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Descendants of Isabel (Elizabeth) de Beaumont wife of Henry I

Twentieth Generation

304. John Wyatt (John Wyatt , John Wyatt , Haute (Hawte) Wyatt , Jane Finche or Finch , Thomas Finch , William Finch , Alice Belknap , Henry Belknap , Joan Botiler , Thomas Botiler , William Botiler , Margaret Fitz Allen , Richard FitzAlan , Isabella de Mortimer , Maud Braose , Eve Marshall , Isabel FitzGilbert , Richard (Strongbow) FitzGilber , Isabel (Elizabeth) de ) was born in 1684 in , Virginia. He died in 1750 in "Plaindealing", Carolinec.

John married Jane Pamplin in 1711 in England. Jane was born in 1690 in , , England. She died in , Caroline, Va.

They had the following children:

+ 306 M i John Wyatt was born in 1731. He died on 1 Mar 1785.
  307 M ii William Wyatt was born in 1713 in of, Caroline Co., Virginia. He died on 10 Feb 1772 in Caroline Co., Va.
        William married Elizabeth Egleston in 1733 in Caroline Co., Virginia.
  308 F iii Anne Wyatt was born in 1717 in of, Caroline Co., Virginia. She died in 1830.
        Anne married John Stark on 25 May 1735 in Hanover Co., Virginia.
  309 M iv Richard Wyatt was born on 20 May 1720 in of, Caroline Co., Virginia. He died in Nov 1803 in "Plaindealing, Carolineco.
        Richard married (1) Elizabeth Streshley in 1740 in Caroline Co., Virginia.
        Richard married (2) Amy Chiles on 17 Nov 1752 in Caroline Co., Virginia.
  310 F v Mary Wyatt was born in 1722 in of, Caroline Co., Virginia. She died in Jan 1980.
        Mary married (1) Capt. John Henry Gilbert in 1740.
        Mary married (2) Capt. John Henry Gilbert in 1740.
  311 M vi Thomas Wyatt was born in 1724 in of Caroline Co., Virginia.
  312 M vii Henry Wyatt was born in 1727 in of, Caroline, Virginia.
  313 F viii Lucy Wyatt was born in 1729 in of, Caroline Co., Virginia.
        Lucy married (1) David Mills on 5 Jun 1746.
        Lucy married (2) Capt. Mills.
+ 314 M ix John Wyatt was born in 1740. He died on 1 Mar 1785.

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