Descendants of William Peacock from Abt 1635


321. Lacy Albritton Hancock

Killed in WWII. I think he is the father of Johnny Hancock and the he was killed before ever seeing Johnny.

John R. Taylor, personal knowledge 4/4/2001

I was reading through your history on the Hancocks and noticed an error on Lacey. The birthdate (l2-l3 and death in l945 are correct. However he did have three sons, Johnny , Jimmy and Jerry (my husband) . Lacey was killed in WW ll, when Johnny was l0 , Jimmy was 8 and Jerry was three. He had seen all three, but Jerry does not remember anything about him except his military funeral. Johnny's wife has done extensive work on geneology of the Hancocks. Have you talked with her? I have just found your info and have not had time to read it extensively. How close were you related to my husband's grandfather "Preacher Britt Hancock" (Littleton Albritton Hancock). Thanks, Patricia Strickland Hancock

306. Needham Taylor

A progressive citizen of the Twin Oaks district.

Mollie Lasseter

Mollie and Verdie Lasseter were both daughters of Wesley Berry Lasseter and Mary Ogletree,Wesley and Mary are buried very close to Hiram and Mindie at Fellowship church.I'm not sure where Needham and Mollie lived,but on the 1900 census they were living right beside Wesley and Mary,also on the 1900 census Mindie's brother Henry Ogletree was living beside her and HIram,Henry and his brother David were married to sister's,they were married to Emma and Catherine Dunsford,they both were married in worth county where their father died.

Verdie Lasseter

Marriages of Berrien County Georgia list a G. J. Taylor marrying a Virginia Lassiter on 28 Mar 1897. This is most likely General Jackson and Verdie.

343. Alfred Taylor

Alfred was simple minded and never married. He lived in Cecil Georgia most of his life although he did move to Adel just before he died. He rode his bicycle from Cecil to Adel though out the 50s and 60s. In the 70s he was no longer abel to ride so he pushed it the 12 mile round trip. He is buried beside his mother and father.

309. Hughey L. Taylor

Headstone has dates as 1881 - 1967

Lillian Tonnie Hancock

Headstone has dates as 1890 - 1956