Setting up My Linux distrobution

I have been using linux for about one month or so and using Mandrake Linux 10. I had to learn how to set up my partitions so I could multiboot into windows xp pro and windows 98SE so I booted into windows xp pro then went into partition magic 8.0 (which uses a overlay technique to set up partions) and created an ext3 partition with a swap space. I then booted from cd and installed the os successfully.

Playing Games on linux

After getting most of my applications configured and trying to get used to the Linux Environment I wanted to play my windows games on linux. I searched the web for playing windows games on linux then came across wine from and winex/transgaming from I found out that I had to pay a fee to access their database so of course I tried looking for a way around like a crack or something but I decided to just buy it so I did for 15 dollars and I got 3 months to their database. I found out that my card had to have drivers installed for it so I then went to the nvidia site and download their driver for linux. After I downloaded the driver I had no idea what to do so I looked through forums and even posted my own thread at and finally found out that I had to log in as root then edit the /etc/inittab file to allow me to start the gui manually. After I did that I restarted for the changes to take affect then logged back into my account and started X by invoking startx then installed the kernel source then logged back out installed the run file and finally edited the xf86... file to reconize nvidia card. And yay Its done.

Ahh(Revelation) Programming in Linux

I have been using the windows programming envirnment for the longest time now and finally moved to using the gcc (GNU Compiler Collection) compiler. I have recently bought a begginning programming book for linux that I am reading. I'm currently on the shell programming part of the book and learning how to program in the ever popular and common bash shell. I am still in the linux learning curve and it could be frustrating to get used to. I have made my own header files in c++ and havent even got to java programming in linux. Damn school, getting a job, and daily life activities are getting in the way of my concentration so I always feel pressured to get everything done and lose my patience (Except in the summer) but that will change.

oooo aaah NFS (Network File System)

I have a old laptop thats a Toshiba Tecra 720CDT that is really old. It is a really crappy laptop and it had windows 95A presumably so it had really crappy driver support. I couldnt do anything on it. I thought why not install linux on it? I tried booting from the cdrom but it didnt support booting from the cdrom and there was no other option to install it from cdrom. I had discovered that there was a way to install the linux os from a remote area. I have my dell 4300 set up with Mandrake Linux 10 so I said why not set up a nfs share and make a pcmcia boot disk to install the linux os over the nfs? Well I had tried and failed 3 or 4 times and then eureka I had accomplished it. I had started the installation. I wiped the fat32 filesystem and installed mandrake linux 9.1 on it. Unfortunatly the os is really slow so I am installing a older os of mandrake which is Mandrake Linux 7.2 which hopefully succeeds.


Overall I like my Linux Distrobution and am going to drudge through the deadly begginning of the linux learning curve :-)