This is the KGuitune Homepage (Now there's even a KDE-2.X), but there are two other versions of this program, which also reside on this page. QtGuitune and GtkGuitune are actually the same programs for the Qt-Library and Gtkmm-lib (the c++ version of the GTK-lib).

Here some snapshots of either of them:





Guitune is a linux program for tuning guitars and other instruments by using the method of Schmitt-triggering, i.e. counting the number of triggerings between two trigger levels in a certain amount of time. Why not use FFT like many other tuning devices? Well because other tuning devices are not as fast as mine !!

With FFT you need many samples to archieve the accuracy needed for tuning instruments. You often get times of around 1 second between two measurements and the computer is quite busy in this second calculating the FFT. Using Schmitt-triggering you get a measurement every 10th of a second or even less (depending on the sample frequency you use). Most of the time the computer only waits for the samples.

The Trigger levels are adjustable. For a pure sine-wave the trigger levels could be zero. But for a wave wth overtones like the one in the figure above you need a non-zero triggerlevel. It is preadjusted to a level of 60% of the current maximum which should be able to deal with most instruments.


Actual Version: 0.7
freq scales: normal(A=440Hz) / wien(A=435.0 Hz) / physical(C=16.0 Hz)
tune scales: equidistant / natural(overtones)
tune names: US/German(B/H), #/b-notation
oscilloscope: with timescale in ms for general use
samplig: adjustable sampling frequency and accuracy
samplig: now 16 bit sampling for better accuracy with low signals


GtkGuitune-gtk2-0.8-source - 66 KB Gtk2 version source tarball with some improvements (thx to Neil Roberts)
GtkGuitune-0.7-source - 54 KB Gtk-- version source tarball
GtkGuitune-0.6-source - 54 KB Gtk-- version source tarball

K3Guitune page maintained by

K2Guitune-0.1-source - 331 KB KDE-2.X version source tarball
This is the new KDE-2.X.X Guitune version (not all features implemented yet, therefore the low version number)

Ver 0.5
KGuitune-0.5-source - 154 KB KDE version source tarball
QtGuitune-0.5-source - 42 KB Qt version source tarball
GtkGuitune-0.5-source - 43 KB Gtk-- version source tarball

Ver 0.4
KGuitune-0.4-source - 154 KB KDE version source tarball
QtGuitune-0.4-source - 42 KB Qt version source tarball
GtkGuitune-0.4-source - 43 KB Gtk-- version source tarball

Ver 0.3
KGuitune-0.3-source - 152 KB KDE version source tarball
QtGuitune-0.3-source - 42 KB Qt version source tarball
GtkGuitune-0.3-source - 43 KB Gtk-- version source tarball

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