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Phila Jewish Exponent Obituary Lists:1919 & 1920

by James Gross

hi there,
This info was found in the Jewish Exponent, Phila,Pa. Some genealogy researchers, including myself, try to be nice and share info. Well this batch of paper was a real job. Several will probably ask me about quality, format, and the lack of an interactive search engine. Some may even ask me about the quality of my scan (ug!). Well, one of the problems are that I've been working with older microfilms. I can't help it if the origional copy isn't the best. And, I have run into copy machines with attitude problems. And, my scanner keeps on whining about the lousy quality... I'm using a gif format. Why? I was able to get files exported that weren't too large. Your browser should allow you to read the file without needing a special viewer. If you run into a problem, I have a link to a shareware software below. No interactive database? Not yet! (smile) This is enough work as it is...

Downloading info:
I copied these as .gif files to reduce the size. I found that if you put your mouse on/over the item you want, and click your RIGHT mouse button, you will get an option to "save xxx.gif file". You save this to your HD and then view it with a .jpeg/.gif viewer. Don't have a viewer? download a shareware program. I have a link to

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