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9240754. Robert de Scales [Ba.Robert married Catharine de Ufford [Ba.

9240755. Catharine de Ufford [Ba.


9240760. John de Mowbray [Ba was born on 29 Nov 1310 in Hovingham, Yorkshire, Engl. He died on 4 Oct 1361. He married Joan Plantagenet [Ba. [Parents]

9240761. Joan Plantagenet [Ba was born in , , Norfolk, England. She died on 7 Jul 1349. She was buried in High Alter at, Byland. [Parents]


9240762. John de Segrave [Ba was born in , , Norfolk, England. He died in 1383. He married Margaret Plantagenet [du in 1338.

9240763. Margaret Plantagenet [du was born in of, , Norfolk, England. She died on 24 Mar 1399. [Parents]


9240764. Richard "Copped Hat" FitzAlan is printed as #9240730.

9240765. Eleanor Plantagenet [Co is printed as #9240731.


9240766. William de Bohun [Tw was born in Caldecot, Northampton, Eng. He died on 16 Sep 1360. He married Elizabeth de Badlesmere [Co in 1335 in License. [Parents]

9240767. Elizabeth de Badlesmere [Co was born in of Castle, Badlesmere, Ken. She died on 8 Jun 1356. She was buried in Black Friars, , , England. [Parents]


9240768. Hugh Heydon was born in of, Heydon, Norfolk, Englan. He married Alice Loverd.

9240769. Alice Loverd.


9240816. Thomas Hoo [Si.Thomas married Isabel de Saint Leger. [Parents]

9240817. Isabel de Saint Leger was born on 16 Jun 1320.


9240818. Thomas de Saint Omer [Si.Thomas married Pernel Malmayns.

9240819. Pernel Malmayns.


9241170. Richard FitzAlan [Ea was born on 3 Feb 1267 in Arundel, Essex, England. He died on 9 Mar 1302. He married Alisona de Saluzza in Marlborough, Suss., Eng.. [Parents]

9241171. Alisona de Saluzza was born in Arundel, Essex, England. She died on 25 Sep 1292. [Parents]


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