Approaches to Exams, Studying, Misc.


2. Try to finish your outlines at least 2 days before the exam so that you have adequate time to look over your outlines and study.
3. Make your own flash cards based on your outlines and cases you think are important. Flash cards can be helpful in testing yourself of the concepts.
4. Take practice exams if they are available. If your professors don't have any, take other professor's exams. Try to take at least one 1 day before the exam.
5. Plan out when you would study for which subject. Try to stick by the plan.
6. If you have an open book/note exam, type out all the cases and concepts in 2 pages. You probably know all the material...but can't remember certain words. Don't waste time by looking through pages of things during the exam...have skeleton concept outline right in front of you in easy to read font.

Sleep, Eat, Health, Etc.

2. Sleep 8 to 10 hours 2 DAYS BEFORE THE EXAM. This advice was from an old high school math teacher which worked well in my lifetime. You want to sleep well 2 days before the exam because you probably can't sleep the night before with all the adrenaline.
3. DO NOT EAT TOO MUCH BEFORE THE EXAM!!!!! You want all your blood going toward your brain. Eating too much would make your body work on digestion.
4. Do not eat proteins before the exam. Proteins are harder to digest than carbohydrates.
5. Do not drink too much coffee before the exam. Besides not wanting to run to the restrooms while taking exam, you don't want to be too wired for the exam.
6. Try to keep yourself healthy so you wouldn't get sick.


2. Make sure you have enough pens, pencils, whatever. The last thing you want to do is get distracted by silly little things.
3. WARM UP YOUR BRAIN!!!! For everything we do in life, we need to warm up. Taking an exam is no exception. You don't have to study right before the test. What I mean is to at least read SOMETHING before going into the exam. If you have an early morning exam, read the cereal box, read funnies, read SOMETHING. Get your brain functioning adequately before the exam.
4. Get to your exam sites 10 to 15 minutes before the exam. You don't want to worry about missing an exam. If you can't get up early in the morning well, ask one of your early-riser friends to give you a call an hour before the exam.
5. Pick a spot that is comfortable for you in the exam room. I prefer to sit way up front because I hate looking at other people writing.
6. Take a watch that doesn't beep, make a lot of noise, etc. that you are comfortable looking at. Digital watches are probably the best.
7. DO NOT TRY TO REMEMBER THINGS RIGHT BEFORE THE EXAM!!!! Either you know it or you don't at that point. You will only freak yourself out by trying to remember 2 seconds before proctor says go.

After the Exam

2. Do not discuss how you did on the exam or ask others how they did.
3. Forget about the exam you just took and study for the next one.
4. Treat yourself...but don't get completely wasted, unless it's after your last exam.