartic Age is now online. Enjoy!

(18 December 2000) You'll all be pleased to know that I have eventually posted the final chapter End Of Certainty of the Fourth Age. My appologies for the wait. I've also posted an Epilogue as well. There is a third series, but work commitments have gotten the better of me & I have no idea when I'll be able to write it. Needless to say, the Epilogue can be considered a "teaser" to the third & final series. Until then, thank you for dropping by & enjoying my writings. Merry Christmas & have an excellent New Year.

(25 November 2000) Hi all. Just to let you know that I've been busy with real life things (putting out the trash, doing the dishes, work etc...) & thus the last chapter to Fourth Age has been slow in coming. Sorry about that. I'm about half way through it now & hope to have it online within the week. To be continued...

(3 November 2000) The fourth chapter, Trials & Tribulations of Fourth Age is now online. Only one more to go... Enjoy!

(1 November 2000) I've added another article today. It's titled The Governmental Structure of the UFP. As the title suggests, it gives a brief overview of the UFP government.

(30 October 2000) Opps! I forgot to include the UDF Swiftsure with the other ship designs yesterday. Now fixed. Alas it's not on the ship scale page. Although wider & larger tonnage than the Deja Vu class, they are the same length. And speaking of the UDF, I've added an article providing a brief overview of the 5 services that constitute the United Defence Forces.

(29 October 2000) I've just added some ship designs from the Fourth Age. Although they are only basic graphics, I hope they give an indication of who's got what. A scale page is also included. In chronological order they start with: Iowa, Clarke, Zargah battleship, Cordah battleship, Nazzernich "snow flake", Deja Vu, Essence Ancients battleship, & the Griffin. Alas the Sparta class is far too big to fit! The Sparta class, though, has its origins with the Dreadnought class of the Second Age. Basically just imagine a Dreadnought class 1 000 times larger. There is, however, no similarity in weapons or engine power/drive technology.

(27 October 2000) Just a simple update. There is now a Fourth Age Glossary. Even I've got to consult it sometimes! lol

(25 October 2000) The Killer Website Award gave me energy to sally forth for a few sleepless nights of frantic writing! The result is that the third chapter of Fourth Age, Ancients & Children is now online.

(22 October 2000) I was pleasantly surprised today that I have received the Killer Website Award by Pen-Dragon. Many thanks Mr Pen-Dragon! When youíve finished here surf past his site. Iíve also been nominated for the Modern Fantasy Award. If you enjoy my work & have a minute to spare, please vote for me! See below for both links. Thanks to you all.

(20 October 2000) The next "chapter" of Fourth Age Lords Of Time And Space is now online. Hopefully it will be interesting reading. Enjoy!

(12 October 2000) Birthpains, the first chapter of the Fourth Age is now online. I've also added a map of the UFP dated 3006 - just so everyone knows where most things are. Enjoy!

(6 October 2000) My apologies to anyone who has been emailing me these past few days. Apparently Lycos has closed their email contract with & in doing so all Lycosmail accounts have been closed. Thanks for the warning Lycos! Anyway, my new email address is The good news is I'm half way through Birthpains (Fourth Age). I hope to have it up in a week or so.

(28 Sept 2000) Eight ship designs have been added. Although I used basic graphics, hopefully the designs will give a clear idea of what's in the UFP fleet. Included is a scale comparison page. They range in size from the smallest to largest: FreeStar, Crusader, Invincible, Invincible Upgrade, Victory, Dragon, Dreadnought, & Discovery.

(24 Sept 2000) Although I thought I had finished Second Age I had annoying thoughts about two charachters named in The Golden Age: Bock B'laree (a writer & later UFP President), and the Vargary writer Dishen V'ah'Pack. Basically the thoughts were "What did they write?" So in order to rid myself of this pestilence I decided to attempt some poetry for them. I hope it does them credit. So now I've written 75 000 words - I must be nuts! lol

(20 Sept 2000) I'm glad to announce that the Second Age series of timelines have been completed (this also includes the Australian ones). Believe it or not I've written 73 000 words in 7 weeks! Needless to say I need a break. Some time soon (hopefully), I'll start on the Fourth Age.Here I'll answer some of the "loose ends" from Second Age & introduce new stories, material & ideas for our alternative future (history).

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