With technology and industry we have seen the gap between the wealthy and the poor of the world grow in size. People living in the technology advanced countries have increasingly moved into the wealthy status leaving the people from poor countries with waiting lists of people wanting to emigrate.

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Information about the
"Internet Web Page Sales Representative"

The position of Internet Web Page Sales Representative is a serious change from the "common" job in the Philippines. It is not just a job it is a CAREER that will give you opportunity to learn, train, and start your own business. It is more than just a CAREER it is a "way of life" we all need to practice. This is not a get rich quick opportunity. It is an opportunity to help others through good Christian actions and receive above average rewards. You WILL need to be willing to learn, work hard, work smart, meet people, think for yourself and be an honest, trusted member of our Philippine society.
  • Be completely honest, there is no place in our organization for dishonest people.
  • Be trustworthy. We will not be always monitoring and directing all of your activities. We must all trust each other.
  • Keep a humble attitude and conduct "kind" and "honest" actions at all times.
  • Use common sense and intelligence.
  • Always be very courteous to our clients and your fellow associates.
  • You must enjoy meeting people and helping them.
Our organization's goal is to "help others" not just "make money".
Experience has shown us that if you help others first then rewards will follow.
As an Internet Web Page Sales Representative you will work in the community that you live. You will not need to spend long hours traveling to work each day. You will work the hours that are best for your schedule. You will walk from one business to another seeing Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, and many other people in the professional world. You will tell them how the Internet can help their clients and future clients to know more about their special services and products. You will take their orders for web page advertising. You will forward the client information you gather to the programming office. The office will pass the work to one of our advanced student Web Page Programmers. Later you may be able to take orders to expand a client's web site with updates and changes. You and the Web Page Programmers will get most of the P300 lang that the client will pay for their web page. The Doolittle School goals are to help you, Web Page Programmers, and the clients succeed in their efforts.
This relationship is not one "of business" but rather a way for us to repay the world for the blessing we have received from our doing God's Will. You may then refer others to associate with you in doing the same things, if you believe their character is right.
You will NOT make a big public display out of your "big chance" with this association! God will direct your actions and success and anyone that "pats their own back", "toots their own horn" or makes their success a proud boast does not understand our philosophy.
To get a better idea of what our goals and philosophy are go to this web site:
http://www.geocities.com/doolittle_philanthropy. Read the information on that site and study it. In the Philippines "jobs" are hard to find. Most successful people in the Philippines earn good incomes from their "own business" like activities.
We are a loosely associated group of people that believe that God's work comes before seeking wealth. If you are doing God's work He will make sure you have all the resources to do His work, and more than you would have even dared to pray for.
We have a web site that contains many links to some of the web pages we have created in the past. You would take days and days to read everything there. But you can "check our work out" in detail from that site and it's various links. There are no secrets about what we do and hope to do. The information can be found on this web site: http://www.geocities.com/barya_lang
You will attend 20 hours of training. The first 10 hours you will be learning about the Internet. We DO NOT want to make a "Computer or Internet Wizard" out of you. In fact, we find that highly technical people just confuse the clients. You will learn what the Internet can do (NOT CHAT, NOT X-RATED SURFING, and NOT PLAYING GAMES). You will contact professional people at their place of business and explain our service and take their orders for Internet web site pages. The current promotional rate of P300 is so low it may be hard for the prospective clients to believe it is real.
The Doolittle School mailing address is:

Post Office Box 257 QP
Q Plaza Post Office
Cainta 1900 Rizal, Philippines
Phone contact can be made at:

Cell/Text phone: 0919-308-2934

Land line: 476-3504
Send Email to:

The Web Page of our supporting group
(Doolittle Philanthropy) is:

  • Do a Little More
  • Do a Little Better
  • Education is the "Key"
  • Save the Philippine Children
  Your training costs will be P2,000. We expect that serious students will not have a problem paying these costs through our support programes such as:
  • Scholorships
  • Work Study
  • Student Loans
  • Student Incentives
The Doolittle School expects that ALL successful students will able to, either through the school or on their own with school support, start their own business and generate enough profit to make their lives and their families lives comfortable. Take time to send your bio-data application today.  

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