Notes on CBuilder
Some useful Controls
TPageControl -- for "tabbed notebook" stuff
MessageBoxes -- the simplest use of them
TStringGrid -- a grid to put rows & columns of text in
DB stuff
TDBLookupComboBox -- Select an item from one table to go in another
TDBLookupListBox -- Select an item from one table to go in another
TDBComboBox -- Select an item from a list -- static or dynamic -- to go in a table
TDataSet -- Accessing tables & queries
TDataSource -- tying datasets to controls
TPageControl (hereinafter, TPC) -- a Tabbed Notebook kind of thing MessageBox TStringGrid TDBLookupComboBox
In this case I will provide an example in italics. TDBLookupListBox
This is the same as the TDBLookupComboBox, except it is in ListBox format, not ComboBox format -- that is it doesn't do a drop - down list.


TDataSet TDataSource  

  All the information herein contained is provided for your convenience.  It is accurate as far as I know and have tested on my version of Borland CBuilder -- 1.0 Professional.  If some of it is not accurate, please tell me.  I'll post the correction as soon as I get the chance.  Until then, hopefully the good information will help more than the misinformation will frustrate.  Happy coding. 1