I am collecting a few essays and perhaps some sermons here that I have found to be worthwhile. To these, I hope to add some of my own thinking about various scriptural questions. Please read these with an open Bible and a mind open to the Bible. Search the Scripture to be sure of the validity of these positions as well as those which you have been taught in the past.

Legalism and Obedience
This essay by John Wesley entitled "A Blow at the Root" deals forcefully with a couple errors we see in evangelicalism today. It answers the charge that careful obedience to God is legalism. Wesley argues forcefully, using an abundance of Scripture, that we are indeed expected to live godly and that by God's grace we can. May this essay be the blessing to you that it was to me.
A study by Philip Brown on Election In The Old Testament.
A comparison of views on election from various theological perspectives. It succinctly explains the National Election viewpoint which is taught in Romans 9 and Ephesians 1.
Mid-Acts Dispensationalism
A refutation of the errors of Mid-Acts Dispensationalism.
Theology and Current Events
Audio Message on Molech Worship, Ancient and Modern
John Wesley explains The Scripture Way of Salvation This is a good explanation of a biblical view of justification and sanctification by faith.
John Wesley teaches on Christian Perfection -- what it means and how it is attained.
Lessons for Seekers of Holiness by Harmon Baldwin is "designed to aid such as are groaning after purity of heart in entering upon the experience"
John Wesley explains the answer to the question, "What is an Arminian?"
Read a Fundamentalist perspective on the Conservative Holiness movement in this paper by Dr. Mark Sidwell of Bob Jones University.
Other works by and about John Wesley
The Works of James Arminius
Excerpts from Wesley's writings on Christian Perfection
A wealth of hymns from the old Methodist hymnal. Many are by Charles Wesley & many have MP3 files of the music.

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