Descendants of William Parrish from Abt 1675


Ailcy Dampier


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- married: Bulloch Co., GA
- buried: Poulan, GA, 5 miles south.

118. Ansel A. Parrish Sr.

Ansel Parrish, Sr., was born in Bulloch County, 1808, a son of Joel Parrish. He came to Lowndes County in 1825 with his brother, Robert N. Parrish (Vol.III), and in 1830 married Nancy McDermid, daughter of Angus McDermid. She was born Nov. 28, 1812. They had five children, viz:
1. Henry J. b. 1832, m. CatherineWilkes, dau. of Solomon.
2. Flora Ann b. 1834, m. Daniel J. McCranie.
3. Polly Ann b. 1837, m. John D. Wilkes.
4. Ezekiel A. b. 1838, m. 1st. Elizabeth A.divorced 1869; 2nd. Mary McClellan, 1870.
5. John A. b. 1840, died single in C.S. Army, 1863.

Mr. Parrish served as 2nd Lieut., 776th district, Lowndes County,1830-33, and as a private under Capt.
Hamilton W. Sharpe in the Indian War in 1836. He died about 1848 and was buried in Brushy Creek Cemetery in present Cook County. His home and farm was about three miles northeast of the present city of Adel, Cook County. He and his wife were members of Pleasant Primitive Baptist Church, into which they were baptized Sept. 20, 1840.
Note: The Parrish home was in Lowndes County until 1856 when Berrien County was created, and remained in Berrien until 1918 when Cook county was formed out of Berrien. Mrs. Parrish married Joshua W. Lovett, Sr., Aug. 22, 1860 but had no further issue. She died March 19, 1901, and was buried in the Adel Cemetery.

119. Robert N. Parrish

1880 Farm Schedule: 60 improved acres, 450 unimproved, $500 value of farm; $75 implements; 2 milk cows, 6 other cattle, $450 value of livestock; $475 farm production.

Called "Bob"

Robert N. Parrish, prominent citizen of Berrien (now Cook) County in his day, was born July 17, 1806 in Bullock County, a son of Joel Parish and nephew to Henry Parrish. He came with his Uncle Henry and family to Lowndes County about 1824-25, and was married there Feb. 14, 1828, to Nancy McCranie, daughter of Daniel McCranie. She was born May 31, 1808, in Montgomery County, and died Nov.13, 1879. Mr. Parrish with the exception of two years spent in the 1860's in Valdosta (where he was in the merchantile business) lived in Berrien (now Cook) County until his death Feb.4, 1889. His home was located about six miles west of present town of Sparks on the old Macon-Troupville public road better known as the old Union Road (plantation in recent years owned by Lewis Rentz, circa; 1958), but he later sold that place and settled a few miles to the south where he had a fine plantation and lived there until his death. Robert N. Parrish was a private in Capt. Hamilton W. Sharpe's volunteer militia company in the Indian War in 1836, and suffered a slight wound in the engagement atBrushy Creek in present Cook County. He served as 1st Lt., 776th MilitiaDistrict, Lowndes County, 1839-41, and as Receiver of Tax Returns of Lowndes 1837-38. In 1856 he was cut out of Lowndes into Berrien County (territory placed in Cook County in 1918).

Mr. Parrish and his wife were members of the Primitive Baptist Church at Salem now in the City of Adel, and were buried in the Church Cemetery. He was originally a member of Midway Primitive Baptist Church in Irwin County but transferred by letter March 17, 1838 to Pleasant Church. His wife then united with Pleasant, Sept. 20, 1840, and was baptized. They transferred by letter May 17, 1859 to Salem. Ansel L. Parrish, their son, enlisted June 14, 1861, in Co. "I", 112th GaVolunteer Regiment (Infantry)and died of disease at Camp Alleghany, VA., in July of 1861.

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121. James W. Parrish

James Parrish was born in Bullock County, March 19, 1816, son of Henry Parrish. He was brought by his parents to Lowndes (now Berrien) County about 1825, and was married there in 1837 to Tobitha DeVane, daughter of Francis DeVane. She was born in Bullock County, May 28, 1822 (tombstone date says May 28, 1827, which does not agree with 1830 Census). Mr. Parrish owned lots of land 367, 368, and 369 in the 10th District ofLowndes County but which was placed in Berrien County when it was made partly out of Lowndes in 1856. He died there Oct. 17, 1864, and was buried in nearby Pleasant Church Cemetery. A dowry was granted the widow out of these lands at the March Term, 1876, of Berrien Superior Court. She died there Feb. 14, 1897, and was buried by her husband. Mr. and Mrs. Parrish were members of Pleasant Primitive Baptist Church into which they were baptizedJine 18, 1842. They died members. He served in the Indian War in 1836 in Capt. Hamilton W. Sharpe's Militia Company.

122. Ezekial W. Parrish

Ezekial W. Parrish was born in Bullock Co., Feb. 16, 1818, a son of Henry Parrish. He was married Dec. 4, 1839, in Thomas County, to Martha C. Wooten, daughter of Redden Wooten. She was born in Telfair County, April23, 1823, and died June 22, 1872. Soon after marriage , Mr. Parrish settled about one mile from the present town of Cecil in what was then Lowndes, later Berrien but now Cook County. In 1864, he sold out thereand moved to his lands about five miles from Hahira in Lowndes County, where he owned 1700 acres. He built a new home there and lived there until a few years after his wife's death. His last years were spent with his daughter, Mrs. Passmore, in Valdosta, where he died Sept. 1, 1887. He and his wife were buried at Pleasant Church in Berien County. Mr. Parrish was a private in the Indian War in Capt. H. W. Sharpe's company of LowndesCounty Militia.

The son, Redden Byrd Parrish, enlisted Oct. 1, 1861, in Co. "D", 29th GA Regiment, C.S.A., and died of measles at Darien, GA, Dec. 17, 1861, while the company was training in camp.

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124. William Parrish

Mr. Parrish served as Tax Collector of Berrien County, 1857-1858, and asa Judge of Berrien Inferior Court 1863 until his death. His brothers,Ezekiel W. and Absalom Parrish, were the administrators of his estate.He and his wives were buried in the Lois Cemetery in Berrien County.

The Parrish home was in present Berrien County, on the paved road fromNashville by Pleasant Church, and became the property of the late W. HassGriffin, about 1880, and he and his wife lived there until their deaths.

127. Ansel Parrish

Elder Ansel Parrish was one of the ablest and best known Primitive Baptist mininsters in his day for over 35 years prior to his death. He was considered a great power in the church as well as out of the church. He was born in Bullock County, July 7, 1824, a son of Henry and Nancy Parrish. He was married Dec. 15, 1842, in Lowndes (now Berrien) County, to Molcy Knight, born Nov. 7, 1826, daughter of William Cone Knight. Elder Parrish was first converted and united with Pleasant Church in Lowndes (now Berrien,) County, Aug. 19, 1843, and was baptized. Mrs. Parrish followed him into the church and was baptized November, 1847. He was ordained a deacon in his church, Feb. 2nd, 1848, and served in this office until he was licensed to preach, Jan. 17, 1852. Two years later, March 19, 1854, he was ordained to the full Gospel Minintry by a presbytery composed of Elders Wm. A. Knight, J. B. Smith and J. E. W. Smith. From then until his death, Jan. 16, 1891, his was a very busy and fruitful ministry among the Primitive Baptist Churches in Berrien and adjoining counties. His first cousin, Elder E. J. Williams, was Pastor of Pleasant Church when he (Elder Parrish) was ordained and continued as such until 1881 when he declined re-election; there upon Elder Parrish was called. He continued as Pastor of his home Church until his death. At the time (1881), he was already serving Cat Creek Church in Lowndes County, and in April, 1881, he was called as Pastor by Friendship Church near Hahira, also Salem Church in Adel. These four Churches he continued to serve as pastor until his death 13 years later. He also served as Moderator of the Uniuon Association several years. Elder Parrish owned a large tract of land in Berrien County and gave each of his sons a farm when they married. Mrs. Parrish died June 25, 1897. She and her husbandwere buried in the Lois Cemetery near Pleasant Church.
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