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The Bloch Family

by James Gross

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II. Bubbie Batye Bloch
III. Reb Shleime Leib Bloch married:(#1) Mrs Shleime Leib Bloch,
                                    (#2) Vilchne Bloch.

     They had the following known children:

    A. Sarah Rivkah (Bloch) Shulman m. Isaac Shulman
    B.  Rasha (Bloch) Saidel m. Isaac Labe Saidel
    C. Cheina Gittel (Bloch) Volk m. Moishe (Vilkiene) Volk
    D. Schmuel Yankel Bloch m. (Preiss)

    (Schmuel Yankel's family below, click above for the others)

    A. Sarah Rivkah (Bloch) Shulman married Isaac Shulman.
        1. Morris Shillman married Sarah ( Jaffe) Shillman.
        2. Barnet Shillman married Rachael (Price) Shillman.
        3. Esther (Shulman) Goldstein married Harry Goldstein.
        4. Mayer Shulman m.(#1) Jennie (Saidel) Shulman,
                         m.(#2) Sarah (Goldstein) Shulman

    B. Rasha (Bloch) m. Isaac Labe Saidel
        1. Barnet Saidel m. Ida (Springle)
        2. Breina (Saidel) m. Solomon Steinberg
        3. Rebecca (Seidel) m. Solomon Lipshitz
        4. Jennie (Saidel) m. Mayer Shulman
        5. Anna (Litt) m. Saul Geltzer.
        6. Ita (Saidel) m. Meyer Lipschitz

 C. Cheina Gittel (Bloch) married Moishe (Vilkiene) Volk
    Cheina Gittel born Shakiai, Lithuania, 
    Moishe Volk, born Shakiai, Lith.

      Cheina Gittel & Moishe had 7 children:
      1. Vilchna (Volk) Davidow
      2. Abe Volk
      3. Sam Volk
      4. Anna (Volk) Kaplan
      5. Sophie (Volk) Shapiro
      6. Sylvia (Volk) Silver
      7. Meyer Volk

      1. Vilchna (Volk) married Meyer Davidow.
         a. Joshua Davidow married Marian (Perell)
         b. Mae (Davidow) married Joe Tarnoff.
         c. Fran Davidow
         d. Sol Davidow married Jean (Sadler)
         e. Jean Dorothy Davidow

      2. Abe Volk married Lillian (Harris)
         Lillian & Abe buried: Mt Jacob Cemetary.

         a. Morris Volk married Rhoda (Lynn)
         b. Roselyn (Volk) married Martin Kiefer.
         c. Saul Volk

      3. Sam Volk married Sarah (Fives)
         a. Martha (Volk) married Frank Magarick.
         b. Herb Volk married Erma
         c. Jean (Volk) married Joe Green.

      4. Anna (Volk) married Carl Kaplan.
         a. Seena (Kaplan) married Leonard Turkell.
         b. Clair (Kaplan) married Leonard Novar.

      5. Sophie (Volk) Shapiro married William Shapiro.
         a. Melvin Shapiro married Roberta.
         b. Florence (Shapiro) married (#1) Abraham Tarr
                                       (#2) Alex Kricheff.

      6. Sylvia (Volk) married Sam Silver.
         a. Maurice Silver
         b. Tovah (Silver) married David Marion.

      7. Meyer Volk died Phila,Pa, buried: Mt. Lebanon Cemetary,

 D. Schmuel Yankel Bloch m. _____ (Preiss)
       [aka Sholom Yaacov] 
       born Vabalninkas, Lithuania.
       According to a relative, Schmuels daughter
       Sonia (Bloch) Rosenberg left Vabalninkas,Lith at age 20.
       There was only 1 Bloch family living there.

       Schmuel had 8 known children:

        1. Monis Bloch
        2. Yossel Bloch
        3. Shleime Bloch
        4. Mirium (Bloch) Davime
        5. Rabbi Meyer Bloch
        6. Ida (Bloch) Kruger
        7. Schmuel Bloch
        8. Sonia (Bloch) Rosenberg

       1. Monis Bloch
           was single
        2. Rabbi Yossel Bloch

        3. Shleime Bloch
        4. Mirium (Bloch) Davime m. Mr Davime
           remained in Vabolninkas,Lith
            a. Leib Davime

         5. Rabbi Mayer Bloch m. Rachael (Lierberthal)
           a. Sollie Bloch
           b. Mona (Bloch) Levy m. Gerald Levy

         6. Ida (Bloch) m. Morris Kruger
           Came to US with brother Schmuel Bloch.
           Kruger family now believed to be in Georgia
           a. boy died of Diptheria
           b. boy
           c. Percy Kruger 
           d. Jack Kruger  

        7. Schmuel Bloch m. Hannah (Yedaiken)
           fought in WWII in SA Army against Rommel

       8. Sonia (Bloch) m. to Jacob Rosenberg
           Sonia born 1905, sent to SA in 1925
           Jacob from Riga. Came to Sa in 1905
           Jacob born 1890, died 1974
            a. Fay(Rosenberg) m. Sam Szefpl
               Sam from Rhodesia
            b. Dr. Solly Rosenberg


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