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Ancestors of McKenzie Taylor Warren Granddaughter of John R. Taylor


36. James M. Mathis

James Mathis

Posted by Sue Bittinger on Sun, 17 Oct 1999

Surname: Mathis, Cook, Lewis, Nix, Fender

I am looking for some information on James Mathis who married Girliean Cook.
Do not have any dates for birth or death of either of them.
The only date I have is for a daughter (don't know if it is the oldest,
youngest or in the middle), Girliean Mathis b.11/6/1889 in Berrien, Co.
She married Walter Wesley Lewis 12/24/1905. She died 10/25/1950 in
Clewiston (Hendry Co.), FL and is burried in Poplar Springs Cemetary.

The family story goes that James "Jim" Mathis came to S.GA to escape the law
for some crime (crime unknown) committed "up North". Now we don't know where "up North" is,
it could be further North in Georgia or any state further North. We believe,
from what my Daddy can remember as a little boy that he was married before
and had children under the name of Matthews. There are so many Mathis, Mathes,
& Matthews named James that I can find no thread connecting any of them to our James.

James M. Mathis

Posted by Sue (Lewis) Bittinger on Sun, 28 Nov 1999, in response to James Mathis, posted by
John Taylor on Sat, 20 Nov 1999

Surname: Mathis, Cook, Hall, Lewis, Keen

Thank you for your response to James Mathis of Berrien Co.
He was my greatgrandfather. We knew nothing to speak of
before he came back to Berrien Co. & married Girlian Hall.
Through my inquiry I have received a lot more information.
James M. Mathis was born in Berrien Co. to Westley Washington
Mathews (later changed to Mathis) B. approx 1815 and Nancy
Moore B. approx 1819. Both born in Ga. not sure where.
They were married in Dooly Co. GA Apr. 15, 1852.
This information came from Betty Campbell, she lists her
source as Ervin Miller who is a great grandson of James M. Mathis
and his first wife (common law) Sarah Ann Miller, and Jbaldauf.FTW.

She states that he either died or deserted his family before the
1870 Worth Co. GA census, as she could find nothing in any of
the surrounding counties.

James M. was their first child (Betty has him b. Dec. 13, 1848
d. Apr. 27,1934). There are no records to indicate that he ever
married Sarah Ann Miller but they had two children, Charles
(Mathis) Miller b.1874 Warwick, Worth Co. GA d. Feb. 1, 1965
Jacksonville, FL. Married Arinda Cook.
The second son was Thomas Jefferson (Mathis) Miller,
b. June 11, 1878, Warwick, Worth Co. GA d. Jan. 23, 1951
Jacksonville, FL. Both boys used the last name of Miller
because James M. deserted them and their mother, she then moved in
with her brother John Miller and his wife (who was the sister
of James M. Mathis) Sarah Mathis Miller.

The story told within the Mathis family and Betty said that
she verified in the "Georgia Black Book" where James and his crime
is listed is as follows;
A bunch of men were around a fire in cold weather. A man kicked
at James Mathis' dog as he was trying to get closer to the
fire. James got angry and "Kilt him dead" to quote his nephew,
John Mathis. He then had to leave the county to avoid being
arrested for murder.

He went to Berrien Co. to be safe. There is where he met and
married Girlian Hall. We believe they had 9 children that lived.
Do not know if there were any that died. Their sixth child,
Girliean Mathis was my grandmother.

I mistakenly had Girlian's name as Cook. I know Cook's come into
our family tree at some point, but as of now I am not sure

Hope this helps you in your search.

Sincerely, Sue

48. Hiram T Taylor

Hiram was a leading farmer of Cook county. His farm was out from Cecil.

49. Arminda Ellender Ogletree

Hi I was at your website at ucan.us and noticed that you show Hiram Taylor and Mindie Ogletree,they were my great grand parents.I believe that John Ogletree was Mindie's father,her brother David was named after John's father David Ogletree.Mindie's real name was Arminda Ellender Ogletree,her mother's name was Lively Ellender Pittman,after John Ogletree died Lively married James Lasseter.Arminda's sister Mary was married to Wesley Lasseter the brother of James Lasseter.Wesley and Mary's daughter Mollie was married to Needham Taylor and their daughter Verdie was married to General Jackson Taylor.Do you happen to know the middle name of Hiram T Taylor ?.....Wayne Taylor
Feb. 2006

52. William Caleb Holloway

The is some question that William Caleb Holloway may have also been married to Matilda Elizabeth LEE. I saw on the Internet that they were both buried in Butler Alabama. Update; I don't think these were the same men. One lived in Butler the town and the other lived in Butler county. Butler is not in Butler county.


1635 Ship "Elizabeth and Anne" bound from London England, arrived Boston in midsummer with 102 passengers among them were: John HOLLOWAY age 21, Robert JEFFREYS age 30 with wife Marie age 27 and children Thomas age 7, Elizabeth age 6, and Mary age 3. The maidservants for the Jeffreys were Hannah DAY age 20 and Suzan BROWNE age 21. John BORDEN, age 28, was on the ship with his wife Joan, age 23, and their children, Mathew, age 5, and Elizabeth, age 3.

(Taken from: Then Planters of the Commonwealth 1620-1640 by Charles E. Banks, and The Complete Book of Emigrants 1607-1660 by Peter Wilson Coldham)

It has not been proven that these Holloways, Jeffreys, and Bordens were connected to our family, but through the generations several marriages have taken place between these family names. All three families settled in neighboring counties of Mississippi and Alabama by the late 1800's.

Joseph POVEY (1748 - 1807)
Ann LEWIS (ca 1750 - 1807+)

I am searching for connections with Joseph POVEY and his wife Ann LEWIS from the parishes of Tortworth and North Nibley, Gloucestershire who were two of my gt-gt-gt-grandparents. They married at Tortwoth, Gloucestershire in 1772 and had six known children - William POVEY, Elizabeth POVEY, Sarah POVEY, George POVEY, Thomas POVEY (my gt-gt-grandfather) and Hannah POVEY.

The summary details of this family group are:

Joseph POVEY

Birth: Circa 1748, North Nibley, GLS, ENG
Christen: 14 Jul 1748, North Nibley, GLS, ENG
Death: Nov 1807, North Nibley, GLS, ENG
Burial: 9 Nov 1807, North Nibley, GLS, ENG
Father: Richard POVEY (1721-1774)
Mother: Susanna UNKNOWN (1720-1790)
Marriage: 18 Mar 1772, Tortworth, GLS, ENG


Birth: Circa 1750 Place: Tortworth?, GLS, ENG
Death: After 5 Jun 1807


1.William POVEY
Birth: Circa 1772, North Nibley, GLS, ENG
Christen: 12 Jul 1772, North Nibley, GLS, ENG
Spouse: Hannah BEARD
Marriage: 14 Jul 1789, Thornbury, GLS, ENG

2.Elizabeth POVEY
Birth: Circa 1774, North Nibley, GLS, ENG
Christen: 3 Apr 1774, North Nibley, GLS, ENG
Spouse: Thomas GIBBS
Marriage: 3 Oct 1796, North Nibley, GLS, ENG

3.Sarah POVEY
Birth: Circa 1775, North Nibley, GLS, Eng
Christen: 19 Feb 1775, North Nibley, GLS, Eng
********** Spouse: Wm HOLLOWAY *****************************
Marriage: 1797, Wotton Under Edge, GLS, Eng

4.George POVEY
Birth: Circa 1779, North Nibley, GLS, ENG
Christen: 10 Mar 1779, North Nibley, GLS, ENG

5.Thomas POVEY
Birth: Circa 1783, North Nibley, GLS, ENG
Christen: 14 Sep 1783, North Nibley, GLS, ENG
Spouse: Ann GREY
Marriage: 4 Sep 1804, Kingswood, GLS, ENG

6.Hannah POVEY
Birth: Circa 1789, North Nibley, GLS, ENG
Christen: 1 Feb 1789. North Nibley, GLS, ENG

Descendants of John Holloway

John Holloway, Sr1
b: 1800 GA
d: bef 1880
m: Dorcas Beck 08-11-1823 Gainesville GA Hall
b: 1809 SC
Isaiah Wesley Holloway2
b: 10-15-1830 GA
d: 05-24-1910 AL Marion
i: Fulton MS Itawamba - Liberty Grove Bapt. Cem.
m: Harriet Elizabeth Gaston ABT 1860
b: abt 1842
d: 4-22-1875 AL Randolph
i: Wedowee AL Randolph - Mt. Prospect Baptist Cem
Frances Holloway3
b: 1862 AL
m: James T Knight
b: abt 1860
John W Holloway3
b: 1864 AL
d: 1948 AL Marion
i: Guin AL Marion - Guin City Cementery
Laura E Holloway3
b: 11-25-1865 AL
d: 11-22-1911 AL Marion
i: Liberty Grove Cemetery MS Itawamba
m: William J Knight
b: abt 1860
Wesley Joseph Holloway3
b: 1870 AL
Rachel Holloway3
b: 1871 AL
Kenturiah Holloway3
b: abt 1871
Brittain Frederick Holloway3
b: 06-29-1872 AL Randolph
d: 09-03-1951 AL
i: Hamilton AL Marion - Hamilton City Cemt.
m: Della Riggan
Jessie P Holloway3
b: 04-22-1875 AL Randolph
m: Ella Mays 1899
m: Mary Elizabeth Pugh ABT 1878
b: 01-06-1852 AL
d: 06-19-1934 AL Marion
i: Fulton MS Itawamba - Liberty Grove Bapt. Cem.
Emery M(Em) Holloway3
b: 1882 AL
d: 08-03-1964 AL Marion
i: Liberty Grove Cemetery MS Itawamba
m: Ophelia Warren 1901
b: abt 1885
Sylvester Ollie-vester Holloway4
b: 03-30-1905 MS Itawamba
d: 1985 AL Marion - Hamilton
Jesker Holloway4
b: 07-02-1908 MS Itawamba
d: 11-27-1990 Amory MS Monroe
m: Fred Lewis Hurley abt 1922
m: Nela Warren abt 1912
b: abt 1887
Ezra Holloway4
b: 05-12-1913 MS Itawamba
m: Lamon Kelly abt 1929
m: John Herring abt 1940
Jesmore Holloway4
b: abt 1915 MS Itawamba
d: 1915 MS Itawamba
Leborn Holloway4
b: 06-20-1917 Tremont MS Itawamba
d: 05-26-1987 IL Lake
m: Johnnie Mae Pate abt 1943
m: Mary Mae King abt 1952
Lesmore Holloway4
b: abt 1918 MS Itawamba
d: 1918 MS Itawamba - Liberty Grove Baptist
Ella Holloway4
b: abt 1920
m: Melinda Garrison abt 1930
b: abt 1910
m: Elizabeth Campbell abt 1940
b: abt 1915
Mary Jane Holloway3
b: 1884 AL
d: 03-18-1986 MS Clay
i: West Point MS Clay - Greenwood Cementery
m: Everett Wakefield
William Riley Holloway3
b: 4-1-1885 AL
d: 05-28-1925 MS Itawamba
i: Fulton/centerville MS Itawamba - Oak Grove Cemetery
m: Mattie Pugh 01-27-1904 Fulton MS Itawamba
b: 04-24-1884 AL
d: 05-28-1925 MS Itawamba
i: Fulton/centerville MS Itawamba - Oak Grove Cemetery
Susie Bertha Holloway4
b: 01-01-1906 AL Marion
d: 04-02-1978 AL Marion
m: Rufus Harmon Towery 06-21-1925
Gerthie Carous Holloway4
b: 05-03-1908 AL Marion
d: 12-16-1989 AL Marion
m: James Monroe Booker
Joseph Holloway4
b: 09-21-1910 AL Marion
d: 10-10-1911 AL Marion
Myrtle Flossie Holloway4
b: 07-12-1912 Smithville MS Monroe
m: Gerald Dewitt Crowder
Earn Rily Holloway4
b: 08-04-1914 Smithville MS Monroe
d: 08-04-1914 Smithville MS Monroe
Fleeta Mae Holloway4
b: 08-23-1916 MS Lee
m: Oscar Warren
Vardeman Holloway4
b: 02-19-1917 Centerville MS Itawamba
d: 03-31-1917 Centerville MS Itawamba
Mary Magdalene Holloway4
b: 02-04-1919 Centerville MS Itawamba
d: 03-15-1986 Tupelo MS Lee
m: Troy Neal Marks 05-18-1940 MS Lee
b: 09-22-1912 MS Lee
d: 06-09-1975 Tupelo MS Lee
Emma Elizabeth Holloway4
b: 08-25-1921 Centerville MS Itawamba
m: Charlie Russell Stanford 10-03-1938 Saltillo MS Lee
b: 03-26-1919 MS Lee
d: 01-02-1994 Memphis TN Shelby
William Calvin Holloway4
b: 05-30-1924 Centerville MS Itawamba
m: Mary Estelle Bolen 02-22-1947 MS Lee
b: 11-15-1926
James Isaiah(Jim) Holloway3
b: 10-05-1887 Wedowee AL Randolph
d: 12-24-1977 Aberdeen MS Monroe - Aberdeen Hospital
i: Hamilton MS Monroe - Center Hill Baptist Cem.
m: Arzenie (Zenie) Pierce 10-11-1908 MS Itawamba
b: 04-21-1889 MS Itawamba
d: 10-08-1994 Hamilton MS Monroe
i: Hamilton MS Monroe - Center Hill Baptist Cem.
Noah Vernon Holloway4
b: 02-03-1911 Fulton MS Itawamba
d: 11-14-1960 Aberdeen MS Monroe - Aberdeen Hospital
i: Hamilton MS Monroe - Center Hill Baptist Cem.
m: Madie Mae Neal 02-28-1932 AL Marion
b: 10-22-1913 Hamilton MS Monroe
d: 04-10-1976 Amory MS Monroe - Gilmore Hospital
i: Hamilton MS Monroe - Center Hill Baptist Cem.
Delmer Lecil Holloway4
b: 09-27-1915 Detroit AL Marion
d: 01-16-1998 Columbus MS Lowndes
i: Hamilton MS Monroe - Center Hill Baptist Cem
m: Nancy Elizabeth Cummings 1934 MS Itawamba
b: 10-18-1916
d: 06-16-1994 Columbus MS Lowndes
i: Hamilton MS Monroe - Center Hill Baptist
Burlean Holloway4
b: 07-16-1920 Detroit AL Marion
d: 05-18-1931 AL Marion
i: Liberty Grove Cemetery MS Itawamba
Rosie Holloway3
b: 1890 AL
d: 05-23-1984 Hamilton MS Monroe
m: Parve Thompson
b: abt 1888
Theron Thompson4
Carlos Thompson4
Dee Holloway3
b: 03-01-1893 AL
d: 08-21-1929 AL Marion
i: Fulton MS Itawamba - Liberty Grove Baptist
Willis Warner Holloway2
b: abt 1832 GA
John A Holloway, Jr2
b: 03-10-1835 GA Cobb
d: 10-15-1925 GA
i: AL Randolph - Valley Grove Cemetery
m: Elizabeth Carpenter Abt 1853
b: 08-10-1836 GA
d: AL Randolph
i: AL Randolph - Valley Grove Cemetery
William Holloway3
b: 1854 GA
George W Holloway3
b: 1856 GA
i: AL Randolph - Valley Grove
Lucinda Amelia(Millie) Holloway3
b: 1859 GA
Lydia Holloway3
b: 08-19-1861 GA
d: 07-04-1883 AL Randolph
i: AL Randolph - Valley Grove Cemetery
m: Mr Satterwhite
Milla H Holloway3
b: 1862 GA
Zilla Ann Holloway3
b: 03-17-1864 GA
d: 03-16-1845
i: AL Randolph - Valley Grove Cemetery
m: David Marion Haynes
John R Holloway3
b: 1867 GA
Lewis P Holloway3
b: 1869 GA
S R Holloway3
b: 1872 AL
Garrett Authur Holloway3
b: 1874 AL
d: 1943
i: AL Randolph - Valley Grove Cemetery
m: Fannie Bailey
b: abt 1875
N E Holloway3
b: 1876 AL
Dave Holloway3
b: 1878 AL
Etta Holloway3
b: 1880 AL
m: Sarah Puckett Abt 1904
b: 1862
George W Holloway2
b: 1838 GA
m: Mary Elizabeth Holloway # Abt 1859
b: ABT 1838
Henry E Holloway3
b: ABT 1852
Elizabeth A Holloway3
b: ABT 1853
John F Holloway3
b: ABT 1856
B J Holloway3
b: abt 1859
Eliza Jane Holloway2
b: 1839 GA
d: AFT 1870
m: Issac A Harris Abt 1857
Texanna Holloway3
b: 1858 GA
m: Robert Caldwell Abt 1865
Nancy N Holloway2
b: 1843 GA
d: AFT 1870
m: John Miles Pate Abt 1859
b: ABT 1843
Will Enos Pate3
b: 1864 GA
Dorcas Pate3
b: 1865 GA
m: Elder E Hartwell 10-11-1885
Missouri Pate3
b: 1869 GA
m: H W Hazzel 12-19-1895
Eliz Pate3
b: 1871 AL
John Emerson Pate3
b: 05-03-1873 AL
m: Jane Celia Pate# 1894
Martina Pate3
b: 1875 AL
Bertha Ann Pate3
b: 10-10-1878 AL
d: 11-25-1973
m: Anderson Strickland 10-04-1903
Ovelia Pate3
b: 1885 AL
Robert E Pate3
b: 1887
Pleasant M W Holloway, Plez2
b: 05-27-1843 GA
d: 06-09-1919 AL Randolph
m: Jemima Pate 12-04-1859 GA Carroll
b: 7-28-1841 GA Coweta
d: 04-11-1919 AL Randolph
i: AL Randolph - Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Solomon W Simon Holloway3
b: 1861 AL
d: 12-29-1933 AL Randolph
i: AL Randolph - Mt Pleasant Cemetery
m: Margaret B Miles 1878
b: 1848 AL Randolph
d: 03-28-1925 AL Randolph
Mary Ann Overton Holloway4
b: 1875
Relation to father: Adopted
Relation to mother: Adopted
d: 11-12-1940
m: Robert McCormick 1897
Martha Jane Holloway4
b: 1880
James Cornelius Holloway, Neal4
b: 10-06-1884 AL Randolph
d: 06-11-1954
m: Jennie Holloway# 1903
b: ABT 1880
Willis P S Holloway4
b: 05-24-1887 AL Randolph
m: Flona M Holloway# 1910
Lula B Overton Holloway4
b: 1893 AL Randolph
Relation to father: Adopted
Relation to mother: Adopted
Elizabeth Lutisha Holloway3
b: abt 1863 GA Carroll
d: abt 1885 Grady OK
m: Thomas J Overton ABT 1879 AL Randolph
Wesley John Thomas Overton, Doc4
b: 09-19-1879 AL
Leonard D Overton4
b: abt 1881 OK
Edd Overton4
b: abt 1882 OK
d: 1919 OK
Emanuel Overton4
b: abt 1884 OK
d: 1919 OK
Ruthie Overton4
b: 1885 OK
d: 1885 OK
George Hampton Hamp Holloway3
b: 02-27-1866 AL Randolph
d: 05-25-1939 AL Randolph
m: Mary Elizabeth Kerr ABT 1891 AL Randolph
Zoro Pearl Holloway4
b: 05-29-1893
Willie Nora Holloway4
b: 07-13-1894
Edis George Holloway4
b: 09-07-1898
Ruth Holloway4
b: abt 1902
Ina Holloway4
b: abt 1904
Dimous Holloway4
b: abt 1906
Devart Holloway4
b: 12-10-1908
Hubert E Holloway4
b: 07-28-1911
Cora Holloway4
b: abt 1916
Charles Winston Holloway3
b: 12-20-1867 AL Randolph
d: 01-04-1938 AL Randolph
m: Dora Lee Bailey 09-09-1897 AL Randolph
John Miles Holloway3
b: 11-24-1869 AL Randolph
d: 02-05-1948 AL Randolph
m: Nancy Lucinda Clifton 12-25-1890
b: 09-26-1877
Caldonia Holloway4
b: 09-10-1893 AL Randolph
d: 01-13-1973
m: Martin Luther Pool 1912
Joseph Minyard Holloway4
b: 07-20-1896 AL
d: 03-03-1965
m: Sullar Harman 02-22-1913
b: AL
Reva Holloway4
b: 12-17-1899
Ruby Holloway4
b: 08-01-1901 GA
d: 1903
Etta Holloway4
b: 11-01-1903
John Pleasant Holloway4
b: 08-02-1906
d: 01-02-1910
James Mathew Holloway4
b: 05-29-1909
Iona Holloway4
b: 02-10-1916
Mattie Iola Holloway4
b: 05-12-1918 GA
d: 03-23-1920
Minnie Holloway4
b: 09-01-1919
James Abel Holloway3
b: 11-04-1871 AL Randolph
m: Mattie Odell Whaley 04-26-1903
Golden Vester Holloway4
b: 06-15-1905
m: Georgia Young 07-09-1922
Amy Holloway4
b: 1911
m: Everett Pool
Duelalar Bernice Holloway4
b: 07-30-1915
m: Calvin Lee Payne
m: Calvin Lee Payne 05-18-1930
Hollis T W Holloway4
b: 1917
m: Wilma Nancy Hadley 03-29-1947
Lonnie Bee Holloway4
b: 1919
m: Hattie Bowens
Mammie Holloway4
b: 1920
d: abt 1920
Sarah Lona Holloway3
b: ABT 1874 AL Randolph
d: ABT 1920 Center OK
m: John J Caldwell ABT 1895
Jasper Caldwell4
Leroy Caldwell4
Bonner Caldwell4
Gladys Caldwell4
Charlie Caldwell4
Edward Caldwell4
Floyd Caldwell4
Mary J Holloway3
b: 11-19-1875 AL Randolph
d: 10-21-1955 AL Randolph
m: George Davis
Nancy Callie Holloway3
b: 04-11-1877 AL Randolph
d: 09-09-1973 AL Randolph
m: William Charles Brown 06-15-1895 AL Randolph
Pleasant William Walter(Man) Holloway3
b: 04-12-1879 AL Randolph
d: 01-24-1952 AL Randolph
m: Myrtle Ettar Bailey 11-22-1900 GA Carroll
Viola Ovelia Holloway3
b: 07-20-1885 AL Randolph
d: 11-22-1967 AL Randolph
Emeline Holloway2
b: 1846 GA
James C Holloway2
b: 1850 GA
d: 1932 MS Itawamba
m: Judia Holloway# ABT 1868
b: AL
George W Holloway3
b: 1870 AL
m: Della Gilmore 12-08-1891
b: ABT 1870
Lettus Holloway4
b: ABT 1893 MS
Garvin M Holloway4
b: ABT 1894 MS
Nora V Holloway4
b: ABT 1896 MS
James Holloway4
b: ABT 1897 MS
Joe W Holloway4
b: ABT 1899 MS
John Robert Holloway3
b: 08-13-1871 AL
d: 09-19-1941 MS Itawamba
i: MS Itawamba - Liberty Grove Baptist
m: Frances E Holloway# ABT 1895
b: 07-23-1877
d: 03-23-1925
i: MS Itawamba - Liberty Grove Baptist
Josephine Holloway3
b: 1874 AL
Josephine Holloway3
b: abat 1875 AL
Mary J Holloway3
b: abt 1882 AL
James E Holloway3
b: abt 1885 AL
Rutha F Holloway3
b: abt 1888 AL
m: Martha C Holloway# ABT 1876
b: 1855
d: 1929
Pleasant Holloway3
b: 1877 AL
d: abt 1952
m: Ethel Holloway#
m: Josie Holloway#
Ovie A Holloway4
b: abt 1900 MS
Nancy L Holloway3
b: 1879 AL
Mary J Holloway3
b: 1882 AL
James Elbert Holloway3
b: 1884 AL
d: 03-30-1962
m: Rosie Stalnaker 04-18-1907
b: 01-13-1885
d: 04-17-1966
Ruth Holloway3
b: 1888 AL
Bailey Aaron Holloway2
b: 02-07-1852 GA
d: 09-01-1943
i: Fulton MS Itawamba - Liberty Grove Baptist
m: Eliza Jane Whaley ABT 1871
b: 09-05-1851
d: 05-11-1925
i: MS Itawamba - Liberty Grove Baptist
Silla F Holloway3
b: 1872 AL
Missouri Holloway2
b: 1854 GA
d: 1948 AL Marion
i: Liberty Grove Cemetery MS Itawamba
m: James Jack Ferguson 1874 AL Randolph
b: 1858 GA
d: 1953
i: MS Itawamba - Liberty Grove Baptist
Thomas W Ferguson3
b: 1890 AL
Fannie A Ferguson3
b: 11-24-1891
d: 03-01-1912 MS Itawamba
m: Mr Dellar
Jack Ferguson3
b: 1895 AL
Gus Reaves Ferguson3
b: 1898 AL
Cynthia Ann Holloway2
b: 10-9-1856 GA
d: 06-06-1947 Hamilton AL Marion
m: Rufus D Kerr ABT 1874 AL Randolph
b: 05-03-1855 AL
d: 03-03-1935
Mary Jane Kerr3
b: 1875 AL
John Young(Bog) Kerr3
b: 9-15-1876 AL
d: 03-06-1957 AL
i: MS Itawamba - Liberty Grove Cemetery
m: Becky Lou Pierce
b: 09-27-1877
d: 05-30-1966 AL Marion
i: Fulton MS Itawamba - Liberty Grove Bapt
Alvin Kerr4
Elzie Kerr4
m: Deana Harman
Ethel Kerr4
m: Marion Harris
Eather Kerr4
m: Dovie Wilson
Vena Kerr4
m: Delmar Johnson
Retha Kerr4
m: Elmer Stone
Reba Kerr4
m: Joe Gottschalk
Olen Kerr4
m: Verlon Hunnicutt
Connie Kerr4
m: Audrey Lewis
Delsie Velma Kerr4
m: Charles Robert Russell 12-14-1935
Johnny Olema Kerr4
m: Ozell Leech
Oliver Calvin Kerr4
b: 03-12-1900
d: 07-17-1902
James R Kerr3
b: 1879 AL
Joseph H Kerr3
b: 1884 AL
Lula M Kerr3
b: 1886 AL
Lewis D Kerr3
b: 1888 AL
William B Kerr3
b: 1890 AL
Selva Arizona Kerr3
b: 1893 AL
Lola L Kerr3
b: 1895 AL
Marvin C Kerr3
b: 1899 AL
Alta V Kerr3
b: 1902
Isaiah Wesley Holloway was born October 15, 1830 in Carroll County Georgia. His parents were John Holloway and Dorcas Beck Holloway. Isaiah had two marriages which produced a total of fourteen children. He lived in Randolph County Alabama for many years until about 1900 when he migrated to Marion County Alabama. Some of his family migrated to the adjoining Itawamba County Mississippi. He was a farmer all of his life. Isaiah's son, James Isaiah, stated he remembered traveling with his father by wagon from Marion County to Georgia to visit relatives, a one way distance of some two hundred miles.

John Holloway, Sr John Holloway was born 1800 in Georgia. He married Dorcas Beck August 11, 1823 in Gainesville, Hall County Georgia. They were in Carroll County Georgia by the 1830 census. The 1842 Tax Digest of Carroll County stated John lived in the 11th District and had 202 acres. John and Dorcas had 9 children in their household on the 1850 census, and this number grew to 12 by 1856. He moved to Randolph County Alabama between the 1860 and 1870 census. Four of the children were still with them in the 1870 census of Randolph Co. Alabama. John died sometime around 1875 as his land was being auctioned in April 1875. Dorcas was living with her youngest daughter, Cynthia in the 1880 census. John and Dorcas are buried in the Bradley Family Cemetery near Wedowee, Randolph County Alabama. Their graves have unmarked stones. The land has a marker that indicates: "H.S. Bradley purchased this land in 1887." The Bradleys have no connection to John and Dorcas. The land was probably purchased by them after Dorcas died and her children divided the estate. This information was taken from talking to people who lived in Wedowee and had been told to them by their ancestors who lived there before them. The Courthouse burned in 1897 so there are no wills or deeds available for John and Dorcas.

53. Georgia Ann Wagnon

Henry George 2 Wagnon (Daniel Monroe) was born 1837 in Greene Co., GA, USA. He
married Susan Frances Ruark 21 March 1861 in Greene Co, GA, USA, daughter of John
Ruark and Elizabeth Lambert.
Children of Henry Wagnon and Susan Ruark are:

16 i. William B.3 Wagnon, born 1862 in Morgan Co, GA, USA.
17 ii. Georgia Ann Wagnon, born 1865 in Morgan Co, GA, USA.
18 iii. Daniel Wagnon, born 1867 in Morgan Co, GA, USA.
19 iv. Elizabeth Wagnon, born 1870 in Morgan Co, GA, USA.
20 v. Elias Wagnon, born 1870 in Morgan Co, GA, USA.

Notes for Elias Wagnon: Elias was named after his maternal grandfather, John
Elias Ruark.

21 vi. Barton E. Wagnon, born 1872 in Morgan Co, GA, USA. He married Lena Lindsey.
22 vii. Martha Josephine Wagnon, born 1874 in Morgan Co, GA, USA.
+23 viii. George H. Wagnon, born 4 February 1876 in Morgan Co, GA, USA; died
August 1969 in Bostwick, Morgan Co., GA, USA.
24 ix. Lula B. Wagnon, born February 1878.
25 x. Lovie P. Wagnon, born January 1880.
26 xi. John W. Wagnon, born March 1882 in Morgan Co, GA, USA. He married Katey
27 xii. Calvin M. Wagnon, born December 1884 in Morgan Co, GA, USA.

55. Frances Margaretta Palmer

Mama, (Frances Helen Holloway Taylor Dyer) was named after this Frances.
John R. Taylor 20 Nov 1999

Mama, (Frances Helen Holloway Taylor Dyer) was named after this Frances.
John R. Taylor 20 Nov 1999

updated 16 July, 2007 Copyright© 1999 - 2007 by John R. Taylor

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