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Descendants of Godwulf Godwulf from abt 80 AD

Eighth Generation

12. (Balder) Beldeg ((Woden) (Woutan) Odin , Frithuwald , Freothalf , Frithuwulf , Finn , Flocwald Flocwald , Godwulf ) was born about 243 in , , , Scandinavia.

He had the following children:

+ 14 M i Brand of Scandinavia was born about 271.

13. Fridleif Skjoldsson (Skjold , Odin (Woden, Woutan) Odin , Frithuwald (Bor) Frithuwald , Freothelaf , Finn , Flocwald Flocwald , Godwulf ) was born about 259 in Leithra, , , Denmark.


Fridleif married unk in of, Hleithra, , Denmark.

They had the following children:

+ 15 M i Frodi Fridleifsson was born about 281.

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