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A Good Ukraine Researcher...

by James Gross,updated 4/97

Are you looking for a GOOD overseas researcher for the Ukraine and Poland? If you are, read my letters, and send this fellow an e-mail. He has a fax# but I understand (as of 2/20/97) that he is getting a new number. These letters are copies or extracts of my personal e-mail. thanks- James Gross

                                               James Gross
                                               Cherry Hill,N.J.08003  USA
                                               fax:Attn: James Gross
                                               fax# xxx-xxx-xxxx

Mr Alexander Dunai
O. Stepanivny Street, 17/2
Lvov  290016

Dear Mr. Dunai,

    A friend of mine, told me of Mr. Abramowitz, and your research
access to the Lvov archives. I have relatives who are from Mukanie,
Poland which was a small farming community south of Radziechowie, Poland.
I have some information to assist you, and the uncommon surname should
hopefully help as well.  I do not have a fax machine but I can call a local
store (Staples inc.) to check on any faxes sent to me.

    Specifically, I would like any documents that you can find on
Anna BADNER (Henia Bedner), Minnie Badner, Rose Badner, Clara Badner,
Fishel Badner, David Badner. Also I would like any documents on their
parents Scheindel (Schwartzwald) BADNER and Ben Yumen BADNER.  To the
best of my knowledge, Scheindel is the daughter of Israel & Gale
SCHWARTZWALDER.  Scheindel is the sister of Fannie (Schwartzwald)
Neubauer, Tobey (Schwartzwald) Kriegler, and Isaac Schwartzwald.
I would also be interested in documents on Israel & Gale Schwartzwalder.

    In the future, I may decide to expand my search and request documents
on Neubauer. But not now. I will fax, separately, 3 pages of a fragmented
document. This may assist you in your search.  I have wire payment info.
thank you-James Gross

TO: Alexander Dunai fax#011-38-0322-334316 from: James Gross fax# x-xxx-xxx-xxxx Dear Alexander, Sorry for the LONG delay. First I managed to misplace the instructions and then I had to verify your bank info. Anyway, I posted something about you on Jewishgen and you should hopefully get more requests. I have a surname of Gerringer in Zalescikia,Austria. I would be interested in any documents from Zalescikia, so let me know. Your Western Union money transfer # is xxxxxxxxxxxx. thank you, James Gross
On Sat, 1 Feb 1997 ( writes: Dear Mr.Gross, What about Geringer family -there are no metrical records from Zalesciki in Lviv Archives,but I will look for some additional information(reference books,address books,school documents. I guess that some documents are in Tarnopol Archives-on Zalesciki and Radziechow too. Sincerely yours, Alex.
From: To: Date: Thu, 17 Apr 1997 12:49:30 +0300 (UKD) Dear Mr.Gross, I'm sending you information about the Jewish Vital Statistic Records in the Lviv Archives.I hope it will be interesting for you.It's not complete but I will send you more information when I'l get it. I get many requests from the people who learned about me from you. I appreciate your great help and good recommendations. Thank you very much. Best Regards, Alex.

JEWISH VITAL STATISTIC RECORDS IN THE LVIV ARCHIVES. B-births, M-marriages, D-deaths,S-school documents. The names of the towns are written in Polish transcription. Bolechow B:1844-1856, D:1860-1876. Brody 1816-1865. Brzezany Budzanow Bukachowce B:1840-1865, S:1925-1935 Chernelica S:1919-1936 Czortkow D;1874-1876, M:1925 S:1894,1913. Drohobych B:1816-1833,1852-1857, D:1816-1835, S:1925-1935. Gliniany Grodek B:1847-1869. Grzymalow M:1900-1940. Horodenka Husiatyn D:1816-1876, S:1925-1933. Jagielnica Jezierna Kamien Bialy(Bialykamien) Kamionka Strumilowa M:1789-1861. Kolomyia B:1865. Kopychynce S:1934-1939. Kossow Kozlow M:1877-1939. Krzywca Krystynopol M:1933, S:1868-1910,1921-1936, Franciskan metric:1820 Kudrynce Lubych Lviv B:1934-1872,1894,1896, M:1842-1860, D:1887-1895 List of the electors 1936, List of the tax payers of the Jewish Community 1938 Mielnica B:1820-1851,M:1858-1876. Mikulince B:1850,1901, M:1900,1932,1934-1936, D:1885,1887-1890,1893-1894,1896-1899,1929. Mosciska Mosty Wielkie B:1813-1861, D:1813-1876. Nawaria Nadworna B:1850-1865 Oczy Wielkie(Wielkie Oczy) Okopy Olesko B;1852-1876. Podhajce B:1854-1881,1884,1886,1887,1888,1889. Podwoloczyska Probuzna Radziechow B:1832-1860, S:1925-1935. Rohatyn S:1923-1939. Rozdol Rzeszow B:1841-1866. Sambor B:1833-1851, M:1859-1876, D:1835-1852. Skalat D:1827-1845, B:1897 Sokal Stanislawow B:1816-1845, M:1782-1871, D:1840-1863, S:1925-1935. Stare Miasto D:1856-1876 Stryi Strusow Suhostaw Tartakow Tarnopol Census of the Jewish people 1880-1940(partly) Register of births 1820-1865,1900 Register of marriages 1853-58,1923,1931-1942. Tyczyn D:179201876 Iosephine metric 1785-1788. Witkow Nowy Zbaraz B:1816-1876, D:1844-1958,1894,1913-1915, S:1925-1933. Zborow B:1838-1864, D:1819-1849. Zlochow 1825-1855 Zolkiew

From: "Alexander Dunai" To: Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 17:36:00 +0200 (UKR) Dear ladies and gentlemen, Please,send your messages to my new e-mail address: The old address < > is no longer valid. Sometimes messages escape,so,please,resend your messages if you didn't receive a reply within 7-10 days. Warm regards, Alexander Dunai.
Summary on Alexander Dunai's search: Alexander found me 3 documents and sent them with a translated paper. He only charges $12 bucks a document. He's honest, and does the job. His e-mail address is: ( ) He did a good and reasonably priced search for me. It is very rare to find a reasonable person at reasonable prices. I recommend that you do payment via Western Union Money transfer. You can call them at 1-800-325-6000. On the form, put expected payout location as (city) L'vov and (country) Ukraine. There will be a money transfer control# on the form. This is what you e-mail or fax to Alexander Dunai. Lastly, I accidently found out that after you send this, you can call Western Union up to 10 days afterwards to verify that someone picked up the money. WU won't tell you this unless you ask. I don't like the bank wire as there is no way that I can confirm receipt of the wire by Mr Dunai. James Gross

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