Study on Voice Controlled Computing
Outline of Final Report
  1.  Introduction to the project
  2.  Progression of work on the project
    1. Speech Recognition
    2. Natural Language Processing
      1. Week 1: Early research and new schedule
      2. Week 2: Architecture modification and compiler selection
      3. Design ideas in "stream of conciousness" style. This provides three different ideas on designing the NLP module and integrating with the semantic processor.
      4. First Code: More research, a basic grammar, and a short lexicon
      5. Dealing with problems: Recursion error explained, long lexicon problem introduced
      6. The source code for simple imperative grammar -- good for demonstration purposes
      7. A very small lexicon coded in PROLOG
    3. Semantic Analysis
      1. Semantic analysis by synonym: A first attempt at tying meaning to sentences
      2. Design ideas in "stream of conciousness" style. I listed this report under NLP, but it goes as well here, because both NLP and semantic processing are discussed
      3. Synonym source code
  3. PROLOG considerations
    1. PROLOG basics
      1. Language Basics
      2. Compiler/Interpreter Operation
    2. More PROLOG for NLP
    3. Interfacing PROLOG with C++
    4. PROLOG pitfalls
    5. PROLOG help on the web
      1. Prolog Guide - Prolog in Examples
      2. GNU - PROLOG manual
  4. Suggestions for further research
    1. Storing the lexicon
    2. I-Language Research: Sound-Meaning Pairs