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SndStretch - pitch/speed xmms plugin

This is the SndStretch homepage. Below you see a snapshot of the SndStretch-xmms plugin in action.



sndstretch_xmms is an xmms plugin to adjust pitch and speed seperately with two sliders.

sndstretch can be compiled as an effect-plugin, with one major drawback

  • the time and the visual plugins don't synchronize with the song
and a very basic oss-output-plugin with some limitations:
  • no additional effect support built in (at least not yet).
  • the mixer device and pcm device are fix coded as "/dev/mixer" and "/dev/dsp"
  • the effect is written for normal signed short (S16_LE) and will probably only work if xmms plays such data (...i think mostly it will).


Actual Version: 0.7
pitch slider: in units of 10cent (1/10th of a halftone). range: +/- one octave (from half to double frequency)
speed slider: range -100..100 (from half speed to double speed)
scale slider: changes speed and pitch equally
volume correction: compensate for volume loss of the signal due to the effect
short overlap toggle: short overlap for reducing echo-effects (at the cost of quality)


SndStretch_XMMS-0.7-source - 95 KB source tarball
SndStretch_XMMS-0.6-source - 94 KB source tarball
SndStretch_XMMS-0.5-source - 94 KB source tarball
SndStretch_XMMS-0.4-source - 85 KB source tarball
SndStretch_XMMS-0.3-source - 89 KB source tarball
SndStretch_XMMS-0.2-source - 62 KB source tarball
SndStretch_XMMS-0.1-source - 36 KB source tarball

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