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The Gross-Steinberg Family Tree presents:

Federation of Jewish Agencies: 1951 honorarium for Samuel Daroff, Phila,Pa

by James Gross

This page is dedicated in honor of
Dr. Nathan Steinberg,
Supporter of Beth Jacob Schools of Phila

Federation of Jewish Agencies
This info is brand new. If you think your relative was a board member,
I'd be happy to check. I can make copies for a few dollars. 

(1) The following 2 items are from an Honorary Dinner, 3/29/51 at the Warwick Hotel, Phila,Pa. This honorary dinner was given to Samuel Daroff, Leon Sunstein, Albert M Greenfield, and Morris Wolf, members of the AJA. List of friends invited by Albert M. Greenfield,dated 6/21/51 List of invitees to Albert M Greenfield Dinner, dated 3/12/51 ------------------------------------------------------------ (2) Board of trustees attendence list 1/57-10/57 (3) Board of trustees meeting dated 7/11/58 (4) Board of Trustees meeting dated 10/29/59 (5) Board of trustees meeting dated 3/25/66

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