The Gross-Steinberg Family Tree presents:

the Badner Family

by James Gross

This page is dedicated in loving memory to
our family who were killed by the Nazis in Poland...

Ellis Island Wall of Honor:
In memory of Anna "Bubbi" (Badner) Gross
by his son, the late Dr. Nathan Gross

   I am researching the family of Israel & Gale
Schwartzwald, of Mukanie, Poland.
(located 20 miles south of Radziechow/Radzekhov)

They had 4 known children:

Note:Due to the size of this tree, I am linking the sections

Israel Moishe Schwartzwald

married in Mukanie, Poland (Mukanie,Poland is just south of Radziechow, Poland. Radziechow, Poland aka today as Radekhov, Ukraine) 5 known children: I. Shirley/Scheindel (Schwartzwald) Badner II. Isaac Schwartzwald III. Fannie (Schwartzwald) Neubauer IV. Tobey (Schwartzwald) Kriegler V. Ida "Chaje" (Schwartzwald) Sofronsky I. Ben Yumen Badner Ben Yumen Badner m. Scheindel (Schwartzwald) Ben Yumen married in Mukanie,Poland. Ben Yumen Badner was born in Mukanie, Poland. Ben Yumen and Shirley had 5 known children. They include: A. David Badner B. Harry Badner C. Rose (Badner) Goldstein D. Minnie (Badner) Weinstein E. Clara (Badner) Bandaroff F. Anna (Badner) Gross A. David Badner was born in Mukanie, Poland, He was killed in the holocaust B. Harry Badner m. Celia (Shames) Harry born Mar 15 1888, Mukanie, Poland, C. Rose (Badner) m. Jacob Goldstein Rose born Nov 15 1889, Rose married 1911, in Phila,Pa, Jacob Goldstein, born 1885 1. Morris Goldstein m. Violet (Rubin) 2. Jules Goldstein m. Gertrude (Rothstein) 3. Francis (Goldstein) m. Lou Cohen. D. Minnie (Badner) m. Joe Weinstein. 1. Edith (Weinstein) m. Sam Hofstein. 2. Jack Weinstein m. Marsha E. Clara (Badner) m. Harry Bandaroff Clara born 1894, married 1918, in Phila, Harry Bandaroff, born Mar 27 1898. 1. Bessie Bandaroff- died 15yrs 2. Sarah (Bandaroff) m. (#1) Irvin Green m. (#2) Bemp Sklar. 3. Benjamin Bandaroff m. Ruth (Rosenthal) F. Anna (Badner) m. Samuel Gross Anna born 1903, Mukanie, Poland, married 1925, in Phila,Pa, Samuel Gross, born 1902, Poretzie,Poland, (son of Feivel {Graewsky} Gross and Sarah (Garber) Gross). 1. Benjamin Gross-died age 7 2. Shirley (Gross) m. Lou Berger 3. Dr. Nathan Gross m. Bernice (Steinberg) Bernice (daughter of Dr. Nathan Steinberg and Reba Eva (Geringer) 4. Esther (Gross) m. Seymour Rudnick.

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Info found on Yad Vashem Holocaust database:

Abraham Bedner born in Radziechow, Poland in 1896.
Parents were Melech & Bat Sheva. Married to Hana (Seigel).
Prior & during WWII lived in L'vov,Poland. Died in 1942
in Janowska, Poland. Info submitted by Israeli cousin, 
Elimelekh Shteger on 4/15/1999.
Sara Bedner born in Radziechow, Poland in 1888. Daughter
of Melech. Died in the holocaust. Info submitted by 
Israeli cousin, Elimelekh Shteger on 4/15/1999.
Mendel Bedner born in Radziechow, Poland in 1902.
Son of Melech & Bat Sheva. Info submitted by 
Israeli cousin, Elimelekh Shteger on 4/15/1999

BADNER List of Ship arrivals:

Found at Balch Institute, Phila,Pa

Badner-pa Roza Bedner,f46,Haverford, 11/22/1906 w/Samuel m22 Marie,f16 Rezi,f13 Ilona,f10 Sarah,f8 Isadore,M6
Abram Bedner,m50,noordland, 7/18/1904 Zurich Bednarski,m46, Noordland 2/20/1904 w/Ezra m11
Mendel Badner f16, Chemenitz 12/19/1911 w/Chaje f17
(?) found in Rg#80,book#13, ticket #23057 Rifka Bedner Ship white star line,warsaw-NY town of origin: Snodopoke, Malapoleka Radziechow, Poland Paid by Joseph Bedner 225-227 Spruce Street

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