UC Davis Law School Outlines, Notes, and Hypos: 1995-1998

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Hello. Welcome all. So I think I can become a legal guidance counselor with the kind of career I'm having. I have gone from California corporate practice (Jones, Day and Perkins Coie) to California bankruptcy practice (Goldberg, Stinnett, Meyers & Davis) to clerkship for Justice Harold See of Alabama Supreme Court. I am now working for the Office of the U.S. Trustee, Department of Justice ... or short hand, the Federal Government. Your tax dollars (or your future tax dollars) are paying my bills... and I appreciate it. ;)

I started a blog when I was clerking for Justice See (2004-2005) to chronicle what the South is like. It's this blog with photos and explanations of where I have been. Feel free to visit my blog in case any of you want to take a virtual tour yourself. The blog has now evolved into a little more than just photos of the South but you should be able to find the photos in the archives of Jan-Aug. 2005. It's also become very sporadic, but I am hoping to make it more regular.

I also wanted to do a bankruptcy blog but have been lazy for almost a year. As of tonight, it has gone live. I plan to update with current bankruptcy case summaries at least once a week. If you care to learn more about bankruptcy world, you can visit Bankruptcy Law.

In case you are wondering what I am reading or watching, here's a list I am keeping at

And finally, this site had been maintained while I was a law student at UC Davis. Although I do not pretend to update the law (except in my bankruptcy blog noted above), the outlines will remain on this site for all those still going through law school. Hope they still help somewhat, and good luck to you all!

Please read the DISCLAIMERS before reading my notes.

1L Courses

Outlines Analysis Hypos Prof. Year Book
Civ Pro Civ Pro Civ Pro Prof. Berch (visiting from AZ) 95-96 6th Ed.: Cound, Friedenthal, Miller, Sexton
Con Law 1 None Con Law 1 Prof. Glennon Sp 96 12th Ed.: Gunther
Contract Contract Contract Prof. Imwinkelried 95-96 3rd Ed.: Farnsworth & Young
Crim Law Crim Law Crim Law Prof. Amann F 95 6th Ed.: Kadish, Schulhofer
Property Property Property Prof. Dobris 95-96 3rd Ed.: Dukeminier, Krier
Torts None None Prof. Kurtz 95-96 9th Ed.: Prosser, Wade, Schwartz

Tutored Courses

Outlines Prof. Year
Civ Pro Dean Perschbacher 96-97
Criminal Law Prof. Feeney F 97

2L and 3L Courses

Outlines Prof. Year
Busi Assn Outline Prof. Hillman F 96
Con Law 2 Outline Prof. Goodpaster F 96
Crim Pro Outline Prof. Amann F 96
IP Outline Prof. Kurtz F 96
PR Outline Prof. Wydick F 96
Evidence Outline Prof. Wydick Sp 97
Empl. Discrim. Outline Prof. West Sp 97
Health Law Outline Prof. DiBenedetto Sp 97
Comparative Law Outline Prof. Herrmann (visitor) F 97
Fed Tax Outline Prof. Stein F 97
Trust Wills & Estate Outline Prof. Dobris F 97
Complex Lit Outline Prof. Lopez Sp 98
Antitrust Outline Prof. Wydick Sp 98

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