Review of Jxn's Hypo

Lyle is a net surfer.  He conducts a lot of his business transactions 
over the net including his dealing with the bank.  Kyle thought that was 
neat so Lyle taught him how to transact his business over the net.  
During the course of teaching Kyle, Lyle accidentally came across the 
Bank of the United States and issued command for $60,000 to be 
transferred to his bank account.  Kyle did the same for his bank account 
for $30,000.  Lyle is a citizen and resident of CA.  Kyle is a temp 
worker residing in CA but plans to return back home to Nevada.  The Bank 
of the US figured out somebody broke into our national sacred Bank and 
immediately began this lawsuit.  They wish to bring lawsuit in federal 
district court against both Lyle and Kyle.  I don't remeber where the 
Bank of the US is, but let's assume that it's not in CA or Nevada.

What statute would permit the Bank to bring the lawsuit? (sub. matter 
jxn:  Hint--review Osborn Case)
Where can the suit be brought originally? (venue) 
Can it be transferred anywhere? (transferrance of venue)
What kind of contact would you like to see? Fact wise what would you add? 
(personal jxn)