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I began my physics study in Oct. 1992. Relatively late I discovered my interest in theoretical physics. In April 1999 I began with my diplome work on the institute for Theoretical Physics - Physics Of Condensed Matter. The work deals with carbon (substitutionally) dissolved in silicon.

Mental flatulences about physics

So, what do I think of physics then. A simple answer to this question is: "Physics is simple !!!" (brag, brag). The hairy thing however is learning the speech of physics, namely mathematics. And even mathematics is simple. The difficulties with mathematics, are, in my humble opinion, nothing more, than friction in the interface between mathematics and every day speech (or thinking). (...sounds good - I should have studied philosophy :)).
After all, physics is the search for truth. This requires perfect objectivity. For us human beings, equipped with a buit-in purple-filter, however, truth (or objectivity) can be quite sobering.
Creativity turns out to be nothing more, than an evolutionary process of tries and errors,
intuition - just trying old ideas to new problems,
opinion - things you hear most often from your friends,
love - a justification for our physical urges to reproduce,
god - a big pair of pink goggles,
subjectivity - not to think about all this.
So, to some point a physician, searching for truth, is doomed to be objective (an object), rather than a subject.

My diploma thesis

I'm now working on my diploma thesis. It's about carbon dissolved in crystaline silicon. The carbon sits on the host lattice sites (substitutional), and the strains caused by the stonger binding and the fact that C is smaller than Si cause an effective interaction between two dissolved C atoms. This interaction furthermore causes a phase transition, but a sharp interface between two phases is prevented by coherency stresses. The rotating cube in the menu to the left is a unit cell of (e.g.) silicon-carbide as two f.c.c. lattices displaced by (a/4,a/4,a/4) (a = lattice constant).

actually you can view it on line: My Diploma Thesis
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