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Descendants of Isabel (Elizabeth) de Beaumont wife of Henry I

Twenty-fifth Generation

349. Martha Jane Mize (William Mize , Sarah Jemima Wyatt , Thomas Ballard Wyatt , John Wyatt , John Wyatt , John Wyatt , John Wyatt , Haute (Hawte) Wyatt , Jane Finche or Finch , Thomas Finch , William Finch , Alice Belknap , Henry Belknap , Joan Botiler , Thomas Botiler , William Botiler , Margaret Fitz Allen , Richard FitzAlan , Isabella de Mortimer , Maud Braose , Eve Marshall , Isabel FitzGilbert , Richard (Strongbow) FitzGilber , Isabel (Elizabeth) de ) was born in 1843 in , Sumter, Ga. She died in , Sumter, Ga.

Martha married Richard A. Tyner son of Jackson Tyner and Elizabeth Jane Rooks on 7 Feb 1867 in , Sumter, Ga. Richard was born in 1841 in , Sumter, Ga. He died in , Sumter, Ga.

They had the following children:

+ 359 F i Virginia Tyner was born on 15 Feb 1870. She died on 19 Apr 1952.
  360 F ii Laura Tyner was born in Sep 1875 in Americus, Sumter, Ga.
  361 M iii Richard Tyner was born in Jan 1877 in Americus, Sumter, Ga.
  362 M iv Charles Tyner was born in Dec 1879 in Americus, Sumter, Ga.

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