C and C++

C and C++ have been around for years. C was developed by Bell laboritories in the 80's(I think). C is used vastly. C is powerful and robust, powerful and portable. Meaning you could use C to make virtually a whole operating system. C is used in operating systems and even used to program games. C is condidered a middle tier low level language a couple of levels above Assembly. C++ was created after C of course by Bjarn Stroutstroup including many of C's syntax except C++ has OOP(Object Oriented Programming) involved. OOP is more data centric and evolves more around the data content than the code. Of course c++ has been changed around of course since the begginning of C++.


Java was created in hopes to be more web oriented and is a portable language like c and c++ but c,c++ it isnt web friendly. Java was derived from c, and c++. Java isnt as low level as c and c++ meaning you cant access hardware the same way you could do with C,C++. Java could go on cell phones and any wireless device that supports it. J2ME is the Java 2 Micro Edition. You could go to to check for more info on the java technoligies. Java uses applets, servlets and other things. Many businesses use Java for their web transactions on the web. Servlets and JSP(Java Server Pages) are the most powerful section of Java. Java is also used in games but c and c++ is used more. C and C++ has a faster processing time and thats one of the reasons why people like c and c++ over java. Java uses bytecodes for data transfer. you could communicate with c and c++ with your java applications with JNI the java native interface.