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Microsoft Certification Exams

Firepower's lists of free study resource
70-226 Designing Highly Available Web Solutions
70-228 SQL Server 2000 Administration
70-229 Designing and Implementing Databases with Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition
70-232 Application Center 2000
70-270 Windows XP Professional
70-292 Windows 2003 MCSA upgrade
70-296 Windows 2003 MCSE upgrade
CodeClinic has similar lists for other exams. When I found the site in April '03 it had information for 229, 305, 315, 310, 320, and 300 -- looks like the MCSD track.
Dave's MCSE page has Dave Lilligren's notes on 9 of the tests comprising the Win2k track MCSE.

.NET tips & experiences

  • My trip up the Visual C++ .NET learning curve.
  • Dealing with Compile Error C1191.
  • FileStream Read errors and caveats.
  • Dealing with Linker Error C2001: Unresolved external symbol "void __cdecl __CxxCallUnwindDtor
  • Programming Tips and Tutorials

    TrueGrid Issues
    My experience with ADO error 3420 working with TrueGrid 7.0.
    What to do when a True Grid drop list won't drop.

    Borland C++Builder
    My notes on C++Builder dealing primarily with some of the more obscure components
    My own collection of Borland help documents

    80x86 Assembly
    My notes on 80x86 assembly dealing primarily with some of the more obscure instructions and interrupts

    Prolog Basics -- enough to get you started in Prolog
    More Prolog -- for once you get the basics
    Prolog Pitfalls -- things to avoid if you don't want to gggoo crazy
    Compiler Basics -- getting onto the Prolog interpreter/ccooommpiler

    Win32 API
    Steve Loughran's FAQ on the Win32 API.
    Using a C++ DLL in VB6
    Practical VB's Win API notes

    P.S. If you really prefer the colorful index it's still available. I'm not sure why I thought that was so cool back when I did it.

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