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Allied Jewish Appeal: 1947 Volunteer List, Phila,Pa

by James Gross

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The following is copied from the Jewish Exponent, dated 4/25/47.

2500 Volunteers Serving Women's Campaign of AJA

More than 2500 volunteers have offered their servlces for
the Women's Campaign of the Allied Jewish Appeal, and beginning
next Thursday, May 1, will go forth lnto the community to give
every Jewish woman an opportunity to do her part for world Jewry
through the 1947 Appeal, according to an announcement made by Mrs.
Louis E.  Leventhal, chairman of the Women's Campalgn.

Supervised by the vice chairmen of the Women's Campaign, the
varlous gears of the city are headed by Dlvision Chairmen and
Captains. Following is a list of the V1ce Chairmen and the
Division Chairmen working under them:

Vic Chairman: Mrs Jacob Sklaroff, Wynnefield,
         West Philadelpia, Merion

Division Chairmen, Wynnefield (Zone 31 ); Mrs Samuel Bernsteln,
   Mrs J C Blaskey, Mrs Charles Elitzky, Mrs Hyman Glick,
   Mrs Maurice Malaltoff, Mrs Charles Promlslo,
   Mrs Lester E Steinman; Mrs Laveerne Wexler,
   Mrs Albert Zuckerman

Divislon Chairmenmen, West Philadelphla (Zones 4, 39, 42, 43):
   Mrs Mae gever, Mrs Jacob Nevyas, Mrs Phillp Rothenberg,
   Mrs Herman Zeidner, Mrs Benjamin J Gross, Mrs Benjamin Schultz,
   Mrs Wm Shuster, Mrs. Rae Raskin, Mrs Anna Welnsteln,
   Mrs Wm Brodsky, Mrs Ed Goldberg, Mrs Asher Hadler,
   Mrs I H Rieder, Mrs MAX Sacks, Mrs M Sherr

Dlvision Chairmen, Merion: Mrs Samuel Glass, Mrs Jack M Korn,
   Mrs Max Levinson,Mrs Harry Ball

Vice Chairman: Mrs Leon Elmaleh, North Phila and Strawberry

Division Chairman, North Philadelphia (Zones 21, 22, 23)
   Mrs FranK Jaffe, Mrs Harry Matusow, Mrs Raymond Pincus.
   Mrs Wm Race, Mrs Meyor Tuckman, Mrs Frances Cream,
   Mrs Henrietta Heller, Mrs Rose Levine, Mrs Reba Magid,
   Mrs Esther Lande, Mrs Benjamin Lieberman, Mrs Fanny Coopor.

Division Chairmen, Strawberry Mansion, (Zones 32, 33)
   Mrs R O Briskin, Mrs Frances Epstein, Mrs Augusta Polsky,
   Mrs Isadore Liss.  Mrs Nettie Mintz, Mrs David M Rudolph,
   Mrs Dorothy Zeitz, Miss Tille Harrison, Mrs Jean Gordon,
   Mrs Herman Yaffe

Vice Chairmen: Mrs David Salesky, Fow Chase, Olney, Frankford,
               Kesington, Tocony, Holmsburg

Division Chairman, Fox Chase (Zone 11 ) Mrs Irene Kaplan

Division Chairmen, Olney ( Zone 20 ) Mrs lsadore Baseman,
   Mrs Norman Bram, Mrs Louis Goldstein, Mrs lsrael Levin,
   Mrs Joseph Weiner, Mrs Samuel Ginsburg

Division Chairmen: Frankford (Zone 24 ) Mrs Sidney Apt,
   Mrs William Bender, Mrs Charles Cohen,
   Mrs Jacob E Goldberg, Mrs Albert Toll

Division Chairmen, Kensington (Zone 34)
   Mrs Joseph Schwertz

Division Chairmen, Tacony Holmesburg (Zones 35 and 36)
   Mrs Herman Schwartz

Vice Chairmen: Mrs Lee Kaufman, Center Clty,
               South Philadelphla, North Philadelphia

Dlvision Chairmen. Center Clty (Zones 2, 3, 6, and 7 )
   Mrs Stuart Kabnick, Mrs Antoinette Jacobs,
   Mrs Rubin Gruberg

Division Chairmen, South Phila; (Zones 45,46,47,and 48)
   Mrs A C Dinenberg, Mrs Maurice Saltzman, Mrs Robert Cahn,
   Mrs Max Weingarten

Division Chairmen, North Philadelphia (Zone 30)
   (2601 Parkway) Mrs, David Ketser, Mrs Lester Oppenhelmer

Vice Chairmen: Mrs. Joseph Moss Chestnut Hill, Mt.  Airy,
               Manyunk, Roxborough, Eact Falls, Germantown,
               East Germantown, Nicetown.

Division Chairmen, Chestnut Hill & Mt. Airy(Zones 18 and 19):
   Mrs. A C. Myers, Mrs. Simon Malis.

Division Chairman, Manyunk Roxborough (Zones 27 and 28):
   Mrs. Rose Margolin.

Division Chairmen, East Falls-Germantown (Zones 29 and 44):
   Mrs. Joseph Nusbaum, Mrs. Henry Gartman, Mrs.  Henry Temin.

Division Chairmen, East Germantown (Zone 38):
   Mrs. Samuel L. Ecker, Mrs Frank E.  Hatin, Jr.,
   Mrs. Celia Landesberg, Mrs. Morton A. Langsfeld.
   Mrs William Slavin, Mrs.  Harry Stein.

Division Chairmen, Nicetown ( Zone 40 ): Mrs. Joseph Cohen,
   Mrs.  Henry Wise.

Vice CEairman: Mrs. Herbert Brandeis, Elkins Park, Oak Lane,

Division Chairmen, Elkins Park(Zone 17):Mrs. Sidney Leventon.
   Mrs. Jerome Markovitz, Mrs. Henry Yusem.

Division Chairmen, Oak Lane (Zones 26, 26B, 26C):
   Mrs. Harry Fleisher

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