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Eleventh Generation

127. Sir George Wyatt (Thomas Wyatt , Elizabeth Brooke or Brooks , Thomas Brooke , Margaret Nevill , Edward Neville , Joan De Beaufort , John "Of Gaunt", England , Edward III, King England , Edward II, King England , King of England ) was born in 1550 in Of Arlington Cas, Kent, En. He died on 16 Sep 1624 in Ireland. He was buried on 1 Sep 1625.

George married Jane Finche or Finch daughter of Thomas Finch [Si and Catherine Moyle on 8 Oct 1582 in Caswell, Kent, Eng.. Jane was born in Of Kerstenings, Berks, Eng. She was buried on 27 Mar 1644 in Boxley, Kent, England.

They had the following children:

+ 143 M i Rev. Haute (Hawte) Wyatt was born on 4 Jun 1594. He died on 31 Jul 1638.
  144 M ii Francis Wyatt or Wyat Sir was born in Of Allington Cas, Boxley. He died in Aug 1644 in Jamestown, , Va., u.S.a.. He was buried on 24 Aug 1644 in Boxley, Kent, England.
        Francis married Margaret ... Sandys or Sander. [Notes]
  145 F iii Eleanore Or Elinor Wyatt was born in Of Allington Cas, Boxley.
        Eleanore married John Finch on 6 Feb 1618.
  146 F iv Anne Wyatt.
        Anne married Sir Twisden.
  147 F v Margaret Wyatt was born in Of Allington Cas, Boxley.
  148 M vi Henry Wyatt was born on 7 Nov 1596 in Kerstenings, Berks, Kent, E.
        Henry married Catherine Finch.
  149 M vii George Wyatt was born on 27 Dec 1601 in Kerstenings, Berks, Kent, E. He died in 1624. He was buried in Maidstone.
  150 M viii Thomas Wyatt was born on 4 Mar 1602 in Boxley, , Kent, England. He died on 21 Dec 1621.
  151 F ix Jane Wyatt was born in Of Boxley, Kent, Eng.. She died on 28 Mar 1621.
        Jane married Sir Charles Scott.

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