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Descendants of Thomas Hancocke from Abt 1525


252. Lacy Albritton Hancock

Killed in WWII. I think he is the father of Johnny Hancock and the he was killed before ever seeing Johnny.

John R. Taylor, personal knowledge 4/4/2001

I was reading through your history on the Hancocks and noticed an error on Lacey. The birthdate (l2-l3 and death in l945 are correct. However he did have three sons, Johnny , Jimmy and Jerry (my husband) . Lacey was killed in WW ll, when Johnny was l0 , Jimmy was 8 and Jerry was three. He had seen all three, but Jerry does not remember anything about him except his military funeral. Johnny's wife has done extensive work on geneology of the Hancocks. Have you talked with her? I have just found your info and have not had time to read it extensively. How close were you related to my husband's grandfather "Preacher Britt Hancock" (Littleton Albritton Hancock). Thanks, Patricia Strickland Hancock