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Free Genealogy Resources of the Descendants of Reuben Lindsey from about 1650 AD


16. Nancy Lindsey

I have some Iveys. John and Nancy Lindsey Ivey had 4 children William C. Ivey who was born abt. 1821. Jane Ivey 5-7-1823 (She died single) Counsel Ivey who was born abt. 1825 married Mary? Hester Ann Ivey born 4-1826-28 married Cader Hancock. These Children were born after John Died. Robert Ivey born abt. 1833 married Elizabeth? Malinda Ivey Died Single. Ashley Ivey born abt 1839 Married Elizabeth Morris. and Either a Sion H. Pike or Joseph Ivey. I'm not sure about the last two children. Your Joseph could be a child of some of these Ivey's if the dates fit.

John Ivey was born abt. 1792 in Effingham Co. (State unknown) His Father may have been William Ivey. He Married Nancy Lindsey abt. 1820. John died abt. 1828 (in Montgomery Co.??) They had Four Children:

1.William C. Ivey B.1821 Montgomery Co. Ga.
m. Mary Ann Hesters
one child known Eliza Ivey

2.Jane Ivey B.5-7-1823 Montgomery Co. Ga.
Died Single

3.Counsel Ivey B.1825 Montgomery Co. Ga.
m. Mary ?

4.Hester Ann Ivey B. 1828 Montgomery Co. Ga.
m. Cader Hancock

Other Children Of Nancy Ivey are Robert Ivey, Malinda Ivey, Ashley Ivey and Sion H. Pike

Found Nancy Ivey Berrien Co, GA 1860 Census with Malinda & Ashley. Also In 1880 Census found Nancy and Melinda (listed as half-sister) In 1870 Berrien Co., GA Census Found Robert Ivey m. Elizabeth ?, children: Nancy E., Polly, Jane, James A.?.,In 1880 Census shows Robert Ivey, Elizabeth, Emily, Jane and Robert L.

27. Sion Hall Pike Jr.

Sion Hall Pike Jr. was a Pvt. in Company H1 Georgia Inf. for the CSA. He was killed in action 18 Feb. 1863.

22. John Jackson Lindsey

Justice of the Peace-776Dist-Lowdnes Co. Justice of Inferior Court-Lowndes Co.
the Indian Wars in 1836. County Surveyor

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