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Free Genealogy Resources of the Descendants of Reuben Lindsey from about 1650 AD


14. Thomas Lindsey

Thomas was a RW vet. He was killed by Indians and buried in Montgomery Co. Georgia. He moved to Montgomery Co. from NC in 1796. He was one of the first settlers. Although he has a headstone with his wife Hester Ann at her grave in Cook County, Georgia his remains were buried in Montgomery Co.

From Lindsey Forum, from Jack Clanton,
LINDSEY, Thomas 1750-1818 MONTGOMERY

THOMAS LINDSEY, a Revolutionary soldier of North Carolina, moved to Georgia about 1790 and became one of the first settlers of Montgomery County when it was created in 1796. He was married twice but the name of his first wife cannot be learned at this time. His second wife was Miss Hester Clark,
born 1774 in Georgia. She survived many years and died in 1876 at the age of 102 years and 10 months. She is well remembered by living grandchildren, Mrs. Arkansas Parrish and her sister, Mrs. Lou Goodman, both of Adel. The names of children by the first marriage are not known by descendants in Wiregrass Georgia; they lived in Montgomery and Laurens counties. The following
were by the second wife:

1. Robert b. 1794, m. (wife unknown). Left issue. Died about 1845.
2. John b. 1797, m. Mary McCranie, June 18, 1817.
3. Nancy b. 1799, m. John Ivey. Died 1881.
4. Zaney b. 1800, m. Joseph Jernigan, Feb. 16, 1917.
5. Benjamin b. 1802, m. Elender Shaw, dau. of Martin.
6. Ashley b. 1811, m. Martha Giddens.
7. Winnie b. 1815, m. Daniel McCranie, Jr. Died 1890.

The widow with the most of her children, all moved to Lowndes County about 1827, and located on the Lowndes Irwin County line in present Berrien County. After all her children were grown and married she lived with her youngest daughter, Mrs. McCranie, until her death.

For Revolutionary proofs, see Mrs. Sallie Smith Ferdon, Nat. No. 383573, member of John Floyd chapter, D.A.R., Homerville, Ga. She is a descendant of John Lindsey, son of Thomas Lindsey, R.S.

CENSUS REFERENCES: (widow only): 1820, Montgomery; 1830, Lowndes
From Huxford's "Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia".
Thomas Lindsey was also My GGG Grandfather through his son Benjamin Lindsey who married Eleanor Shaw. The marker at the "now called" Community Calvary Holiness Church in Adel Ga., has 1768 as his DOB, and 1816 as The year of his death. The marker also indicates, that he is buried in Montgomery County. Hester Ann Clark Lindsey "is" buried there. The marker is for both of them. I have no idea as to who put the marker there, or when it was placed there. It's a newer marker.

This site has an old frame church on the property, and was once called Old Wilkes Cemetary, and before that, was known as Bear Creek. The Children ar also listed on the back of the marker, they are Robert, Jackson, Nancy, Sarah, Benjamin, Jincy, Ashley, and Winnie. I would love to know what you find out in your search for Thomas Lindsey.

Who do you think his parents are? The James and Sarah Daniels Lindsey has been proven to be wrong.

I have some information on who we think his parents MIGHT be, as of yet,we have no proof. E-Mail me at if your intrested in this information.
Help!!!! Do you know the date of Thomas Lindsey's death. Was he killed at the Battle of Breakfast Branch in 1818 in Ga. There were only Five whites and Four Creeks killed. One of the Whites was Captian Benjamin Mitchell Griffin My 3rd G-Grand and Thomas is also a 3rd G-Grand. Thanks for your time and Effort. Jack From Lindsey Forum, from Jack Clanton,

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