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18. Edward III, King England

Edward III (born 1312, ruled 1327-77) became king at the age of 15 when his father, Edward II, was overthrown. He proved himself a chivalrous knight rather than a great ruler. He loved warfare, like so many of his line, and tried to give it the glamour of the "good old days" by setting up a Round Table at Windsor Castle in imitation of King Arthur. He also organized the most famous of the English chivalric orders of knighthood, the Order of the Garter. He gained temporary glory but no lasting profit through prolonged fighting in Scotland and in France, where he began the Hundred Years' War ( see Hundred Years' War ). During Edward's reign a terrible plague, called the Black Death, wiped out from one third to one half of the country's population and caused great social and economic changes (see Bubonic Plague ).

Philippa,... Hainault (Hollan

Full name - Philippa, Countess of/HAINAULT_(HOLLAN/


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