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Researching Geringer

by James Gross

If you are related to Jewish Geringer, you may want to 
pop me an email. I have been ammassing research info on
this unique surname, origionating from Zalesciia for
many years. I may even have some records on your family!

The Geringer Family Circle by James Gross

Date: Fri, 17 Feb 1995 From: On 6/21/1946, a certificate of incorporation was filed in the state of NY by attorney Herman B. GERRINGER. Herman Gerringer listed his office as 521 Fifth Ave, NYC. My research has shown that Herman was the SON of Harry Gerringer. Harry Gerringer sailed from Antwerp to NY on the SS Friezland in 1899. He listed his country of origin as Zalescikia, Austria. As of 1909, Harry Gerringer resided at 351 West 119Th Street and was a tailor. He was married to Bertha Goldberg and had a son "Herman the attorney" on 2/1908. Harry Gerringer's tailor shop, called Geringer Brothers, was located at 457 Manhattan Ave. His brother Isaac Geringer, worked there too. Isaac Geringer resided at 392 Manhattan Ave as of 1909. Isaac was married to Annie Shankin and had 2 sons, Herman born 7/1902 and Samuel,born 2/1908. Isaac Geringer had sailed from Hamburg, Germany to NY via Phila, arriving on 8/1896. He had stated his country of origin as Zalescikia, Austria. Harry Geringer resided at 394 Manhattan Ave as of 1911 and his brother Isaac Geringer resided at 392 Manhattan Ave. As of 1919, the tailor shop at 457 Manhattan Ave was moved next door to 459 Manhattan Ave. Isaac Geringer opened up a second tailor shop at Harry Geringer's residence of 351 West 119TH Street and moved in as well. Harry changed his residence, moving to 494 Manhattan Ave, NYC. Harry Geringer's cousin, Morris Geringer,joined the tailor shop as of 1919. He listed his residence as 210 6TH street,NYC. Isidore Geringer, another cousin, also joined the shop. His residence was listed as 223 6TH Street ,NYC as of 1919. As a separate note, my great uncle, Gedale Geringer, came to the US in 9/1900. He had sailed on the SS Friezland, from Antwerp to NY. His stated country of origin was Zalescikia, Austria. Gedale's family had been metalsmiths in Austria. He opened up an iron works company known as the "Central Sheet Metal Works". The Central Sheet Metal Works was incorporated on 10/1907 and was listed at 300 East 59TH Street, NYC. Gedale, listed as Jacob in the phonebook, resided at 334 East 47TH Street.He was married to Fanny Rosenthal. His partner, Kalman Grossman, resided at 1077 1St Ave. Gedale moved to 889 1ST Ave as of 1909. He had a son Meyer on 5/1910 and a daughter Sylvia on 3/1913. Gedale moved to 10 Mitchel Place as of 1919. Gedale moved to 1862 Andrews Ave as of 1933.
Among my fringe lines I have a distant relative, Isser Geringer from Zalescikia, Austria. Isser Geringer was born in Zalescikia, Austria and emigrated to the US in 1902. He was married to Anna aka Chane (Grashilschik/Krasilskchir) Geringer from Horodischre, Russia. I am not researching Anna. Isser and Anna resided at 1463 Hoe St, NYC in 1917-1920, and 1360 Grant Ave in 1933. They had 2 children ,Ben and Helen. I am attempting to identify links to an old corporation called," Geringer, Sperling, and Schecter,Inc." This corporation had 3 signees as of Jan 1927. They include: 1) Max Sperling of 8644-24th Ave, Brooklyn 2) Isser Geringer of 1463 Hoe Ave 3) Harry Schechter of 128 East 2nd St. The Schechter name may be important as Gedale Geringer's brother, Isaac Geringer, was married to Gussie (Schenkler). I also found a Rose (Geringer) who married Hyman Schachner.

The following were listed as directors of the Gerringer Family Circle:

Harry Gerringer 1631 Grand Ave, Bronx, NY Clara Kaufman 1878 Harrison Ave, Bronx, NY Regina Altman 1 Sickles St, NY, NY Yetta Altman 1041 Findlay Ave, Bronx, NY Rose Schachner 1715 Walton Ave, Bronx,NY

Zalescikia Research

Dear fellow researchers, In the course of my Gerringer research, I have come across the following naturalization information: Isaac Gerringer, living at 392 Manhattan Ave in NY around 1910. His wife is Annie Shanklin. He stated that his son Herman was 22 and Samuel was 28. The two witnesses are James Craft of 390 Manhattan ave & David Rosenfeld of 216 W ??. Town of Origin, Zalescikia, Austria. Harry Gerringer,(brother of the above Isaac Gerringer), living at 394 Manhattan Ave in Ny around 1910. His wife is Bertha Goldberg. His son is Herman age 2. The 2 witnesses are James Craft of 390 Manhattan Ave & Isadore Frazer of 2 West 112th street. Town of origin Zalescikia, Austria. Harry Geringer, living at 518 West 161st Street. Wife is Yetta. His children were Max (3/1907), Sophie (4/1908) and Benjamin (7/1910). The witnesses are Rubin & Beny Hittker of 90 Essex St. Town of origin Zalescikia,Austria.

Zalescikia Research Dated 12/1994 by James Gross

Here are 3 ship papers & 2 naturalizations found with possibly related Geringer relatives. Following persons found on SS Zeeland,Antwerp-Ny sailing 5/18/1901 arriving ? 1. Libe Geringer age 28,(f) traveling with 2. Frudel/Fradie, arrival card age 5 (f), being met by husband Isaac Geringer 110 Revington Street Alien Detainee section: Libe Geringer, being met by husband,Isaak c/o Gliskin, 110 Rivington Street 3. Heinie Scheindel Harling,age 19,(f),being met by uncle Leibe Magstanik, of 160 Stanton Street 4. Jente Geringer, age 16,(f), being met by brother Chiam Leib Geringer 639 9TH Street,NYC ------------------------ Following person found on SS Friezland, Antwerp-Ny Sailing 2/10/1900 arriving ? Hirsch Geringer, age 23, being met by brother Isaac Geringer,NY ------------------------ The following persons were found on the vessel "SS Brazilia", sailing from Hamburg-NY. It sailed on 2/26/1899 and arrived on 3/11/1899 ... Sosie Geringer, age 20, (f) along with Sucher Geringer, age 19, (m), being met by cousin Chiam Geringer Unknown person: Harry Geringer, 394 Manhattan Ave Antwerp-NY left 2/10/1899 & arrived 2/22/1899 ship SS Friezland. Harry born 5/5/1880 in Zalescikia, Austria Wife is Bertha (Goldberg), born in Bucharest, Romania 1 child Herman, born 2/19/1908 Unknown person: Isaac Geringer, 392 Manhattan Ave Hamburg-NY via Phila left 7/15/1896 arrived 8/2/1896 ship unknown Isaac born 10/29/1876 in Zalescikia,Austria wife Annie (Shankin) from Zalescikia, Austria 2 children Herman, born 7/22/1902, Samuel, born 2/28/1908
Researching: Annie (Baltish) Geringer m. Morris Levitt in 1919 2nd mnarriage for both Annie, daughter of Max & Etta BALTISH 944 East 165th St Morris, son of Samuel & Etta Levitt 2172 5th Ave,NYC -------------------------------------------------- Sarah (Geringer) Reisner m. Abraham REISNER in 1911 Sarah, daughter of Wolf & Freide (Schisler) Geringer 1380 Orchard St,NYC Abraham, son of Mendel & Rachael (Silver) Reisner 31 Ridge St,NYC --------------------------------------------------- Rose Geringer m. Hyman SCHACHNER in 1923 Rose, daughter of Sam & Annie Geringer 14 Louisman Ave,NYC Hyman, son of Fishel & Leah (Zivick) Schachner 1860 7th Ave,NYC --------------------------------------------------- -->researching Geringer from Zalescikiaa, Austria<--

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